Ranking Random Snacks from Malaysia

My newest edible ranking covers snacks that I received from Malaysia!  This particular one is going to be a two-parter because I got a nice assortment of both savory snacks and sweet treats!  (Just a note: each title usually includes the brand name followed by the snack.)

Let the judgement commence!

9: Double Decker, Prawn Cracker – I was rather nervous about all the seafood-flavored snacks that came in this particular assortment.  The absolute worst came in the form of these prawn-flavored crackers.  They taste super fishy and even smell a lot like fish food.

8: Popo, Fish Muruku – I have no idea what muruku is or why there’s a baby on the package.  But these were crunchy little flat things that mostly tasted like cardboard.  Which might have at least been preferable to the advertised fish flavor.

7: Bagi-Bagi, Seaweed Corn Stick – I got two of these corn sticks, which seemed quite similar to the umaibo bars that came with my Japanese assortment.  While these may have the consistency of a puffy Cheeto, this one tasted a bit fishy and salty.  Not surprising, I suppose, considering the advertised seaweed flavor.

6: Super Ring, Cheese Flavored – As exciting as the name sounds, these rings weren’t all that super.  They didn’t really taste like cheese and were a bit too sweet.

5: Biko, BBQ Corn Stick – This puffy stick had a very strong BBQ flavor and was slightly spicy.  I don’t really like BBQ, but if you happen to enjoy the flavor, then this might actually be a good choice for you.

4: Mi-Mi, Prawn Flavored – This snack was like a crunchy pretzel with a little bit of salt.  Although I hadn’t been a big fan of the seafood-inspired snacks thus far, this one was okay by virtue of the simple fact that it didn’t have much flavor to begin with.

3: Tam Tam, Crab Flavored – Out of all the fishy snacks on this list, these were the best.  Maybe I just find the flavor of crab to be less offensive than fish and prawns.  Whatever the case may be, these were rather tasty…and a bit nutty.

2: Potato Crisp, Vegetable Potato Cracker – We got two variations of what seemed like baked potato crackers.  While both were quite similar, this one had less flavor.  They were still nice and crunchy, plus I typically like most things made from potatoes anyway.

1: Potato Crisp, BBQ Potato Cracker – These potato crackers were the most pleasant snack on this list.  Despite not being a fan of BBQ, the flavor wasn’t too strong, plus this variation turned out to be a bit tastier than its counterpart.

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