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A Dark and Winding Corridor: Another Crazy Duck Dream

I had a rather spooky dream the night of 8/29/16 that was probably inspired by the FNAF/FNAF spin-off games I watch from time to time on Youtube and…Windows Movie Maker.  Because putting a lot of effort into a video, only to find out it’s been messed up, is a waking nightmare.  Not really.  But it’s not a fun thing to happen to people.  I’ll admit that sharing my dreams online is probably a bit strange, but I always found dreams interesting and hope that others might, too.  And I just enjoy keeping a journal of my particularly memorable dreams, so why not here?

I should probably start off with the less interesting dream first and get that out of the way.  I dreamt that a new gaming series I recently finished recording, which shall remain secret until the day I begin publishing it sometime in November of this year, got messed up on Movie Maker.  Yeah.  I uploaded one of the final videos onto Movie Maker, and a decent amount of minutes in, everything turns green and distorted.  I was horrified and contemplating whether or not this part of the game would need to be recorded again or if I simply needed to upload the video back onto Movie Maker.  Again, if you are a Youtuber, then you will understand my pain. Continue reading A Dark and Winding Corridor: Another Crazy Duck Dream

The Duck Faces the End of the World and Sorts Taters

The night of 12/19/15, or some such night of a similar date, I had a rather spooky, but interesting, dream.  In this dream, I remember my parents, Hope from Final Fantasy XIII, and myself, except I was Lightning from the aforementioned game.  Which was kind of cool.  (Not as cool as when I dream I’m Samus, but it was still kind of neat because she’s tough.)

We were all eating dinner outside at this picnic bench, despite the disturbing fact that the world was ending soon.  Hope had this otherworldly power that allowed him to travel into this cave where the end of the world would not affect us.  He said that soon, some strange…force would be set off.  It would travel from that spot to every corner of the globe, wiping out every living thing in the process.  This would happen fairly quickly, but once it began, we would have enough time to reach the cave, where I would have to defeat some evil creature at the end of it.  I asked him how I might prepare for this battle, and he simply held out his hand, and when I took it, a power flowed through me. Continue reading The Duck Faces the End of the World and Sorts Taters

The Duck Visits a Haunted House and is Denied a Free Beverage

The night of December 12, 2015, I had a rather spooky dream, though I forgot most of the details.  Nevertheless, I remember enough to write a short, little post about it!  Yay!  Ahem, here I go…  It was an ordinary day, except I was going on a trip.  I was going to this strange house, and all these buses had lined up to pick us up.  The buses were from different locations, which were written clearly on the sides, though this didn’t make much sense, as we were all going to the same place, and we really only required the bus for our respective location, not everywhere.

Unfortunately, most of the dream’s middle bits have become lost to me, but I do know that things did not go well at this house.  We began to realize it was haunted (though, I don’t remember how or why), and our group had split into two, one group that chose to stay at the house and another group that chose to go off into the woods, where it was safer.  (It doesn’t sound too safe now, but either way, spooky woods seem better than a haunted house.) Continue reading The Duck Visits a Haunted House and is Denied a Free Beverage

The Duck Dreams of a Road Trip

The night of 9/27/15, I had a strange dream.  At the same time, it was a bit relaxing, too.  In this dream, I was going on a short road trip to this town an hour or two away called Devon.  Not sure why it was called that.  Maybe because of Devonshire cream perhaps?  You’ll get the reference later.  For whatever reason, I decided to stop and visit this nature park.  You know, like Yosemite.  That kind of place.

I remember walking about this large, green place all by myself, singing and just having a generally good stroll.  I eventually came upon this lovely, but small, lake (maybe it was a pond?), and I saw this bird swimming in the water that I thought looked like a pheasant, though in my dream, I called it a partridge, whatever a partridge looks like.  In actuality, I now think the bird looked more like a small peacock with a pheasant-like tail.  I began to take pictures of it with my nifty little no-contract cell phone (contracts are a conspiracy), but I realized my battery was running low, and I didn’t want to be away from home with a low battery charge.  Around this time, a couple people stopped by, two guys and a woman.  The guys were friendly enough, but when I told the woman about the bird, I didn’t see it anymore, so I don’t think she believed me.  As if a duck would lie. Continue reading The Duck Dreams of a Road Trip

The Duck Dreams of Fishing with Elsa

A few weeks ago, I had a few strange dreams I want to share with all of you.  In the first dream, I remember this odd town that had this fenced off section with really cool, old-fashioned buildings.  I wanted to show my mom this place, but when I wandered through the gates to check it out, a wedding was taking place there.  Awkward…  I eventually decided I better not linger, so I left.  By the time my mom showed up, however, the wedding had already cleared out, and we went to this beautiful white, two story building, which turned out to be a restaurant.  Here, my dad showed up, and we sat down to have lunch.  I think we got our drinks, but I don’t think our waitress ever returned, so I think we were considering leaving at that point.  This dream seems to be further proof I love food too much because I always seem to end up in restaurants lately…. Continue reading The Duck Dreams of Fishing with Elsa

The Duck Harvests Umbrellas and Loses a Pencil

I had a very strange dream the night of April 27, 2015.  First off, I remember a rather long dream involving myself, someone I don’t remember, and, well, Dr. Nefarious, the villain from the Ratchet and Clank series.  He was his usual loud self, but I don’t remember if he was particularly bad in this dream or not.  Just grouchy.  I don’t remember many of the details of this dream, but I do remember another dream I had afterward.

It started off in this large yard behind a house with a lot of people milling about.  It was akin to a mental hospital because everyone was acting strangely, but I don’t remember if we were actually mentally ill or not.  Either way, people seemed strangely suspicious of me.  They seemed to think I was strange and up to weird things, and I decided to pay them no heed and continue on with whatever it was I was doing.  I remember talking to this woman, and she seemed unsure whether or not she should be seen talking to me. Continue reading The Duck Harvests Umbrellas and Loses a Pencil

The Duck Encounters a Cheesy Chicken

I had a very interesting dream the night of March 17, 2015.  For whatever reason, this one was particularly vivid, and I’m not sure why.  To begin, it was a dark and stormy night, which is completely not true, and probably not that funny anyway….

Let’s try again.  This dream began when I woke up (what a contradiction, waking up in a dream) one morning in this weird, two-story house.  It was located by a lake and had a first floor where the stairs were in the middle, with the rooms being arranged in such a way that you could walk about in a loop.  This layout was similar to a house I once lived in, while the location is not, nor the condition, as I remembered the color grey a lot, making me think the house was rather old, and the paint may have been peeling from the walls.  It was not, however, an unpleasant place, nor did this detract from the homey feel one bit, as you might suspect. Continue reading The Duck Encounters a Cheesy Chicken

The Duck Eludes a Beast

I had another dream the night of 2/3/15 that I found quite amusing, and it was clearly thanks to playing a lot of Hyrule Warriors at the time this dream occurred. In this dream, there was this large building that was supposed to be the Beast’s castle, except it was also kind of laid out like a house I once lived in, but much bigger. I was locked up in this cell, and when the Beast (is it THE Beast or just Beast?) wasn’t looking, I somehow managed to escape. (The) Beast started looking for me, but he walked really slowly and wasn’t too bright, as he wasn’t very good at spotting me and was rather like those video games where you’re eluding enemies, and you can be standing directly in front of them, but they won’t see you because you’re too far from them. Or they can’t see you even when you’re standing behind a scraggly bush.

The Beast, who sometimes looked like himself and sometimes Bowser from the Super Mario Bros series, walked through the castle, while I managed to stay out of sight. I once went into a room and hid behind an open door with some of my leg still showing, and he walked into the room and completely didn’t see me. Well, I wandered around this castle for quite some time, and I don’t know why I didn’t just try to get out of that place, but I remember two people eventually showing up to help me, one being Fi from The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword (who also makes an appearance in Hyrule Warriors) and someone else I don’t remember. It could’ve been Lana from Hyrule Warriors, if I were to guess.

All three of us hid in a bathroom at one point, rather frightened despite our “pursuer’s” slow movements, and then we were in this part of the castle that was especially like my old house, with a middle area that housed stairs and a pantry and the like, so that you could walk through all the rooms in one loop. I remember the Beast walking around this area while myself and my companions were by the stairs going to the upper floor. Ghirahim (from the same game as Fi) then showed up, and we peeked around the corner as he told the Beast where we were, who then turned and started coming in our direction. I then woke up shortly after. I must admit, this dream was strangely fun. I rather liked being friends with Fi. And possibly Lana, but I like Fi better. We simply must do this again sometime.

Duck Beast


The Time the Duck Got Lost in a Weird Hotel

The night of 7/28/14 or so, I had a bizarre dream where I went to this enormous, fancy, but rather old and creepy, hotel. I guess I was on a trip with my coworkers or something, but it was the people from “The Office” (the American version). Someone from HR from my real life workplace worked at the front desk of the hotel, and I had to wait in this long line to speak to her and ask her for my room number, and then Michael (again, from “The Office”) helped me to look for my room.

He was quite nice, and we wandered all over trying to find where my room could be. We ended up in this hallway leading into a creepy bathroom, the long kind with the stalls, and with no intention of going into such a spooky place, we headed off a different way, only to find a large room with a professor teaching a bunch of people. We went around to this back part of the room, and in one direction was this food court type area where I could see people sitting at tables and talking, and at the back of the room, not far from where we were, there was this doorway, and we went out into this strange, complicated city. I believe we found my room somewhere here, but I wondered what was the point of this hotel being so ridiculously big. Continue reading The Time the Duck Got Lost in a Weird Hotel

The Duck Almost Has My Memories Stolen by FFIX Characters

I had this rather spooky dream the night of 9/22/14. I’m not sure how well I remember it, but I do remember the most important details. I remember there were these certain creatures, and if you touched them, you would lose your memories. But, what made them even more frightening was the fact that you wouldn’t lose your memories until after you woke up in the morning. So if you touched one, you wouldn’t know if it would cause you to lose your memories until the following day, which would be a mighty stressful thing to wait for.

Several times in my dream, I saw these creatures lying on the ground. I don’t know if they were dead or just injured, and I didn’t know which ones were bad and which were okay. Now, of course, it would be best if I just didn’t touch any of them to begin with, but for whatever reason, these other people and I had to help them or take them somewhere or something. I don’t remember. So you’d have to figure out how to do this without touching them with your skin. I looked for long gloves to wear, but what if they weren’t long enough, and the thing touched my arm? I also looked for fabric to wrap my hands in, but what if the fabric was too thin? Would that not provide any protection? Continue reading The Duck Almost Has My Memories Stolen by FFIX Characters