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The Duck Dreams of a Haunted Hotel by the Sea

The night of July 12, I dreamt about this old town by the sea.  Mother Duck and I, along with our two cats Rosalina and Carmelita, had been staying in this one old hotel, but a new one was built high on this cliff.  Although it was new, it was also a perfect replica of an old building that used to exist in that same spot, complete with furniture and the like.

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There’s an Alien in Our Backyard!

One night, Mother Duck and I spotted a lizard on the exterior wall of our house, just chilling next to an outdoor light.  But when we really looked at it, we mused that there was something decidedly…off about it.  In order to get a closer look, we zoomed in with our camera phone and took a few photos, confirming our suspicions that this little creature was quite bizarre indeed.

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Soap Making with the Ducks

Mother Duck and I recently tried soap making.  And by “making” soap, I really mean the kit we picked up at the local craft store tasked us with melting down pre-existing soap squares and adding scents and colors.  The scents included were vanilla, citrus, and herb, in order of most pleasant to least, and the only option available for coloring was this rose powder, meaning the soaps could range between white and varying shades of pink.

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The Duck Dreams of Safety Behind Locked Doors

The nights of June 14 and 15, 2022, I had two very similar dreams, leading me to ponder whether or not I should take some deeper meaning from them.  In the first dream, a friend was visiting my house (which was unlike anywhere I’ve ever actually lived).  She and I went to my room to do something fun, the details of which I forget, but our excitement turned to fear when a bad person living with us became aggravated.  I can’t remember too well what he was upset about or what he was trying to do, but we locked the door and proceeded to stare at it in terror, hoping with bated breath that he wouldn’t get inside and harm us.  Eventually, the feeling of danger passed, but the unease didn’t fully dissipate.

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12 Years of Blogging!

Well, another year has passed, and considering I like to keep things as upbeat as possible, let’s start with the positives.  One of the biggest things that happened this year was reaching 1,000 subscribers on our Virtual Bastion YouTube channel, which qualifies us to join the YouTube Partner Program!  This opens up various benefits, including the ability to monetize our videos with ads!  We’re keeping ads to a minimum right now because the channel is still small, but it’s a pretty neat milestone, nonetheless!

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Carmelita Likes to T-Pose

Our pair of Siamese cat sisters are quite goofy and not a day goes by where they don’t make us laugh at their antics.  Carmelita has an odd habit of laying on her stomach in a manner where she appears to be hugging the ground.  (I like to call it T-posing, ha ha!)  I finally got some photos to show off her outrageous cuteness!

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The title speaks for itself.  I started a Tumblr account not so very long ago.  It seems like a good place to talk more in-depth about whatever fandom I’m into at the moment (Psychonauts right now).  I don’t update super regularly, but my art already gets a lot more attention here than it does on Deviant Art, so that’s neat!  So if you guys want to see silly doodles and rambles and just general nonsense, then you can find the link here.

Mourning Doves Have Poor Planning Skills

Recently, Mother Duck noticed a bunch of twigs and various other plant scraps littering the corner of our patio, surrounding the base of one of the support beams for the pergola.  When she looked up, she found a pair of mourning doves trying in utter futility to build a nest.  Unfortunately, the space was simply too cramped and exposed for a nest to find purchase.  The little bird couple have since given up, but I took a few photos to commemorate the adorable event!

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The Duck Dreams of Sun and Moon from FNAF: Security Breach

The night of February 25, 2022, I had a rather frightening dream where I was being hunted by the Sun and Moon animatronic from FNAF: Security Breach.  (It’s the same animatronic, but it changes depending on if the lights are on or not.)  I also had a dream where Dr. Loboto and Crispin from Psychonauts were pirates.  Loboto was the captain and Crispin was his trusty sidekick.  I don’t remember much aside from Crispin taking flippin’ forever to gather up some loose change!  I kind of wish that my sleeping brain had decided to focus more on the antics of Captain Loboto and First Mate Crispin, but alas, my night was occupied mostly with a killer animatronic instead.

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