We Make Mildly Content Pancakes

Mother Duck and I always enjoy trying new recipes, and more often than not, we find that we stumble upon them quite by accident rather than by seeking them out.  The other day, we decided to watch a Youtube video whose most appealing attribute was the thumbnail showcasing insanely fluffy pancakes.  Called “happy pancakes”, these are made with pretty much the same ingredients as regular pancakes, but with the addition of fluffy egg whites to make them huge and puffy.

Video by Youtube User: Mikey Chen

The very next morning, we decided to make our own batch of happy pancakes.  Things looked promising when we ended up with a big, cloud-like lump of batter on the griddle.  Unfortunately, with every glob of batter we created, the pancakes became flatter and flatter, until they had been reduced to something almost akin to a crepe.  This turn of events caused us to hypothesize that the best way to make a full batch of happy pancakes, perhaps, was to cook them as fast as possible before the egg whites can deflate?

The full ten minutes passed (flipping the pancakes at five minutes), and we opened the lid…to find that even our formerly puffy pancakes had flattened into a thickness one would expect from any normal pancake.  I’m not really sure what went wrong with our happy pancakes, but in the end, we ended up with a breakfast consisting of pancakes and eggs of indeterminate emotion.  And I guess that’s not so bad.

Happy Panducks (Unlike What You’d Expect, That’s Really a Combo of Pandas and Ducks)

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