About the Duck

I am just an ordinary sentient duck who has a constant supply of hobbies and projects to keep me busy.  I love gaming first and foremost, writing second, and cosplay third.  With a whole bunch of other random interests thrown in.  Like urban exploring.  Do I actually go urban exploring?  No.  I watch it on Youtube.  But that still counts.  It’s just a passive hobby.

Since I enjoy so many things, I write posts on quite a variety of topics.  Not only do I write about the hobbies listed above, but I enjoy discussing any weird or random thing that comes to mind.  Pets.  Dreams.  Food.  All that good stuff.

I hope you enjoy my blog.  I try to include a lot of humor (though, many may not find me funny) and keep things light.  I also try to reply to every comment I get unless I just can’t think of anything to say.







32 thoughts on “About the Duck

  1. Surfing the waves of the web I am pleasantly stranded in your interesting blog.

    I write under the pseudonym of Josè Pascal (a descendant of the great Colonel Aureliano Buendía).

    I invite you to visit my “italianglish” writing blog http://parolesemplici.wordpress.com/mytinbox/.

    I define this blog “In parole Semplici” as a “virtuacultural tin” box where they are guarded thoughts, memories, images, sounds, and simple stories”.

    I dream an intercultural blog. Already involves more than 100 authors/friends.

    If you want to participate and to have more informations send me a letter to inparolesempli@gmail.com

    Good life and I hope to soon


  2. A ‘Favourites’ introduction is always interesting. I too am an avid fan of the Zelda series (can always go back and play Wind Waker, love the style), and also of Mario and Metroid (can tell I’ve only had Nintendo home consoles). On a Metroid Prime Trilogy bender atm.


  3. Duck!! I just nominated you for the Liebster blog award. Feel free to do with it what you may as I know that the awards thing can sometimes be a bit tedious with the rules and all of the writing…No pressure my friend :). http://wp.me/pVHMq-xE


    1. Thanks very much! I think I shall do what the award requires, and I am supposed to nominate 5 people, yes? Well, you are one of the people I nominate! I know it’s for people with less than 200 followers, but I forgot how much you have, and you deserve the award anyway.


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