Joe & Mac Playthrough on Virtual Bastion

Joe & Mac is a silly SNES game from the Duck’s childhood where you play as a caveman and fight some odd looking dinosaurs whose necks are made of circles.  And a mammoth whose trunk falls off, which is as horrifying as it sounds.  You also obtain meat from defeated Neanderthals, so make of that as you will.

Video from YouTube User: Virtual Bastion

Disgaea 4 Complete: Demo Review

Though I’ve played a decent number of RPGs over the years, one subset of the genre in which I have little experience is tactical RPGs.  I was first introduced to them during a short span of time spent playing the Shining Force games on this Sega Genesis Collection I have for the XBox 360, though I didn’t really play much beyond the first half hour or so of each game.  My most recent dive into the rather confusing world of tactical RPGs was the demo for Disgaea 4 Complete, the PS4 release of a 2011 PS3 game.

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Kirby and the Forgotten Land: Demo Review

Recently, I reviewed the demo for Kirby Star Allies.  As charming as it was, it didn’t offer enough unique content to make it stand out from countless other Kirby games.  Fortunately, Kirby and the Forgotten Land is a completely different story.

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Kirby Star Allies: Demo Review

Although I generally enjoy the Kirby series, I don’t buy most of the games because they feel so similar.  Fortunately, Kirby Star Allies gave me the opportunity to try the game out for free so I could decide whether or not it was worth my money.  Based on my time with the demo, I’d probably say…no, it’s not.

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Super Mario 64 Playthrough on Virtual Bastion

Join us for our playthrough of Super Mario 64, one of THE classic Nintendo 64 titles and the original 3D Mario game!  It’s time for us to explore the many rooms of Princess Peach’s Castle and defeat Bowser once again!

Video from YouTube User: Virtual Bastion

The Duck Dreams of Sun and Moon from FNAF: Security Breach

The night of February 25, 2022, I had a rather frightening dream where I was being hunted by the Sun and Moon animatronic from FNAF: Security Breach.  (It’s the same animatronic, but it changes depending on if the lights are on or not.)  I also had a dream where Dr. Loboto and Crispin from Psychonauts were pirates.  Loboto was the captain and Crispin was his trusty sidekick.  I don’t remember much aside from Crispin taking flippin’ forever to gather up some loose change!  I kind of wish that my sleeping brain had decided to focus more on the antics of Captain Loboto and First Mate Crispin, but alas, my night was occupied mostly with a killer animatronic instead.

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Solving a Murder Mystery in Jenny LeClue: Detectivu

Jenny LeClue: Detectivu is one of those rare obscure gems that prove that taking a chance on games you’ve never heard of before can indeed pay off.  This puzzle and adventure game is great for anyone who’s a fan of mysteries, and it follows the story of child detective Jenny LeClue, who finds herself in the midst of her first murder mystery after a string of disappointing ones.  The story is frequently narrated by the author of the Jenny LeClue series, Arthur Finklestein, who is faced with making drastic changes to his beloved series’ formula for the sake of appeasing his publisher, who feels his stories have become too boring.

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Miitopia Playthrough on Virtual Bastion

Join us for our playthrough of Miitopia, a cute and silly RPG where all of the roles are played by Mii characters, including the Dark Lord, who has been stealing everyone’s faces and putting them on monsters!  Join the Duck, Crispin, Undyne, and Midna as we continue on with the full game!

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Oninaki Demo Title Screen

Oninaki: Demo Review

Oninaki is an action-RPG created by Tokyo RPG Factory where you play as a Watcher, someone who brings peace to the dead and helps guide them to the next world.  The game features real-time combat, and you fight alongside different spirits called Daemons.  As someone who usually likes games with darker stories, I have to admit that the game was a bit depressing to me, as the first ghost we encounter is a young boy who wishes to see his parents one last time.  I also felt that the cutesy aesthetic didn’t seem super fitting for the game’s somber tone.

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Stickers and Finding the Motivation to Meet One’s Goals

For Christmas this year, Mother Duck received a lovely planner as a present from a friend at work.  She had no use for it, however, so she ended up giving it to me.  In the past, I used a spreadsheet that I had made into a calendar to organize all my daily tasks.  But it was just a bit inconvenient to use, and since it is so easy to move typed text to another day, I was less motivated to meet my goals.

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