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In the recent past, I published a little article showcasing the first five rooms of the large Fairmont Victorian dollhouse my mom and I had decorated.  Well, guess what, it is now time to cover the last five rooms!  We have already gone over some essential locations, such as the living room and dining room, ending at the guest room on the third floor.  What delightful miniature rooms lay beyond?  Read on, and you shall know. View full article »

You may or may not have read a post about a Marx tin dollhouse we decorated recently.  Well, during another visit to the antique store, we ran into another dollhouse we simply couldn’t pass up.  (To be honest, it ran into us, not the other way around.  Dollhouses are infamous for not looking where they’re going.)  This one was huge, about four feet tall, with ten rooms, a charming weathervane, and it was painted to look like a Victorian house.  Plus, it had doors, so we could keep it closed to protect it from our dastardly kitty, Elsa.  Surprisingly enough, it was about the same price as the smaller dollhouse.  After some careful consideration as to whether or not we should take on a second dollhouse, we decided to go for it.  This one was bigger than the previous dollhouse, plus it would give us a lot more freedom to be creative, so it looked like a fun challenge.  The weathervane broke off on the way home, but a little bit of super glue was enough to fix it right up.  It’s settled.  I’m obviously great at carpentry.

Like last time, we really wanted to learn about our new dollhouse, so we got to work researching it.  Finding any information about this particular dollhouse, however, proved most difficult indeed.  The tag at the store had said that this was a “Fairmont” dollhouse, and on the back of the dollhouse, it said that it was part of the Victorian Ladies Collection, painted by Domestications.  Strangely enough, looking up these search terms online found us next to nothing.  It was not until another dollhouse of a similar style was sold at the antique store a couple months later that we were able to find out a bit more.  This one was tan and a bit larger, with more doors to open and rooms with bay windows.  It also came with a certificate that called this model “Mission Hill”.  Hmm, all right, let’s check it out. View full article »

Some time ago, my parents had put together a wooden dollhouse that failed to survive the move across the country that followed.  For many years, my mom wanted a dollhouse to decorate again, but seeing as you usually had to build them yourself, we never really wanted to commit to such a big job.  Several months ago, however, my mom and I were exploring an antique store just for the good, old fun of it.  Little did we know at the time that these places are great for finding dollhouses and dollhouse furniture that are already put together.  And what did we find during this particular outing?  Why, a tin dollhouse, already assembled.  The price wasn’t bad, so after some thought, we brought it home.

The first thing we did was research our dollhouse on the Internet.  It turns out we had found a Marx tin dollhouse from the 1950’s, one of its unique features being that the walls and floors are already decorated.  It’s also very important to find out the scale of one’s dollhouse so you know what size furniture to buy for it.  This one is 1:24 scale.  If you are considering buying a dollhouse, keep in mind that 1:12 scale is much easier to find furniture for.  You will have many more options with this scale, though 1:24 is cuter because, well, it’s smaller. View full article »

Foxy Cosplay: The Waist

Hey there, I’m still working my way through my Foxy the pirate cosplay, and now it’s time for the body.  Though I got substantial work done on his torso recently, I actually completed his waist first, so that shall be the next piece to cover.  To start, I like beginning with simple shapes when possible to make my work easier.  Foxy’s waist began as a rectangle, upon which I drew, well, a bikini bottom pattern which I found online two times, side by side.  Cutting this out, I folded it in half and attached the bottom area with spray glue.  That created one leg hole and an open area to make it easier to put on, which I intended to close off with Velcro or some such thing.

After that, I worked on trimming the foam so that it would fit me better.  The main thing involved shaping the leg holes, which is rather difficult to explain, but I basically drew on the foam with marker where it was tight on my legs.  Then I would cut off this part of the foam, try it on again, and repeat the process.  Slowly, I would trim and trim until the waist fit quite nicely.  After eventually enclosing Foxy’s torso (which will be covered in another post once it has been completed), I was able to wear the torso and the waist together and trim the waist down where it went too high and interfered with the torso.  I also accidentally cut the waist to the point that it was too tight, so I sewed some foam back on to make it larger again.  Woops. View full article »

Cosplay Detour: Chica’s Bib

After making Chica’s cupcake for mom’s future Chica cosplay, I only had one final thing to create for her costume, as the rest is going to be store bought (I have my hands full making Foxy this year, you see).  The last thing I needed to make was Chica’s bib.  Even though her cosplay is going to be based more on Toy Chica, whose bib says “Let’s party”, this one is going to say “Let’s eat” like the original Chica.  Because “Let’s eat” sounds far more threatening.  What, or who, do you plan on eating, Chica?…

I could buy a “Let’s eat” shirt on Amazon and make some adjustments, but the shirts are rather expensive, so I decided to just make the entire thing from scratch.  I bought some fabric paint and located the correct fabric with which to make the bib from.  The only white fabric I have that isn’t shiny or spandex is this thin white fabric I used for Vanille’s skirt.  Since it’s so thin, the bib will need to be two layers, which is all well and good.  But first, I needed a pattern. View full article »

Foxy Cosplay: The Hook

For quite some time, I’ve been pretty excited about making Foxy’s hook.  I’ve never gotten to wear a pirate hook before, and, well, pirate garb is cool.  (I look forward to adding an eye patch in the future, too.  Foxy is pretty much a combination of too many cool things.  Foxes, pirates, robots.  He’s just awesome like that.)  At the same time, I was also unsure how I was going to make it.  A hook’s not exactly a very simple shape, now is it?  (Answer: No, it is not.) View full article »

I had a rather spooky dream the night of 8/29/16 that was probably inspired by the FNAF/FNAF spin-off games I watch from time to time on Youtube and…Windows Movie Maker.  Because putting a lot of effort into a video, only to find out it’s been messed up, is a waking nightmare.  Not really.  But it’s not a fun thing to happen to people.  I’ll admit that sharing my dreams online is probably a bit strange, but I always found dreams interesting and hope that others might, too.  And I just enjoy keeping a journal of my particularly memorable dreams, so why not here?

I should probably start off with the less interesting dream first and get that out of the way.  I dreamt that a new gaming series I recently finished recording, which shall remain secret until the day I begin publishing it sometime in November of this year, got messed up on Movie Maker.  Yeah.  I uploaded one of the final videos onto Movie Maker, and a decent amount of minutes in, everything turns green and distorted.  I was horrified and contemplating whether or not this part of the game would need to be recorded again or if I simply needed to upload the video back onto Movie Maker.  Again, if you are a Youtuber, then you will understand my pain. View full article »

Foxy Cosplay: The Arms

Foxy’s costume has been quite a pain, but I’ve finally gotten another set of pieces done, the four pieces that comprise his arms.  Foxy’s arms are made out of four tubes of inch-thick upholstery foam (the foam for the lower arms are tighter on one side to better fit my wrists).  The ends were held together with my weird spray glue, which was rather difficult to hold together, but after a few attempts, I finally got it to work.  These tubes were carefully measured to be snug on my arms, but not too tight, so that they will remain in place on my arms and not slide around.  The lower arms worked out fine, but the upper arms were too loose, so I had to cut them smaller and glue them again.  Yay, I sure love having to redo things…am I being sarcastic enough?… View full article »

Comicon #2 2016: Photo Tour

Hey there, everyone!  Today’s been a pretty busy year, with two costumes and all, but now both my costumes are complete and both of this year’s comicons are over and done with.  If you want to read about my experience in more detail, please visit United We Game for the more detailed post on the subject.  As usual, this here blog gets a special treat, my photo tour.  This is the larger of the two comicons I get to attend, which means more cool things to see and awesome costumes to admire.  Let’s get started! View full article »

Maybe I’m the only one here who feels this way.  Maybe what I’m about to say is completely out there, and my sanity should be seriously questioned.  But I’ve been thinking long and hard about something lately, and I have come to the conclusion that Animal Crossing might just possibly be one of the cruelest series ever made.

Okay, I hear you all out there, looking at each other in confusion.  Yes, I can hear the noise made by mere glances.  Ducks have good hearing, doncha know.  And I also hear you saying, but Duck, Animal Crossing is the nicest game known to mankind.  All you do is relax and have fun.  And befriend cute animals.  And decorate your house with all manner of wonderful things.  And I agree, on the surface, Animal Crossing looks nice.  There are no battles to be fought.  No violence.  Nothing objectionable of any kind. View full article »