Ranking Random Japanese Sweets

Last week, I ranked some random Japanese snacks, courtesy of Mother Duck.  This time, we have a far more substantial list focusing on a plethora of sweets!  Seeing as the majority of the text on these packages was written in Japanese, I did my best to find out what these things were.  There are a few that I couldn’t figure out, but the provided photo should at least give you an idea of what they look like, even if the placement doesn’t match this list perfectly.

I don’t choose you, Pikachu

23: Pikachu Bubble Gum – I ended up with two of these weird hard candies that honestly smelled a bit like pencil erasers.  I eventually discovered that they are actually gum.  While packaged cutely, this brown gum had an unpleasant smell and almost no flavor.

22: Marukawa Witch Gum – This is the candy that led to me successfully identifying the previous item on the list.  Again, this gum is super hard and doesn’t taste very good.  It was just mildly better than the Pikachu gum.

21: Mystery Gummy Stick – This extremely hard gummy didn’t taste great, and I had no idea what flavor it was.

20: Ninjapo Soda Gummy – This gummy is really hard and has a strong soda flavor.  I didn’t really like this one.  Though I struggled to find it online, it’s clearly the same brand as the grape soda gummy ranked later in this list.

19: Tamago Boro – These “egg biscuits” look like tiny hard biscuits.  They crumble in your mouth a lot more than their appearance would suggest and are slightly sweet.  I think the texture is what bothered me the most, though there isn’t a lot of flavor, either.

18: Mini Monster Gummies – These are thin strips of fruit gummies with different flavors depending on the color.  They are generally too sour for my liking, but some flavors were better than others.

17: Unlabeled Pink Thing – This super hard pink thing kind of tastes like sugar.  I have no idea what it is, though.

16: Unlabeled Green Thing – I have no idea what this thing is, but it tastes like a rice cake with green sugar on top.

15: Kuppy Ramune – These candies look a bit like Smarties, but they are softer, crumbling much easier in the mouth.  They also have a much stronger flavor.  I read that they’re made from “compressed ramune”, a popular drink, though I’ve never tried it myself.  These are quite sweet and fruity, but they’re also a bit strong for my liking.

14: Meisan Pachi Pachi Panic Popping Candy (Grape) – These are pop rocks, plain and simple.  The flavor is fine, though I’ve never enjoyed the way pop rocks make such a loud crackling inside my mouth.  It’s rather unsettling.

13: French Papiro with Matcha Cream Filling – This hard, rolled cookie is filled with a green matcha filling.  As the name suggests.  There isn’t a whole lot of flavor, but they’re not bad.

Behold, our happy winners!

12: Crackers with Chocolate Cream – This nondescript little package was simply labelled “Chocolate Cream”.  It contains two pairs of what are basically Ritz crackers with a thin layer of chocolate cream inside.  While they’re not bad, I think these crackers would pair much better with cheese….

11: Pine Sherbet Lollipop (Soda) – This candy is quite similar to Fun Dip, in which you lick the soda-flavored lollipop, then dip it in sweet powder.  It’s actually quite tasty, even if the lollipop tastes a bit strong at first.

10: Night Sky Star Candy (Konpeito) – These hard sugar candies are sweet and very cute.  The name makes sense because, from the moment I saw them, I thought they looked like the star fragments you find on the beach in Animal Crossing…or the star bits in Super Mario Galaxy.

9: Ninjapo Grape Soda Gummy – This grape-flavored gummy is much better than its soda-flavored counterpart.  I still wish it wasn’t so hard, though.

8: Ice Stick Lipstick Lollipop Candy – This lollipop has two flavors on either side, orange on one side and what I can only assume was either cherry or strawberry on the other.

7: Mystery Hard Candy (Maybe Coffee) – This sweet hard candy has a pleasant flavor, though I couldn’t find any distinguishing traits that would help me find it online.  It might be coffee-flavor, though if so, the coffee is very mild.

6: Chocolate Mystery Candies – These colorful little chocolate candies taste similar to M&M’s, and while I found some images online, I still couldn’t really figure out what they were.  The only thing I find odd is the fact that they come in blister packaging, which usually makes me think of medicine.

5: Umaibo Bar (Chocolate) – I had two variations of this supposedly “great tasting stick” in last week’s savory ranking, cheese and teriyaki burger.  This puffed corn stick is covered in chocolate, so it’s easy to see why it’s my favorite version of this particular snack.

4: Konnyaku Jelly (Green Apple) – This is basically a thin tube of Jello.  It has a nice texture, though mine didn’t have much flavor.  Maybe other variations would have been tastier.  I mainly like it because it’s adorable and different.

3: Glico Bisuko Cream Biscuit – This package comes with two pairs of biscuits with a cream center that I can only assume is vanilla.  They are quite tasty, and there’s just something familiar about the flavor, even if I don’t recall ever eating them before….

2: United Butterscotch Candy – This hard butterscotch candy is similar to a hard caramel and is quite delicious!

1: Ninjapo Twist Marshmallow – This cute marshmallow treat is striped white and green, though it also comes in other pleasant colors, as well.  I love marshmallows, so this was an easy pick for number one!

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