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Portal Knights: Demo Review

My first impression upon starting the Portal Knights demo was that it felt a lot like Minecraft with RPG elements.  The game is described as a sandbox RPG, and the world is split up into a bunch of randomly-generated islands, though the demo only had us exploring one island after I spent a good deal of time customizing my character’s appearance and choosing between a class of Warrior, Ranger, and Mage.

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Having now recorded both Psychonauts games for Youtube (not including the VR game), I recently decided to go back and try to get a lot of the stuff I had missed, as I am a bit of a completionist and enjoy getting 100% in games whenever possible. So last Wednesday, I managed to get Platinum in Psychonauts 2 (which means I got 100% in the game and 100% of the trophies). It was a fairly simple feat, though I couldn’t find one of the figments in Loboto’s mind until I looked up a video. It was a red figment on a pink background, and I had apparently walked past it multiple times.

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FNAF: Security Breach: Not Quite Deserving of Superstar Status

It would be pretty difficult for any gamer to be unaware of the premise behind the hugely popular Five Nights at Freddy’s series at this point.  The early games largely involved sitting in place in your office while you check your cameras and try to keep out the roaming animatronics in a pizza restaurant reminiscent of the real-life Chuck E. Cheese.  For years, I, and surely countless other fans, had fantasized over the possibility of a free-roaming FNAF game (an official one, anyway) that would take the franchise to a whole new level in terms of gameplay.  And we finally have it, in the form of Security Breach, where you team up with the titular Freddy and try to survive the night in an 80’s style mall known as Freddy Fazbear’s Mega Pizzaplex.

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Ranking All Artifex Mundi Demos I Played in 2021

I’ve already ranked many of the demos I played in 2021, with one notable exception.  I have yet to rank any of the casual puzzle games published by Artifex Mundi, of which there are a wide variety.  While these games can be a bit cheesy at times, with some comically unenthusiastic voice acting, that’s honestly part of their charm.  Like entertaining B movies.  They’re also solid puzzle games in their own right with some beautiful artwork.  Keep in mind that I’ve only played the demos, which usually cover the first 30 minutes to an hour, so I’m really only judging these based on first impressions.

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Ranking Rankin Bass Christmas Specials

Earlier this year, I wrote about a dozen reviews covering various Rankin/Bass Christmas specials, which was made possible due to some DVD collections we bought containing a bunch of their work that I had never heard of before.  This was generally a fun endeavor (even if a few were rather painful to watch), but I just realized that I had failed to actually rank them.  (You could say that these specials were made for…Rankin…what?)  So today, I shall be ranking every Rankin/Bass Christmas special that I’ve seen from worst to best.  It will not include A Miser Brothers Christmas from 2008, which was actually made by Warner Bros.  Oh, and if you’re curious about full reviews, then here’s a link to my last review of Jack Frost from 1979, which includes links to most of the others at the bottom.

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FNAF: Security Breach Playthrough on Virtual Bastion

Join us for our playthrough of FNAF: Security Breach, where we must team up with Glamrock Freddy in order to survive the night inside Freddy Fazbear’s Mega Pizzaplex!

Video from YouTube User: Virtual Bastion

Ranking All Demos I Played in 2021

Surprisingly enough, 2021 marks the very first year I got into trying out game demos.  And as such, I had a lot of catching up to do.  So I thought it would be fun to rank all the demos I played this year, from my least favorite to the absolute best, split into three categories for easier reading.  (Obviously, this is all based on my opinion, so some games will be ranked quite low because they’re not really my thing, not because they’re bad.)  Keep in mind that the copious point-and-click puzzle games created by Artifex Mundi will be ranked in a separate post.

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Ori and the Blind Forest: Aggravating, Yet Amazing

Yet another game on my backlog, I had never before heard of Ori and the Blind Forest until someone had requested we play it on our Youtube channel.  Cary ended up taking on the responsibility of recording her playthrough of this amazing game, and as I watched her progress, I knew that this was a game I just had to try for myself someday.  Eventually, I found both the first game and its sequel for sale on Amazon, and so I took no delay in snatching both up.

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Deltarune Chapter 2 is Even Better

After roughly a 3-year wait, the second chapter of Deltarune has finally been released (and for free, no less!).  Considering the long time period between both chapters, I have to admit that I don’t remember Chapter 1 super well, but I can’t shake the feeling that Chapter 2 is even better.  The game might not be complete, but I can at least write a little review for how my experience with Chapter 2 went.

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