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Dream Time: The Case of the Four Photos

During the nights of October 23 and 24 of 2018, I had a couple of dreams I wanted to recount for all of you.  The latter was less interesting, so I shall get to it first.  The former, however, was quite a mystery indeed…literally…. Continue reading Dream Time: The Case of the Four Photos


The Duck Dreams of a Friendly Snake

Once again, I shall be recounting a few dreams I had the nights of March 22 and 23 of 2018.  (March 22 was also the night I heard an owl outside, which is something that I’ve never heard before, with the exception of the zoo.  Of course, this is unrelated, but I still thought it was cool.  I also once saw a great horned owl get chased away by a herd of crows.  That was years ago.  I’m not sure why I’m telling you guys this.) Continue reading The Duck Dreams of a Friendly Snake

I Dream of Cake…and Turkey

Ever since our most recent trip to Disneyland, I have been dreaming about the Pixar Fest cake.  It’s a very odd thing, but I seem to dream about food a lot.  I have had many dreams about visiting bakeries, sometimes the same establishment over the course of many years.  I guess I’m obsessed with treats, with the newest object of my fixation being that three-layer beauty exclusive to Pixar Fest.  As you may recall, I was unable to try this cake during our recent visit to Disneyland, as the Plaza Inn was only serving chocolate cake when we stopped by for dinner (only chocolate cake; what do you mean, Duck?).  And even though we eventually decided to make the cake ourselves, it didn’t stop me from dreaming about it, nevertheless. Continue reading I Dream of Cake…and Turkey

Three More Weird and Puzzling Dreams

The night of 12/17/17 was another wild adventure in the dreamscape of the Duck’s clearly weird mind.  Honestly, some of the most interesting things that happen in my life take place when I’m sleeping, so it’s only natural I’d want to write them down for future enjoyment.  Like usual, much of what happened has been forgotten, but I’ll piece together what I can into a semi-cohesive narrative.  Sound good?  Good.

I think I had three dreams that night, but they all involved similar concepts.  More or less.  In the first one, I had entered this large and confusing facility, though I’m pretty sure the entire place was made of cardboard.  In order to proceed through this large cardboard maze, I had to solve some puzzles.  I believe I was doing okay until I reached one room where I had to solve a puzzle involving a Rubik’s Cube and a sweater.  Fortunately, I was not simply being asked to solve a Rubik’s Cube because…that will never happen.  I had one of those contraptions years ago, and I struggled with it for weeks before giving up and deciding it was stupid and terrible, and mine was probably defective anyway.

Not really.  I mean, I did try to solve one for weeks, and I did fail at it.  But I only blamed myself. Continue reading Three More Weird and Puzzling Dreams

Duck Dreams: The Duck Escapes from Aliens

The Duck seems to have no shortage of weird dreams, the night of November 6, 2017 among them.  I wish my mind was so creatively inclined when it was awake, but alas, this is not to be.  While the order of events is rather unclear, I will do my best to ensure this makes about as much sense as a dream can.  Which is not at all.

I remember a large building that I think was a museum.  For whatever reason, I had brought my cat Elsa along and was going to leave her in this main room as I checked the place out.  Of course, I quickly realized that this was quite unsafe for my kitty, so I picked her up and took her with me.  The building was very large and sprawling indeed, and along the way, I ran into the Carpetbagger, one of my favorite Youtubers.  In the dream, we apparently knew each other, as we both talked like old friends.  Though the dream seems pretty calm at this point, I recall something more sinister working in the background. Continue reading Duck Dreams: The Duck Escapes from Aliens

Killer Trees and Unexpected Guests: Even More Spooky Duck Dreams

The night of October 1, 2017, was home to a marathon of creepy dreams that I wanted to record before I forgot.  It seems my sleeping mind is well-aware of the impending arrival of Halloween, so, as far as spooky dreams go, the timing couldn’t have been better.  As usual, many of the details have become lost to me, so these dreams may not sound as creepy as they actually were.  Nevertheless, believe me when I say that these dreams were quite haunting indeed before the welcome arrival of morning put an end to my unpleasant adventures.

In my first dream, I was in the woods, accompanied by a girl I believe was supposed to be my sister.  While many creepy stories take place in the woods, this one does not involve the mysterious creatures that typically reside in the darkest reaches of the forest, but rather, the trees themselves.  I remember coming upon a very large tree.  It wasn’t exactly tall, but it had a very thick trunk with one of those holes in its side that so commonly house owls or glowing eyes.  Within moments of arriving at this particular tree, the hole in its side transformed into a large gaping mouth. Continue reading Killer Trees and Unexpected Guests: Even More Spooky Duck Dreams

Strange Noises in the Dark: A Duck Dream

Whether or not anyone reads these strange posts, I cannot say, but I enjoy writing them, so here we go.  I had a spooky dream the night of 7/15/17, and I think it came about due to hearing a spooky sound that night.  In this dream, I had two other siblings, an older sister and a younger sibling I don’t remember much about, as this person didn’t play a major role in the dream.  The older sister was, in fact, a friend I once had in real life.  I’m not going to say her name on the Internet, but since these posts are as much for my own records as your amusement, I will give myself a hint so that I remember in the future who this friend was.  She was the friend with the swimming pool.  There, memory secured.  Since this person is important in my dream, I’ll just call her Alice.  That’s not her name.  It’s just better than typing older sister all the time. Continue reading Strange Noises in the Dark: A Duck Dream

A Dark and Winding Corridor: Another Crazy Duck Dream

I had a rather spooky dream the night of 8/29/16 that was probably inspired by the FNAF/FNAF spin-off games I watch from time to time on Youtube and…Windows Movie Maker.  Because putting a lot of effort into a video, only to find out it’s been messed up, is a waking nightmare.  Not really.  But it’s not a fun thing to happen to people.  I’ll admit that sharing my dreams online is probably a bit strange, but I always found dreams interesting and hope that others might, too.  And I just enjoy keeping a journal of my particularly memorable dreams, so why not here?

I should probably start off with the less interesting dream first and get that out of the way.  I dreamt that a new gaming series I recently finished recording, which shall remain secret until the day I begin publishing it sometime in November of this year, got messed up on Movie Maker.  Yeah.  I uploaded one of the final videos onto Movie Maker, and a decent amount of minutes in, everything turns green and distorted.  I was horrified and contemplating whether or not this part of the game would need to be recorded again or if I simply needed to upload the video back onto Movie Maker.  Again, if you are a Youtuber, then you will understand my pain. Continue reading A Dark and Winding Corridor: Another Crazy Duck Dream

The Duck Faces the End of the World and Sorts Taters

The night of 12/19/15, or some such night of a similar date, I had a rather spooky, but interesting, dream.  In this dream, I remember my parents, Hope from Final Fantasy XIII, and myself, except I was Lightning from the aforementioned game.  Which was kind of cool.  (Not as cool as when I dream I’m Samus, but it was still kind of neat because she’s tough.)

We were all eating dinner outside at this picnic bench, despite the disturbing fact that the world was ending soon.  Hope had this otherworldly power that allowed him to travel into this cave where the end of the world would not affect us.  He said that soon, some strange…force would be set off.  It would travel from that spot to every corner of the globe, wiping out every living thing in the process.  This would happen fairly quickly, but once it began, we would have enough time to reach the cave, where I would have to defeat some evil creature at the end of it.  I asked him how I might prepare for this battle, and he simply held out his hand, and when I took it, a power flowed through me. Continue reading The Duck Faces the End of the World and Sorts Taters

The Duck Visits a Haunted House and is Denied a Free Beverage

The night of December 12, 2015, I had a rather spooky dream, though I forgot most of the details.  Nevertheless, I remember enough to write a short, little post about it!  Yay!  Ahem, here I go…  It was an ordinary day, except I was going on a trip.  I was going to this strange house, and all these buses had lined up to pick us up.  The buses were from different locations, which were written clearly on the sides, though this didn’t make much sense, as we were all going to the same place, and we really only required the bus for our respective location, not everywhere.

Unfortunately, most of the dream’s middle bits have become lost to me, but I do know that things did not go well at this house.  We began to realize it was haunted (though, I don’t remember how or why), and our group had split into two, one group that chose to stay at the house and another group that chose to go off into the woods, where it was safer.  (It doesn’t sound too safe now, but either way, spooky woods seem better than a haunted house.) Continue reading The Duck Visits a Haunted House and is Denied a Free Beverage