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Vanille Cosplay: The Skirt

Okay, I don’t think I’ve written a post about completing any part of Vanille’s costume since her necklaces.  And based on that, you’d kind of think I’ve been making very little progress, no?  Well, strangely enough, I am actually getting close to finishing this costume.  Nearly everything has been started…just very few things have been completed.  But, at long last, pieces of this cosplay are finally starting to come together, and I now have my first garment of hers, her skirt.  Huzzah!

Vanille’s skirt was a pain.  Everything about cosplay is, really.  It makes you wonder why I bother….  After inspecting my references, I found that Vanille seems to have three pieces to her skirt, a longer skirt underneath, a short skirt over that, and this front piece.  It also has an orange to yellow gradient on it, which I was not able to buy in stores, so I settled for white fabric and three bottles of dye, yellow for the…yellow, and orange and red to get the right shade of reddish orange.  I also bought some elastic, which I’ve never used before, but it seemed like it would be needed. View full article »

The night of 12/19/15, or some such night of a similar date, I had a rather spooky, but interesting, dream.  In this dream, I remember my parents, Hope from Final Fantasy XIII, and myself, except I was Lightning from the aforementioned game.  Which was kind of cool.  (Not as cool as when I dream I’m Samus, but it was still kind of neat because she’s tough.)

We were all eating dinner outside at this picnic bench, despite the disturbing fact that the world was ending soon.  Hope had this otherworldly power that allowed him to travel into this cave where the end of the world would not affect us.  He said that soon, some strange…force would be set off.  It would travel from that spot to every corner of the globe, wiping out every living thing in the process.  This would happen fairly quickly, but once it began, we would have enough time to reach the cave, where I would have to defeat some evil creature at the end of it.  I asked him how I might prepare for this battle, and he simply held out his hand, and when I took it, a power flowed through me. View full article »

It took about 95 hours, but I am finally done with Final Fantasy XIII: Lightning Returns, and I don’t think I want to play another RPG again for a long, long time.  Nevertheless, I ended up having a lot of fun with the game, even if my initial impressions weren’t great.  Before I get into my thoughts, however, it would probably be best to summarize what you can expect from this game if you haven’t already played it.

In this game, the world is going to end in about 13 days (less, if you aren’t careful), and Lightning has been tasked by the deity Bhunivelze to save the souls of as many people as possible so they can make it to the new world.  You will have more or less time in order to complete this monumental task depending on the number of souls you collect, which is accomplished by completing several main quests and a bunch of side quests in four main locations.  The game’s battle system is far better than that of the first two games of the trilogy, as you actually have control over Lightning.  Plain and simple.  The battles of the other two games largely involved watching your characters while they did everything pretty much on their own, while this one allows you to control Lightning on the battlefield, guard, attack, etc.  You have three different schemas you can switch between during battle (kind of like in Final Fantasy X-2, but not quite as…upsetting), and each schema can have up to four commands.  You do not level up from fighting, however, but through side quests, which was actually a nice change from traditional RPGs. View full article »

Rosalina Cosplay: The Dress

Huff huff, I’ve finally done it.  I’ve finished Rosalina’s dress!  Fireworks and applause, everyone!  It took absolutely forever, upon a bumpy path filled with trouble, but I prevailed, and now it’s time to tell you guys how I did it.  First of all, I needed to find a pattern for her dress, and this turned out to be fairly simple.  A search on the Internet told me that someone else had made the dress using Simplicity pattern 9891, which I bought for myself cheap on Amazon.  Step 1 done.  Several billion more to go.  Give or take a couple billion. View full article »

The night of December 12, 2015, I had a rather spooky dream, though I forgot most of the details.  Nevertheless, I remember enough to write a short, little post about it!  Yay!  Ahem, here I go…  It was an ordinary day, except I was going on a trip.  I was going to this strange house, and all these buses had lined up to pick us up.  The buses were from different locations, which were written clearly on the sides, though this didn’t make much sense, as we were all going to the same place, and we really only required the bus for our respective location, not everywhere.

Unfortunately, most of the dream’s middle bits have become lost to me, but I do know that things did not go well at this house.  We began to realize it was haunted (though, I don’t remember how or why), and our group had split into two, one group that chose to stay at the house and another group that chose to go off into the woods, where it was safer.  (It doesn’t sound too safe now, but either way, spooky woods seem better than a haunted house.) View full article »

Rosalina Cosplay: The Shoes

I’m finally nearing the completion on my Rosalina cosplay, though it is still not quite time to share my dress with you all, though I assure you, it is almost done.  No, today, I will be sharing the frustration of making Rosalina’s shoes.  When I looked at references, I either saw blue shoes or silver shoes on Rosie’s footsies, so I ended up looking all over for some blue ones, as I thought those would look the nicest.  Strangely enough, no shoe store, or Goodwill, and not even Amazon, had any blue shoes that were similar in style to what I wanted.  I finally just bought some decent white shoes that more or less fit me (I got flat shoes rather than high heels because you have to walk a lot at comicons, and I wanted to be comfortable). View full article »

To be honest, I’ve gone a bit overboard this year in terms of costumes.  For some reason, I have decided to make two costumes rather than just one.  In addition to Super Mario Galaxy’s Rosalina, I am also making a costume for Vanille, my favorite character from Final Fantasy XIII.  I’m also practicing an Aussie accent, which I am still dreadful at.  But, I am pretty good at saying a few words so far, like paper and Charlie.  Pie-puh.  Chah-lie.  Chah-lie had some pie-puh.

And so, today it is time to share with you all my first completed items of Vanille’s clothing, her necklaces.  I had to get some help online to figure out how to make these because they almost look like they’re made of wood, and I don’t carve wood.  Ducks don’t do that kind of stuff.  So, after a quick perusal online, I saw that the Internet said to cover memory wire with model magic and use ribbon for the lines on her necklaces.  Long story short, I did just that.  For the longer story, read on. View full article »

The Reason Elsa’s Toys Are Always Moist

Recently, my cat Elsa has begun a very strange habit.  To put it simply, she drowns her toys.  Despite having many pets over the years, I have never seen this before.  You see, starting a few weeks ago, Elsa’s jingly mouse toys have been ending up in her water bowl.  I thought she had been doing it by accident, as she likes to toss them, but it just kept happening, leading me to wonder if itwas, in fact, entirely on purpose. View full article »

You may remember a post I wrote some time ago (as in four years ago, so yeah, probably no one remembers that…), about how I never get to see anything cool, like Bigfeet and UFOs and the like.  Sniff, it’s just not fair.  Well, now I can gladly say I…almost saw a UFO.  Maybe.  Kind of.  Not sure. View full article »

The Duck Dreams of a Road Trip

The night of 9/27/15, I had a strange dream.  At the same time, it was a bit relaxing, too.  In this dream, I was going on a short road trip to this town an hour or two away called Devon.  Not sure why it was called that.  Maybe because of Devonshire cream perhaps?  You’ll get the reference later.  For whatever reason, I decided to stop and visit this nature park.  You know, like Yosemite.  That kind of place.

I remember walking about this large, green place all by myself, singing and just having a generally good stroll.  I eventually came upon this lovely, but small, lake (maybe it was a pond?), and I saw this bird swimming in the water that I thought looked like a pheasant, though in my dream, I called it a partridge, whatever a partridge looks like.  In actuality, I now think the bird looked more like a small peacock with a pheasant-like tail.  I began to take pictures of it with my nifty little no-contract cell phone (contracts are a conspiracy), but I realized my battery was running low, and I didn’t want to be away from home with a low battery charge.  Around this time, a couple people stopped by, two guys and a woman.  The guys were friendly enough, but when I told the woman about the bird, I didn’t see it anymore, so I don’t think she believed me.  As if a duck would lie. View full article »


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