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Dream Time: Race Through the Haunted House

The night of 1/18/19, I had another spooky dream.  I get them often, and though they are unpleasant while I’m in the middle of them, sometimes they can be interesting to think back on during daylight hours.  The dream revolved around an abandoned, probably haunted house. Continue reading Dream Time: Race Through the Haunted House


100 Theme Blog Challenge No. 23: Cat

The newest topic for the 100 theme challenge is cat, a subject I have already discussed many times in the past, particularly in regards to my current cat Elsa and the two I lost a few years ago, Alex and Arwen.  Since I have already talked a great deal about them, I thought it would be rather fun to tell you all about a cat that had an impact on me despite only knowing it for one short week. Continue reading 100 Theme Blog Challenge No. 23: Cat

Dream Time: A Safe Place in a Spooky House

Good day, the Duck’s got another random dream to share with you all.  On the night of 1/15/19, I dreamt I was in my house, but it was different, with a different layout and two stories.  It was very dark, and I was hearing some strange noises.  I was standing on one end of the house looking at the other, but from here, I couldn’t see where the noise was coming from.  It sounded like people, though, and I was considering calling the police. Continue reading Dream Time: A Safe Place in a Spooky House

My Bonsai Loses Some Weight

Just thought I’d write a little update on what my azalea bonsai has been up to.  I am terrible at taking care of plants, but alas, the tiny tree baby is still alive…for now anyway.  At one point, I found a white fluffy mealybug sitting on a branch around some tiny webs I suppose it had created.  Not wanting to get anywhere near it, I used a kabob stick to eliminate it.  It’s the only bug I’ve found, so I think it was the one responsible for the bite I found in one of my bonsai’s new leaves…. Continue reading My Bonsai Loses Some Weight

Listmas 2018: My Duck-et List

For my final Listmas post, though Christmas itself has passed, I’d like to write about the Duck’s bucket list.  I haven’t written a bucket list since 2013, and…my goals have certainly changed a lot.  Nowadays, my goals are a lot more…Disney/theme park-related.  If you’re interested, the old bucket list is here.  Below, the Duck’s updated 2018 list: Continue reading Listmas 2018: My Duck-et List

An Anecdote About an Essay

In the third state where I lived, I spent a relatively short span of time enjoying the friendship of someone who I often think about and of whom I have many fond memories.  These memories were comprised of afternoons spent playing video games at his house after school or the few classes we shared in middle school.  It is a memory of the latter variety that I would like to recount for you all today. Continue reading An Anecdote About an Essay

Will the Next Plant-estant Step Right Up?

In the past, I wrote about the many plants I attempted to care for and lost over the years.  Recently, I tried once more at growing a nice pot of nature in my house, a small group of cilantro sprouts, but they, too, died, despite the can informing me, nay, promising me, that they were “guaranteed to grow”.  Yeah, and I’m guaranteed to be a rich millionaire one day.  Apparently you can guarantee anything you darn well please. Continue reading Will the Next Plant-estant Step Right Up?