Ranking Random Japanese Snacks

For Christmas this year, Mother Duck got me a whole bunch of random Japanese snacks and sweets to try.  I ended up munching on them early, and so I now have a two-part post to share with you all.  Today, I’ll be ranking the savory snacks, and next week, I’ll have a much more substantial list focusing on sweets!

7: Umaibo Bar (Teriyaki Burger) – I got three of these cylindrical corn puff snacks called umaibo (which translates to “great tasting stick”), two savory and one sweet.  Seeing as it’s on the bottom of this list, it clearly overestimated how tasty it really was.  This particular flavor was teriyaki burger, and it has a really strong, sweet flavor.  I like teriyaki just fine on meat.  Not so much in this context, however.

6: Mysterious Thingies- This largely unlabeled package was filled with crunchy things shaped almost like…peapods or something.  I don’t know what the heck they are, but they are very crunchy and have a strong flavor that is slightly spicy.  I didn’t really like these too much.

5: New Mochi Taro Rice Snacks – These crunchy rice crackers don’t have much flavor.  And so, I don’t have much to say about them.

4: Umaibo Bar (Cheese) – Ah, and here we have another stick that thinks it’s tasty.  This one is like a big Cheeto, and though there is a slight cheese taste, it wasn’t very strong.  It’s not bad, but it’s not great, either.

3: Pizza Pretzel – This crunchy little pretzel stick doesn’t have tons of flavor, but it’s actually quite pleasant, nonetheless.  There is a slight amount of seasoning, and I feel like it kind of tastes like an Olive Garden breadstick.

2: Matsuyama Texas Corn Takoyaki Snack – Seeing as takoyaki contains octopus, I was really not expecting to have anything positive to say about this snack.  It smells quite strongly of…ketchup, for some reason, and has what I can only describe as a savory…meat flavor.  Despite my trepidation, it’s actually surprisingly good!

1: Oyatsu Crispy Ramen Noodles (Chicken) – My number one choice is literally a bag of fried ramen noodles!  These are crunchy and have a rather pleasant flavor.  Those supposedly “tasty sticks” have got nothing on this delightful snack!

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