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Disneyland 2018: Day 2 – Big Trouble on Big Thunder…Kind Of

Ah, you’re back.  Well, you’re just in time to read about part 2 of our Disneyland trip, with a little bit of bonus stuff thrown in at the end.  (If you missed part 1, you can find it here.)  The following day, we arrived before the park opened.  Our first goal was to head straight for Peter Pan before it got crowded, but what happened next was…fate, perhaps?  The problem with trying to ride Peter Pan first thing in the morning is the fact that everyone tries to do this, so as soon as the way forward was opened, people started running for Fantasyland as fast as they could.  We followed at a slower pace, discovering soon enough that our doubts were well-founded when we saw that the Peter Pan queue was already packed.  Disappointed, we decided to head for our favorite rides (hint: they’re both in New Orleans Square) while the lines were still short. Continue reading Disneyland 2018: Day 2 – Big Trouble on Big Thunder…Kind Of


Disneyland 2018: Day 1 – From Splash Mountain to Fantasmic

I don’t think I can overestimate my love for Disneyland.  You may recall that last year marked my first trip to the park in a decade (minus a few months), and this year, Mother Duck and I were fortunate enough to visit again.  While we have decided that Disneyland will likely not become a yearly tradition due to the fact that visiting a single place too often has the negative consequence of taking some of the fun out of it, we did have an amazing time nonetheless and look forward to a return someday in the future, whenever we decide enough time has passed.  Let us begin by discussing the first day of our trip, shall we? Continue reading Disneyland 2018: Day 1 – From Splash Mountain to Fantasmic

100 Theme Blog Challenge No. 22: Mother

Mother’s Day is this weekend, meaning this 100 theme challenge couldn’t have come at a better time.  (It’s almost like I planned it this way.)  Today, I shall be writing a little bit about Mother Duck, with whom the Duck gets along spiffingly.  And I think one reason for that is our willingness to share in the interests of the other.

Mother Duck played video games before I ever did.  She doesn’t play them very often now (and only with coaxing), but back when I was a duckling, she and dad would often play our Super Nintendo.  One of her particular favorites was The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past (I recall dad playing Donkey Kong Country more), though she was also a pro at Super Mario World.  While we didn’t share quite as many interests when I was younger, as I didn’t really get into gaming until the time she gave it up, semi-recent years have seen a drastic shift from us spending our time separately to spending it together. Continue reading 100 Theme Blog Challenge No. 22: Mother

Three More Weird and Puzzling Dreams

The night of 12/17/17 was another wild adventure in the dreamscape of the Duck’s clearly weird mind.  Honestly, some of the most interesting things that happen in my life take place when I’m sleeping, so it’s only natural I’d want to write them down for future enjoyment.  Like usual, much of what happened has been forgotten, but I’ll piece together what I can into a semi-cohesive narrative.  Sound good?  Good.

I think I had three dreams that night, but they all involved similar concepts.  More or less.  In the first one, I had entered this large and confusing facility, though I’m pretty sure the entire place was made of cardboard.  In order to proceed through this large cardboard maze, I had to solve some puzzles.  I believe I was doing okay until I reached one room where I had to solve a puzzle involving a Rubik’s Cube and a sweater.  Fortunately, I was not simply being asked to solve a Rubik’s Cube because…that will never happen.  I had one of those contraptions years ago, and I struggled with it for weeks before giving up and deciding it was stupid and terrible, and mine was probably defective anyway.

Not really.  I mean, I did try to solve one for weeks, and I did fail at it.  But I only blamed myself. Continue reading Three More Weird and Puzzling Dreams

You Sweater Believe It

Mother Duck and I enjoy watching Kitten Academy, a Youtube channel where you can watch 24/7 live streams, and shorter close-up videos, of the many kittens they foster.  These kittens have a good deal of delightful toys and have been a major influence in us buying extra goodies for our kitty Elsa.  Since watching Kitten Academy, Elsa has gotten a cat tower, assorted toys, and a tunnel, not to mention the topic of this post. Continue reading You Sweater Believe It

Duck Dreams: The Duck Escapes from Aliens

The Duck seems to have no shortage of weird dreams, the night of November 6, 2017 among them.  I wish my mind was so creatively inclined when it was awake, but alas, this is not to be.  While the order of events is rather unclear, I will do my best to ensure this makes about as much sense as a dream can.  Which is not at all.

I remember a large building that I think was a museum.  For whatever reason, I had brought my cat Elsa along and was going to leave her in this main room as I checked the place out.  Of course, I quickly realized that this was quite unsafe for my kitty, so I picked her up and took her with me.  The building was very large and sprawling indeed, and along the way, I ran into the Carpetbagger, one of my favorite Youtubers.  In the dream, we apparently knew each other, as we both talked like old friends.  Though the dream seems pretty calm at this point, I recall something more sinister working in the background. Continue reading Duck Dreams: The Duck Escapes from Aliens

The Duck’s Youtube Channel…Goes the Way of the Dodo

G’day, folks.  I have a short update for you all.  The Duck of Indeed’s Youtube channel…has recently become deceased.  Due to some harassing and inappropriate comments, I have decided to remove all of my Youtube videos, along with any corresponding blog posts, or any other blog posts that mention my personal life or give away my appearance.  The Internet can be a rather…odd place, as we all know, so perhaps it was unwise to reveal as much about myself as I did.  Other than that, this blog, and my gaming endeavors on Virtual Bastion, will continue as usual.  Onward and tally ho! Continue reading The Duck’s Youtube Channel…Goes the Way of the Dodo

Tunnels in the Snow

It was many years ago, when the Duck was just the Duckling of Indeed, that I was, in fact, more akin to a mole than a humble waterfowl.  There was one winter in particular where the snow was absolutely ideal for a rather fun winter activity.  Rather than build snowducks, which seemed to be beyond my artistic abilities at the time, or engage in the act of sledding, a hobby that involves far more trudging up hills than actually zipping down icy slopes, the Duck enjoyed the wintery pastime of excavation. Continue reading Tunnels in the Snow

The Duck’s Computer Has a Ghost

As you may recall, I recently joined Deviant Art.  My first order of business was following a few of my favorite artists (it’s called “watching”, actually, which sounds a little creepy), one of them being Zarla.  She’s drawn a huge amount of Undertale comics, including an entire series called Handplates, which was pretty darn awesome.  If there are any Undertale fans reading this right now, and you’re interested in Sans, Papyrus, and Gaster, then I’d definitely recommend checking it out. Continue reading The Duck’s Computer Has a Ghost

The Duck Has Joined Deviant Art!

The Duck has always wished to be, at the very least, a semi-competent artist.  But try as I may, I could never draw with the level of skill I so desired.  Maybe I just didn’t try hard enough.  Maybe I didn’t want it badly enough.  Maybe…maybe I just didn’t have what it takes.  Whatever the case, after years of trying, I just…gave up…sometime during 2013, I believe.  It was a dark day for mediocre art indeed. Continue reading The Duck Has Joined Deviant Art!