The Secret of Disneyland Gumbo

During the recent trip Mother Duck and I took to Disneyland, we ate a variety of delicious things.  Our favorite meal was at the Blue Bayou, though it was not our main entrees that we remember the most fondly.  Rather, it was the gumbo that came prior that was the most scrumptious savory thing we had that fine weekend.  With our next visit to the “happiest place on Earth” sometime in the future, we had no choice but to see if we could make our own Disneyland gumbo at home. Continue reading The Secret of Disneyland Gumbo


An Undertale Comic Dub: My Favorite Holiday

During my recent adventures on Deviant Art, I stumbled upon yet more wonderful Undertale fan art from Zarla.  Apparently, DA member Jazaaboo had written lyrics for Papyrus’ battle theme, Bonetrousle, and Zarla created a fittingly adorable comic out of it.  Various people have sung this song on Youtube, and of course, I simply needed to do this, as well!  Behold, the Duck’s okay singing abilities and equally as okay Adobe Premiere skills!  I’m pretty much an expert on panning and zooming at this point.  And be sure to watch out for Undertale Duck…. Continue reading An Undertale Comic Dub: My Favorite Holiday

Bonus Post: The Duck’s Box of Randomness

Our tour through the Duck’s random collection of accumulated items ends with all the things that couldn’t be categorized into a single group.  Behold alabaster eggs and an Italian jester mask, a wooden bird and a sand dollar.  And to wrap it all up, we shall be finding out…what’s inside the pink box?  Even I haven’t gone through here lately…. Continue reading Bonus Post: The Duck’s Box of Randomness

Replicating Disneyland’s Tigger Tail

With our newfound skills at caramel-making, Mother Duck and I have been seeking out new and exciting ways to use caramel.  After our experiments with caramel-covered popcorn balls, the next thing we decided to try was our own homemade Tigger tails.  You may remember this particular treat being mentioned in my post discussing the various desserts we had at Disneyland during Spring Dapper Day of 2017.  Tigger tails are marshmallow, covered in caramel, covered in sugar, with stripes of chocolate.  They are very tasty and very sweet.  And they seemed easy enough to replicate. Continue reading Replicating Disneyland’s Tigger Tail

The Duck’s Computer Has a Ghost

As you may recall, I recently joined Deviant Art.  My first order of business was following a few of my favorite artists (it’s called “watching”, actually, which sounds a little creepy), one of them being Zarla.  She’s drawn a huge amount of Undertale comics, including an entire series called Handplates, which was pretty darn awesome.  If there are any Undertale fans reading this right now, and you’re interested in Sans, Papyrus, and Gaster, then I’d definitely recommend checking it out. Continue reading The Duck’s Computer Has a Ghost

The Duck Has Joined Deviant Art!

The Duck has always wished to be, at the very least, a semi-competent artist.  But try as I may, I could never draw with the level of skill I so desired.  Maybe I just didn’t try hard enough.  Maybe I didn’t want it badly enough.  Maybe…maybe I just didn’t have what it takes.  Whatever the case, after years of trying, I just…gave up…sometime during 2013, I believe.  It was a dark day for mediocre art indeed. Continue reading The Duck Has Joined Deviant Art!

Bonus Post: Porcelain Cats, Music Boxes, and Dala Horses

The Duck’s tour through my fabulous accumulation of cool junk continues with a few more collections haphazardly clumped together into a video.  Today I shall be sharing with you all my porcelain animals, music boxes, and Swedish items.  You may have heard of Dala horses, but have you heard of Dala chickens?  Additionally, not all music boxes play music…. Continue reading Bonus Post: Porcelain Cats, Music Boxes, and Dala Horses

Mr. D’s Route 66 Diner Food Review

As you may very well know, Mother Duck and I recently had a mini-adventure to Kingman, AZ to visit various locations on historic Route 66.  During our short stay in Kingman, we wanted to eat somewhere special, and nowhere seemed more perfect than Mr. D’s Route 66 Diner.

From what little info I could find about this place, the diner was built by Roy Dunton (ah, so that’s Mr. D) in the 50’s or 60’s.  It is conveniently located right down the street from the Powerhouse Visitor Center and Locomotive Park, and it has some pretty awesome 50’s décor, including a jukebox!  But was the food as the good as the vibe?  Well, I’ve prepared a little review so you can all find out. Continue reading Mr. D’s Route 66 Diner Food Review

Bonus Post: Route 66 Passport, Plus New T-Shirt Designs

Greetings, everyone!  We’ve got another Sporadic Quack for you all today.  You can watch the full thing below, but allow me to summarize for the sake of this post.  First of all, I have finally upgraded to new video editing software, Adobe Premiere Elements, which is proving to be far more packed with featured, and far more stable, than my old program.  Ha HA, Movie Maker, your habit of randomly losing sound and deleting stuff shall trouble me no more!  Also, we’ve got more t-shirt designs that I’d like to share with you all.  Because art is fun!  Random Marketplace designs include:

Ain’t she perty?
That lollipop took forever….

And some new holiday-themed Duck of Indeed t-shirts have been added to my SpreadShop, as well, the Turkey of Indeed and Christmas Caroler Duck!

Perfect for Thanksgiving…dinner!
The perfect Christmas present for all the ducks in your life.

Last of all, the video below includes a little tour of the Arizona Route 66 Passport.  This is a passport I received at the Powerhouse Visitor Center during the mini-adventure Mother Duck and I took to Kingman not so very long ago to visit Route 66.  In case you missed it, the post, along with all five episodes of our trip, can be found here.  By visiting various locations along Arizona’s portion of Route 66, you can obtain stamps.  Collect enough, and you apparently get a nifty certificate.  The passport is cool enough on its own, though, as it contains photos and info about the various towns in Arizona that Route 66 passes through.  Neat?  Well, I certainly think so!

Video from Youtube User: The Duck of Indeed

Bonus Post: Dragon Collecting

A little while back, I decided to record a few videos about my gaming collection and Disney collection.  In addition to all of those lovely things, the Duck has accumulated a variety of other interesting objects that I’d like to share with you all.  Two of my favorite collections are dragons and glass animals, so if you’re interested, please watch the video below!  I think I have some pretty interesting items, including a wooden dragon puppet and an intricate glass phoenix…. Continue reading Bonus Post: Dragon Collecting