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Coming to Terms with Death in The Almost Gone

The Almost Gone is a puzzle game that follows the spirit of a girl as she attempts to piece together what happened to her.  The game features a muted color palette and subdued soundtrack that fits well with the uneasy atmosphere.  At the start, your character wakes up in her house, but something is decidedly off.  As you begin to snoop around, you start to discover that this is most definitely not a happy family.  The dad sounds controlling, the mother is mixing alcohol and pills, and the unfortunate daughter is caught in the middle of it.

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Transistor: Freezing Time in the Virtual City of Cloudbank

Having finally played the critically acclaimed Bastion, I decided it was finally time to check out another one of Supergiant’s games, Transistor.  The game takes place in a futuristic cyber city known as Cloudbank and follows the story of Red, a famous singer whose voice has been stolen.  She quickly teams up with the Transistor, a talking sword who will serve as your narrator throughout the game in a manner quite similar to Rucks in Bastion.  (They even share the same voice actor, Logan Cunningham.)

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New Super Lucky’s Tale: A Charming Platformer with an Old-School Feel

I’m always on the lookout for some quality platformers that remind me of the good, old days.  Whether you’d prefer side-scrollers or something of the more open variety, you’re in luck either way with New Super Lucky’s Tale.  This adorable platformer stars a young fox named Lucky who must collect pages for the Book of Ages and defeat the sorcerer cat Jinx and his villainous children, the Kitty Litter.

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Death Road to Canada Highlights

Lately, I’ve been playing a lot of Death Road to Canada, with the main purpose being to earn Zombo Points so that I can unlock various upgrades, including new traits and perks.  In the process, I managed to reach Canada in Familiar Characters Mode two more times (for a total of three successful runs), along with many failed attempts.  While I didn’t record these particular playthroughs, I did take notes so that I could share some of the highlights from my adventures:

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Cogen: Sword of Rewind: Demo Review

Cogen: Sword of Rewind is a 2D action game where you have the ability to rewind time by up to 3 seconds using the Ouroboros System, a feature of Kohaku’s talking sword, ExeBreaker.  In a way, the game gave me some old-school Mega Man vibes, with the high difficulty, side-scrolling gameplay, and the buttload of robots you need to defeat along the way.  The difference is the fact that you have a gun rather than a sword and that you have no health, meaning a single hit is enough to kill you, which is where that 3-second rewind comes in handy.

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Ranking All Demos I Played in 2022 Part 2

My 2022 demo ranking continues, and today, I shall be presenting you all with my very favorite demos from this past year!  These are the ones that stand the greatest chance of being added to my gaming collection, along with a few that I’ve already played in their entirety.  But in case you missed the first half, you can revisit it with ease right here.

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Ranking All Demos I Played in 2022 Part 1

I got to play a wide variety of demos this year, ranging from digital board games, murder mysteries, quirky microgames, and anything in between.  Some were great, some were mediocre, but all will be ranked over the course of the next two posts.  Like last year, these games are ranked based on how much I enjoyed them, not necessarily based on their quality.

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New Super Lucky’s Tale Playthrough on Virtual Bastion

Join us for our playthrough of New Super Lucky’s Tale, a cute platformer that follows the adventure of young fox Lucky as he collects clover pages, explores both open worlds and 2D side-scrolling levels, and works to defeat the sorcerer kitty Jinx and his feline family, the Kitty Litter!

Video from YouTube User: Virtual Bastion

Raji: An Ancient Epic: Demo Review

Raji: An Ancient Epic is one of those intriguing looking games I had my eye on for a while.  Set in ancient India and based on Hindu mythology, the game follows Raji’s adventure to rescue her little brother Golu, who was kidnapped by demons.  The unique setting and theme of the game really helps it to stand out from countless other demos I’ve played, and from what I’ve seen from the screenshots, Raji also looks like it could be a rather beautiful game.  Not to mention the cut scenes take the form of a puppet show, which is super interesting, as well.  Subject matter and aesthetics aside, this is still a game, and so gameplay is inevitably going to be a vital part of the experience.

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Figment 2: Creed Valley: Demo Review

Figment 2: Creed Valley is an upcoming adventure game that takes place in the human mind.  It is scheduled for release on October 15, 2022, but if you’re not inclined to wait, there is a demo on the Switch that grants players access to the game’s first level (though I saw videos online that showed an additional location available in the PC demo…).  The main character is Dusty, who represents the Mind’s courage, and he is accompanied by a little red bird named Piper that I hear will be playable in co-op.  While the main story involves restoring order after the Mind’s Moral Compass is damaged, our goal in the demo is to vanquish the Mind’s fear of the dark, a large and hulking creature called the Black Hog.

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