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When the Past Was Around: Demo Review

While I’m not normally the type to play casual games, I’ve been finding them to be increasingly relaxing as of late.  In particular, I’ve been trying out demos for various point-and-click puzzle games, one of which is called When the Past Was Around.  The game has a simple, but pleasant art style and tells the wordless story of a girl named Eda and a man known simply as The Owl.  Based on the description, the story seems to be about love and heartbreak.

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Eventide: Slavic Fable: Demo Review

In the recent past, I played the demo for a casual puzzle game called Grim Legends 2.  It would appear that Artifex Mundi is responsible for a lot of similar games, as I also had the opportunity to try out the demo for Eventide: Slavic Fable, another fantasy-themed puzzle game with gorgeous artwork.  Though this one takes place in modern times, we spend the entire demo in a Slavic Heritage Park where creatures from Slavic mythology coexist peacefully with humans.

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Grim Legends 2: Demo Review

When perusing the demos available on the PS4, I came across a plethora of games by the developer Artifex Mundi, which all seemed to be point-and-click puzzle games with fantasy themes and colorful graphics. Intrigued to try something a bit different, but overwhelmed by my choices, I started with Grim Legends 2: Song of the Dark Swan, as it seemed to be the most highly rated.

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Shady Part of Me: A Girl and Her Shadow Unite

Shady Part of Me is a unique puzzle-platformer where a girl and her shadow work together to solve puzzles and progress through a watercolor landscape. The two main characters are opposites. The girl is afraid of light and must hide in the shadows, while her shadow must remain in the light and uses shadows as platforms. The story revolves around mental illness and the girls’ journey as they work their way through their fears. It’s such a simple, yet brilliant, concept that opens the way to some seriously clever puzzles.

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Unravel: Demo Review

A game which has crossed my path a lot lately is an intriguing little game called Unravel.  In this puzzle platformer, you play as a little yarn creature called…ahem, Yarny.  It looked promising, but at the same time, I was a bit reluctant.  I think I was worried Yarny (based on the name, no doubt) would be an annoying, overly cutesy little bugger.  Maybe an odd reason for avoiding a game, but alas, I kept passing over it until I realized that Unravel had a free demo.  Well, it would seem the time for excuses was over.

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Pillar (MichaelArts): Demo Review

While most of the demos I had played recently have been pretty good, there is one in particular that I was grateful I hadn’t paid any actual money for.  This would be a demo I played for a game called Pillar.  Haven’t heard of it?  Well, no wonder, because if you try to look it up, more than likely you’ll be presented with a list of games with similar names, including a game called…The Pillar (emphasis on “the”).  To distinguish this from other games with similar titles, this is the Pillar game developed by a guy named Michael Hicks.

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The Last Campfire: A Serene and Engaging Puzzle Game

Always on the hunt for interesting indie games, The Last Campfire is one of the newest additions to my digital library.  Aside from watching a trailer at one point that I now no longer remember, I went into this game knowing almost nothing about it aside from the fact that it involved solving puzzles.  While it’s not always wise to buy a game with very little research, I’m pleased to say this is one minor gamble that certainly paid off.

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