Ranking Random Sweets from Malaysia

Earlier this week, I ranked a bunch of snacks I tried from Malaysia (link found below), and today, it’s time to rank the good stuff, the treats!  This was a pretty tasty assortment of sweets indeed, with the number one item in particular being something I seriously wish I could buy more of!  (Just a note: each title usually includes the brand name followed by the snack/flavor.)

11: Yingsheng, Panda – This little unlabeled treat was absolutely adorable because it was packaged to look like a panda.  Unfortunately, the flavor didn’t quite live up to its delightful appearance.  These two little…wafer balls or whatever they were had an awful, almost chemical-like flavor.  This was a very deceptive little snack indeed.

Cute, but deadly…

10: Boro, Coconut Cookie – These crunchy cookies had a very slight coconut flavor.  They weren’t bad, but they weren’t all that special, either.

9: Mommom, Chocolate Candy – These colorful candies that come in blister packaging were also part of my Japanese sweets post.  They may be pretty, but they really just taste like less flavorful M&M’s.

8: Lucky, Cocoa Candy – These tiny chocolate candies are soft and sweet.  They’re simple, but pretty tasty.

7: Apollo, Pandan Flavor Stick Wafers – These crispy wafers contain a green filling that is slightly coconut flavored.  They don’t taste like much, but the crunch is pleasant, nonetheless.

6: Koko, Chocolate Tube – This is basically just a tube of tasty chocolate frosting.  Kids would probably enjoy it, even if it’s too sweet for my liking.

The treats, prior to the massacre…

5: Apollo, Roka Peanut Bar – These chocolate covered wafer balls are all connected in one candy bar and contain peanuts (I would have preferred peanut butter myself).  It is largely similar to the Roka candy found later in this list, except it wasn’t quite as tasty.

4: Jack n Jill, Dynamite – When candy is labelled “dynamite”, one normally assumes that it would be spicy.  But in this case, this particular hard candy is minty and delicious.  I’m impatient, however, and wanted to move on with the taste test, so I never ended up reaching the chocolate filling.

3: Apollo, Roka – I’m not quite sure how this candy is different from the Roka Peanut Bar found earlier, but I thought this single wafer ball was much tastier.  And on a random note, it looks a bit like a geode on the inside because of all the crunchy nuts contained within.

2: Hitto, Mint – This candy is quite tasty and is like chewy, mint-flavored taffy.

1: Apollo, Layer Cake – This was easily my top item on the list.  This cake is sweet and consists of two fluffy layers with cream in the center.  It tasted very fresh and soft and seemed to have a coconut flavor.  I really wish I could buy more of these online, but Amazon only seems to sell other varieties.  I mean, maybe the other flavors are good, too, but when I get used to something, I tend to be rather loyal….

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