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The Duck Dreams of Sun and Moon from FNAF: Security Breach

The night of February 25, 2022, I had a rather frightening dream where I was being hunted by the Sun and Moon animatronic from FNAF: Security Breach.  (It’s the same animatronic, but it changes depending on if the lights are on or not.)  I also had a dream where Dr. Loboto and Crispin from Psychonauts were pirates.  Loboto was the captain and Crispin was his trusty sidekick.  I don’t remember much aside from Crispin taking flippin’ forever to gather up some loose change!  I kind of wish that my sleeping brain had decided to focus more on the antics of Captain Loboto and First Mate Crispin, but alas, my night was occupied mostly with a killer animatronic instead.

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The Duck Dreams of a Pet Octopus

The nights of February 17 and 18, I had a few more of my silly dreams that I wanted to write down.  In the first dream, I had yet another dream about Disneyland where the layout is totally wrong.  That day, we had watched a video where Carpetbagger (one of the Youtubers we often watch) was talking about his negative experience with the new Genie Plus app at the Disney parks.

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The Duck Dreams of Donut Thieves

The night of 11/14/21, I had a dream about some sort of event I was attending. I was with a group of people, and I want to say it was similar to a Renaissance Festival, but not quite. There were several places selling donuts, but after we got a box of the scrumptious treats, someone was telling us that theft is super common here and to be careful.

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Evading the Teacher: A Little Nightmares Dream

The night of April 26, 2021, I dreamt of the terrifying school teacher from the horror game, Little Nightmares 2.  She is easily one of the most frightening things in the series, thanks largely to a neck that can stretch to horrifying lengths.  It is no wonder then that she would be the focus of my dreams, even when I finished the game a couple months ago.  I dreamt that I was competing with someone (no idea who he was, though) to see who could beat Little Nightmares 2 the quickest.  I felt I had an advantage because I, unlike my competitor, had beaten the game before, so it was not unexpected when I reached chapter 2 while he was still in chapter 1.

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The Duck Dreams of Frustrating Donuts

The night of June 15, 2021, I dreamt that I was going to have this operation.  I don’t know what kind it was, but the doctor was very kind, and I felt very peaceful and not scared in the slightest.  It was odd because the dream should have been stressful, but the whole time, I had this overwhelming sense that everything was going to be okay.

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The Duck Dreams of a Sentient Computer Virus

The night of May 21, 2021, I had another weird dream that I wanted to share with you all.  I dreamt of a family that consisted of a dad, a sister, and a brother, the latter two who were teenagers or young adults.  (I was the sister.)  We were spending the night in this fancy hotel room.  It was supposed to be one of those suites with multiple rooms, but by the end of the dream, it was more like a small house.

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I Dream of Hungry Zombies

The night of 2/3/21, I had one of those weird dreams where you keep “waking up”, only to realize it’s just another dream.  The dream began with zombies in our house (it didn’t look like any house we had ever lived in before, though).  Mother Duck and I had trapped the zombies somewhere, and we were trying to figure out what to do about them.  These were rather strange zombies, though.  They didn’t just eat brains.  Rather, they had a ravenous hunger for anything and everything, and there was a very real possibility that, if these zombies escaped, they would somehow manage to eat the world’s supply of food so quickly, everyone on the planet would starve and die before it could be replenished!  (Such an idea seems pretty absurd now, but in my dream, it seemed very dire indeed!  Seriously, how could just a handful of zombies eat that much food so quickly?  How would they even cross the ocean?  Would they board planes?  Zombies don’t have passports!)

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I Dream I’m a Fairy on a Broomstick

The night of 11/21/20, I had another very interesting set of dreams that included another weird visit to Disneyland and a flight through a virtual world.  In the first dream, there was a special event in Disneyland, and each ride had this checklist of sorts.  If you managed to complete every item on the list, you would either receive or get a chance to win a special prize for that particular ride.  Well, as is often the case in such dreams, I never have much time at Disneyland because the time goes by so quickly.  So I decided I had to at least visit my favorite ride, the Haunted Mansion, of course.

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Breathing on the Other Side: Yet Another Eerie Dream

The spooky goodness continues to spill over into November because I had another unsettling dream I wanted to write about from the night of October 14.  While creepy dreams are obviously not preferable when one is going through them, they are certainly more fun to write about.  This particular dream had a decidedly eerie tone throughout, and standout moments from it came about when a haunted house attraction turned out to be more fact than fiction….

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