Bonus Time: Youtube Commenced!

In recent weeks, I have been meaning to make a comeback on my personal Duck of Indeed Youtube channel.  And how exactly does a Duck go about planning such an endeavor, you might be asking?  With spreadsheets.  Yes, the work behind creating videos for Youtube, at least for me, involves color-coded charts and to-do lists and schedules.  I never realized before how much of a data-obsessed duck I am until I looked back on all my work and reminisced over how much fun it all was.  That’s right, charts are fun.  For most, I would suspect these kinds of things would be a tedious chore, but for me, data is a hobby.

While I have plans for more complex videos in the future, that will all have to wait until I have the skills and the technology to do it.  (I found a $350 camera for $100 on Amazon if you buy the pink version.  So tempting.)  In the meantime, I already have roughly a year’s worth of simpler videos planned out, with dates and everything.  I have been busy!  These videos will include readings of my fan fiction, starting with my first collection of short stories.  (I break my stories into groups of 100,000 words; collection 1 was finished a few years ago, and collection 2 is still in the works.) Continue reading Bonus Time: Youtube Commenced!

Youtuber Shout-Out: Urban Exploring

One thing I doubt any of you guys really know about me quite yet is that I enjoy videos on urban exploring.  In case you’re not familiar with the term, this basically applies to people who explore abandoned buildings, often with the purposes of documenting what they see in order to preserve history before these places are inevitably torn down or collapse from age.  There’s something really fascinating about seeing old furniture and photographs left in previously inhabited places, admiring old architecture, or simply witnessing the natural decay of manmade structures.  I actually got into urban exploring when I looked up a video one day on the world’s creepiest animatronics.  From there, I found videos on creepy abandoned theme parks, which led to me watching videos on all sorts of abandoned places, from hospitals to schools to even nuclear power plants.  Below are my top two urban exploring channels! Continue reading Youtuber Shout-Out: Urban Exploring

Puzzle Wall…Meet Vintage Disney Wall!

Remember puzzle wall?  Sure you do.  You just don’t remember that you remember puzzle wall.  Ahem, well, my rather mundane quest to decorate the emptiest wall of my room has finally proven to be a success.  All the puzzles have been safely returned to their box (sniff, I miss them, but surely I’ll figure out a way to hang them up properly in the future), and my Disney posters have just arrived in the mail.  There are five of them, all vintage, 50’s-style, which I really like.  Four are small posters for the park and various attractions and the last and largest of them all is a neat Peter Pan poster. Continue reading Puzzle Wall…Meet Vintage Disney Wall!

Foxy Cosplay: The Head Part 2

Well, the Duck has been hard at work constructing the noggin of the frightening, yet also strangely adorable, Foxy the pirate from Five Nights at Freddy’s.  Last time I talked about this cosplay, I had described how to make the main frame of Foxy’s head out of plastic canvas.  The next step was covering it with upholstery foam.  I’ll try not to bore you guys with the details, but this was certainly one time-consuming process.  A lot of people glue the foam on, but I hate working with glue, and some glue causes the foam to get hard and puff up, so I just sewed it onto the canvas using lesser-needed colors of thread.  I was able to use leftover scraps of foam to cover Foxy’s head, which was pretty nice, as it prevented these pieces from being wasted, and I even managed to avoid opening my final roll of foam.  (I bought an extra roll because I thought I’d need it…but I didn’t.  Now I can save it for some future projects I have in mind….) Continue reading Foxy Cosplay: The Head Part 2

Bonus Time: The Duck’s Youtube Channel

A select handful of people may be aware that the Duck has a Youtube channel.  Well, the channel has been neglected for a good while now, partly due to the fact that creating videos for United We Game’s channel has been my highest priority this past year.  Nevertheless, I have decided to finally give my personal Youtube channel the love and attention it so deserves. Continue reading Bonus Time: The Duck’s Youtube Channel

In Remembrance of the World’s Most PuzzlingWall

During my recent and ongoing quest to do something different with my life, I have been…redecorating.  It probably doesn’t sound like a big deal, but for me, it kind of is.  You see, I have been more or less living with much of my possessions in boxes for the past several years.  When you have changed houses as often as I have, you eventually grow tired of packing everything up time and time again, and thus, I decided I’d save myself the trouble by not unpacking to begin with.  Boxes also make pretty good tables, I have learned. Continue reading In Remembrance of the World’s Most PuzzlingWall

Bonus Time: Bundt Conundrum

So, I was at Target the other day for milk and mounting putty (for putting stuff on the wall without the need for thumbtacks).  It was during a period of time during which I had temporarily lost the will to eat healthy, and I was looking at the various desserts they had available.  I was eyeing a pair of small Bundt cakes when I came upon a very baffling sticker and burst out laughing.  And now I present you all with a mini-challenge.  Please analyze the photo below and see if you can tell me what is wrong with this sticker.  Leave your thoughts in the comments below, dearies! Continue reading Bonus Time: Bundt Conundrum

Youtuber Shout-Out: Gaming Channels

Hey there, all you people out there in the world!  Since my recent “enlightening”, as I’ve been calling it since…five seconds ago, I’ve decided to really start putting a renewed effort into all of my many endeavors.  Not only do I finally have the motivation necessary to succeed in such things, but I am low on cash and might need to take a break from cosplay for the time being.  Which opens up my schedule quite a bit.  Hooray for being low on money!  These efforts include thinking up more interesting topics for both blogs (this one and United We Game), increased videos for my own, rather neglected, Youtube channel (in the form of readings of my fan fiction and maybe some guided tours through all of my cool junk, gaming or otherwise, for starters), and a general increased focus on our United We Game Youtube channel.

One new thing I’d like to do on this here blog is a short series (currently, I have three posts in mind) celebrating some of my favorite Youtubers in the hopes of gaining them some additional views and subscribers.  Depending on the channels up for consideration, I’d like to leave out very large channels unless they’re the only ones on my list.  Since I already spent enough time rambling, let’s start with a pretty straightforward category.  Gaming channels, a topic that should come as no surprise to anyone.  I like gaming.  It’s neat.  Let’s get started. Continue reading Youtuber Shout-Out: Gaming Channels

New Theme, New Outlook, New Beginnings

You may or may not have noticed by now, but the Duck’s blog has a new theme!  Since my earliest days on WordPress, my blog has sported the same virtual garb (or, might I say, “digital style”), a theme of dark colors called Motion.  But no longer, I declared last Tuesday!  It was time to freshen up this dreary, old journal with my new, far cheerier theme, Shine On!  I wanted something a bit brighter and uncluttered, and by golly, I think I picked the best theme I could.  While I had actually been meaning to update this blog for the past year or so, it was thanks to a recent change of attitude in life that finally motivated me to grant my blog the transformation it had so desperately needed, among other things.

It’s rather complicated, but I’ll try to explain as best I can, in my vague kind of way.  I can be a rather private Duck sometimes, you see.  For the last unspecified span of years, I felt as if life had been passing me by.  Every day, it felt as if I was waiting for something to happen, even when that something remained entirely unknown to me.  And when one is waiting for some event they wouldn’t recognize even if it looked them in the eye and declared its arrival, one finds themselves waiting a very long time indeed. Continue reading New Theme, New Outlook, New Beginnings

100 Theme Blog Challenge No. 17: Blood

Returning to my old 100 theme challenge, my newest topic for today is #17…blood?  Now what could I possibly write about blood?  I am no horror author, so expect nothing macabre from me today.  Blood also makes me think of ancestry, but that, too, is not a topic that interests me.  A third thing that comes to mind when one ponders over the substance that is blood is the squeamish feelings felt by those with an aversion to it.

Continuing in that vein (pun intended), I am not among those people who faint at the mere sight of our infamous crimson bodily fluids, nor do I typically feel sick at the sight of it.  Sure, there are similar things that have made me terribly queasy in the past.  (Have you ever seen that movie about the mountain climber who has to cut off his own arm?  Now that did almost make me pass out.  Yikes!).  But blood?  Nah.  I got bloody noses aplenty as a duckling, so I’ve seen my fair share of blood. Continue reading 100 Theme Blog Challenge No. 17: Blood