Rosalina’s Cozy Blanket Tunnels

With another winter upon us, our feline friends are just as interested in keeping cozy as we are.  Our kitties have spent much of the last couple of months sleeping upstairs, where it’s a bit warmer, usually on the spare futon.  Rosalina, however, has discovered an additional way to keep toasty.

Quite often lately, Rosie has been nowhere to be found.  Until we do a little more investigating, and we find that the new lump on the futon is, in fact, a little kitty who had buried herself beneath the blankets.  Once, I even called her name and received a small meow in response.

Other times, she has been less hidden, but she still looks pretty adorable with her little noggin peeking out of her makeshift cave.  And so, I’ve done what any self-respecting kitty friend would do.  I’ve taken a whole bunch of photos of our precious Rosie making good use of her various blanket tunnels.  Clearly Carmelita doesn’t know what she’s missing.

Rosalina emerges from her lair

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