Ranking Random Sweets from Mexico

Our newest food ranking is here, where I try various sweets from Mexico!  Can the Duck handle the heat of these frequently spicy treats?  Find out below! Oh, and I didn’t try Limon 7 because I wasn’t quite sure how I’d feel about salt and lemon powder….  (Just a note: each title usually includes the brand name followed by the snack/flavor.)

I’m a professional candy organizer. Which is a real job.

19: Rebanaditas, Watermelon Lollipop – I’m already starting to see that some of these treats might be a bit too spicy for me.  This watermelon lollipop had a thick coating of spice and tasted very strongly of salt and lime.

18: Vero, Mango Lollipop – Um…this lollipop was also covered in some very strong spices, denying my wimpy self access to its mango innards.

17: De La Rosa, Extra Spicy – I want to say this is fruit leather.  It’s soft, but still too spicy for my liking.

16: De La Rosa, Original Pulparindo – Tamarind seems to be an exceedingly popular flavor amongst this bunch of candy, which is unfortunate, because I don’t really like tamarinds.  (I had tamarind soda once, and I didn’t like it at all.  My grudge continues to this day.)  Although this fruit leather was nice and soft, I wasn’t a fan of how it tasted.

15: Vero, Pica Tamarind – Again, this little round candy didn’t stand a chance because, you know, tamarind.

14: De La Rosa, Paleta Malva Bony Pop – I was rather excited for this marshmallow treat, but the chocolate adorning it wasn’t very good.

13: Pelon Pelo Rico, Tamarind Flavor – Okay, this is a rather odd candy.  You take off the cap and squeeze out this sweet, and somewhat salty, tamarind paste.  Despite tamarind being one of my flavor-enemies, this was surprisingly all right.  I’m just not the biggest fan of eating paste, regardless of what it tastes like.

12: Rocka Leta, Chili Pepper Lollipop – This huge lollipop is covered in chili powder, but it’s not as overwhelming as some of the earlier items on this list.  It’s salty and sweet, but not bad.  It’s supposed to have gum in the center, but hard candies such as this tend to make me impatient, so I never managed to reach its chewy innards.

11: Lucas Salsagheti, Watermelon Flavor – I’ve a feeling kids would enjoy this silly candy.  This is comprised of soft watermelon noodles, which are actually pretty tasty and have a nice texture.  The tamarind sauce was a bit too sweet for me, however.

10: Lucas Muecas, Chamoy Flavored Lollipop – Apparently chamoy is a sauce made from pickled fruit.  The lollipop was sweet and sour and had a bit of a watermelon flavor to me.  You can also dip it in this chili powder, though I don’t think the powder had much flavor.

9: Jovy, Tamaros, Tamarind Flavor – This sweet and slightly fruity hard tamarind candy was all right, but not great.  Again, hard candies take too long to eat, so I never reached the innards.

8: De La Rosa, Pulparindo Hard Candy, Tamarind Flavor (Regular and Spicy) – These hard candies were actually pretty good, despite my hesitance towards tamarinds.  They were sweet, and the spicy variety wasn’t really all that spicy.  They weren’t all that different from the Jovy variety, but I felt these were better.

7: Alteno, Rico Pepino Lollipop – The word “pepino” translates to “cucumber” in Spanish.  Even though a pepino is not a cucumber, but rather, some other type of fruit entirely.  So try wrapping your head around that.  (Then again, the little character on the package resembles a cucumber, so…my confusion only grows.)  Whatever this thing is, it had a mild, pleasant flavor and came with a little bit of spice.

6: Alteno, Mini Paletita Frutita, Orange Flavor – This is just a simple, orange-flavored lollipop.  It was sweet and pretty tasty, if not a bit artificial.

5: Canel’s, Tutti Frutti Gum – This sweet and soft gum is pretty tasty, but not as good as its cinnamon counterpart found later in the list.

4: Alteno, Mini Paletita Frutita, Apple Flavor – This lollipop had a mild apple flavor and was quite tasty.  I liked it better than its orange-flavored friend.

3: De La Rosa, Pulparindo Hard Candy, Mango Flavor – This candy definitely tasted like the advertised mango.  It was quite yummy.

2: Canel’s, Cinnamon Gum – I’m not the biggest fan of cinnamon, but this gum was very good and had a nice, soft texture.

1: Alteno, Super Pina Loca Pineapple Lollipop – Being a big fan of pineapple, this lollipop did not disappoint.  It tasted like real pineapple and had just a bit of spice to…spice things up!

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