Ranking Snacks and Treats from the United Kingdom

Recently, Mother Duck and I got a small box of treats and snacks from the United Kingdom.  And rather than just casually enjoy them like a normal person, I had to rank them!  These assorted goodies come from England, Ireland, and Scotland and can be found ranked below in order from least yummy to the very best!

As always, I’m glad to see that the treats outrank the snacks…

13: Jacob’s Twiglets – These snacks looked like pretzel sticks and had a strong, burnt flavor.  We were not a fan of this one at all.

12: Burts Guinness Potato Chips – Mother Duck could attest to the fact that these chips do indeed taste like the aforementioned beer.  As such, they weren’t really our thing.

11: McVitie’s Club Orange – This chocolate covered biscuit has an overpowering orange flavor that we didn’t really enjoy.  Perhaps others would like it, but oranges have never exactly been my favorite fruit.

10: Taveners Licorice Allsorts – These licorice candies are very cute, but I didn’t try them, as I really don’t enjoy the taste of licorice.  Mother Duck is a bigger licorice fan than I am, but she didn’t really like these, either.

9: Tayto Wuster Sauce Flavored Chips – These chips were okay, but they had an odd flavor that we struggled to describe.  Perhaps it was meant to resemble worcestershire sauce? (I’m as uncertain about the flavor of that sauce as I am the pronunciation.) The interesting thing about these chips is that they are made in Tayto Castle in Ireland! Now that’s fancy!

8: Romney’s Kendal Mint Cake – Now this was one of the stranger items in the group.  This mint cake is literally a big bar of mint and tastes a bit like toothpaste.  According to Amazon, this item is part of their “Survival Range” and is ideal as an energy source for people who are far more active than I am.  It certainly has the nicest packaging in the collection!

7: Fox’s Glacier Mint – These hard candies aren’t really all that minty.  The interesting thing about them is they are actually clear, making them kind of resemble the glaciers they are named after.

6: Oatfield Glucose Barley – These hard candies have a pleasant honey flavor.  Not much to say about these…

5: Reids Vanilla & Walnut Shortbread – This shortbread had a pretty good vanilla flavor, though the walnut might be responsible for the bitter aftertaste.

4: Chewits Fruit Salad – These chewy treats are like Starburst and just had a general, fruity taste, as expected.  You can’t really go wrong with fruit chews!

3: Hill Custard Cream Biscuits – These are perfectly pleasant and exactly what you’d expect from vanilla cream between two biscuits.

2: Lyons Viscount Biscuits – These consisted of biscuits with mint cream on top, covered in chocolate.  Mint and chocolate always go well together!

1: Yummycomb – Mother Duck and I really enjoy honeycomb candy, and this is a big bar of it covered in chocolate.  It was easily the best in the collection, though I do prefer it when the honeycomb candy isn’t so hard.  Nevertheless, Yummycomb, you are easily the best item on the list!  This treat is two out of two ducks approved!

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1 thought on “Ranking Snacks and Treats from the United Kingdom

  1. Twiglets are an acquired taste. Traditionally the party snack of “urgh, these are kind of terrible but I’m still eating them”

    Gotta say, the mint flavour Clubs are better than the overpowering orange!

    … I’m British and I’ve never even heard of yummycomb!

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