Making Toriel’s Butterscotch Cinnamon Pie from Undertale

For Thanksgiving this year, Mother Duck and I were inspired to try replicating the butterscotch cinnamon pie that Toriel bakes in Undertale.  As far as I can tell, this is not a pre-existing recipe, so I had to consult some cooking websites that we were less familiar with for some directions.  It took us two tries to get it right, but we were eventually successful.  A brief account of our endeavors shall begin below, but if you’re eager to make the pie right this instant, I shall provide the link to the recipe we used right here.

First off, I guess butterscotch is similar to caramel, which is another thing we’ve greatly struggled to make before when we were trying to create Tigger Tails from Disneyland.  So we made sure we sought out a recipe that used butterscotch chips instead.  While this narrowed our recipe options down a little, we began following our initial chosen set of directions with little success.  First off, we mixed egg yolks and various other things in a bowl and started to combine butter and brown sugar in a pot on the stove.  Apprehensive though we were at the possibility of our egg mixture turning into scrambled eggs much more befitting breakfast than dessert, we were stopped in our tracks when the recipe asked us to add in the cream and sugar mixture.  Let me repeat, THE cream and sugar mixture, as if this was something that had been mentioned earlier.  Um, excuse me, recipe, but why were we never informed of this beforehand?

Oh, and while we were trying to figure out this discrepancy, the brown sugar burned and solidified itself on the bottom of the pot.  So be careful about that…

We could have simply tried again with some new butter and brown sugar, but this quite serious (or extremely minor, I’m not sure which) betrayal of our trust was too much to bear.  So we looked up multiple other recipes, reading cautiously through each one in turn, lest we be beset by foul treachery yet again.  The recipe we ended up choosing turned out to have a pitfall of its own, but one to which we did not fall prey.  This time, they failed to tell us when to add the cornstarch listed in the ingredients, so we made our best guess.

So we mixed up a new batch of egg yolks and accompanying ingredients, as per the new recipe, and we began to combine our butter and brown sugar in the pot once again.  This time, we were prepared with our milk and cream mixture, which was actually accounted for in this recipe.  It also served to cool down the butter and brown sugar so that the eggs wouldn’t become scrambled.  Oh yeah, and as for the cornstarch, this is meant to thicken the pie filling.  So we added it right after the milk and cream, but before the egg mixture.  This seemed to do the trick, as the filling thickened up quite nicely.  (Don’t worry if suspicious chunks begin to form at first.  It all smoothed out by the end.)  Last of all were the butterscotch chips, of which we added extra.

After this, we poured the filling into a pie crust that was already half-baked and finished the baking process.  We ended up with a rather delicious pie that tastes…exactly like you’d expect.  It tastes like butterscotch…with a hint of cinnamon.  No surprises there.  It’s quite tasty, though a bit rich, as I’ve become a bit of a wimp when it comes to sweet desserts nowadays.  Even if it’s not the prettiest sight to behold, flavor-wise, I think we made a pie that would make Toriel proud.

The whole pie, oh my…
Just a slice…how nice…

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