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Subnautica: A “Broken” Masterpiece

Always on the lookout for good sales on digital games, easily the best deal I ever got was when I downloaded Subnautica for free, thanks to PlayStation’s whole “Play at Home” program.  Having already seen Youtuber 8-BitRyan play the game online, I never really intended on playing Subnautica for myself, as awesome as it looked.  But I simply couldn’t pass up such a great opportunity.  Now that I have (almost) finished the game, I can say that Subnautica is easily one of the greatest games I’ve ever played…and also one of the most flawed.

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Goofing Off in Subnautica is Far Too Addicting

Subnautica is one of many games that I have heard good things about, but seeing as I had already watched a playthrough online, I saw no reason to play it for myself.  That all changed when I was perusing the PlayStation Store, only to notice that Subnautica was available for…free?  Was I seeing this right?  A small amount of research told me that, as part of PlayStation’s Play At Home program, select games were available to download for free.  This whole Plat At Home thing has since ended, but I was at least fortunate to get this gem of a game for, I repeat, absolutely free!

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Terraria: Demo Review

To be honest, I tend to get rather overwhelmed by games that give me too much freedom.  A game that can be played almost endlessly is more akin to a nightmare to me than the exciting prospect that it really should be.  Sure, I do like freedom in my games, freedom to complete a challenge differently than someone else, freedom to finish tasks in any order.  But in general, I prefer structure and clearly defined goals.  That is why I’ve never really been interested in popular games like Minecraft and Terraria.  Nevertheless, because it’s sometimes fun to try something new, I decided to download the demo for the latter.  And confusion ensued.

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Unravel: Demo Review

A game which has crossed my path a lot lately is an intriguing little game called Unravel.  In this puzzle platformer, you play as a little yarn creature called…ahem, Yarny.  It looked promising, but at the same time, I was a bit reluctant.  I think I was worried Yarny (based on the name, no doubt) would be an annoying, overly cutesy little bugger.  Maybe an odd reason for avoiding a game, but alas, I kept passing over it until I realized that Unravel had a free demo.  Well, it would seem the time for excuses was over.

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Pillar (MichaelArts): Demo Review

While most of the demos I had played recently have been pretty good, there is one in particular that I was grateful I hadn’t paid any actual money for.  This would be a demo I played for a game called Pillar.  Haven’t heard of it?  Well, no wonder, because if you try to look it up, more than likely you’ll be presented with a list of games with similar names, including a game called…The Pillar (emphasis on “the”).  To distinguish this from other games with similar titles, this is the Pillar game developed by a guy named Michael Hicks.

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Subnautica Playthrough on Virtual Bastion

Join us for our playthrough of Subnautica, a survival game where we crash land on the alien ocean planet of 4546B and must explore the various biomes to find materials and plan a means of escape.

Video from YouTube User: Virtual Bastion