Virtual Bastion

Like the Duck of Indeed?  Sure you do.  Why else would you be here?  Well, if you enjoy the Duck’s work, and you like video games, then you might just want to check out another awesome blog, Virtual Bastion, where I work alongside fellow gamers and bloggers, Jacob (AKA Hatm0nster) and Cary of Recollections of Play.  Formerly United We Game, Virtual Bastion is a safe haven for all gamers to share their unique experiences and where their viewpoints will be respected.  Here, we are all united by a shared passion, the love of gaming!  We also have a Youtube channel, where you can watch us play all those games we so enjoy writing about.

So come and join us!

7 thoughts on “Virtual Bastion

  1. Duck, what is it? I’m terrible at guessing games and I have the patience of someone that is much tinier than me. Tell me, please oh please oh please…. 🙂


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