Ranking Random Snacks and Sweets from Guatemala

A short while back, I ranked some random Japanese snacks and sweets that I received as an early Christmas present (links can be found below).  I was asked if I was going to do any more posts like this, and so I decided to order a couple more snack and treat assortments from various other countries off of Amazon.  Today, we’re going to start with the selection I received from Guatemala, which just so happened to come in a cool box and even included a nifty little bookmark!

They cannot escape their judgement!

11: Chicharrones – These are basically pork rinds, though I read that chicharrones differ in that they also include some meat and not only fried fat.  These are, honestly, kind of creepy in both flavor and texture.  No thanks.

10: Elotitos – These seem to be flavored corn kernels.  While I normally enjoy lime, the lime flavor was a bit too strong.  They are also too crunchy for my poor teeth!

9: Tortrix con Chicharron – The little pig on the cover seems a bit too happy considering these snacks are pork-flavored.  While I was quite hesitant about these, considering my reaction to the chicharrones, this time, the flavor was much more tolerable and the texture wasn’t unpleasant.  These are basically corn chips with a slight meat flavor, which is all right, though meat’s not usually my favorite flavor in a snack.

8: Tortillitas, Unico Flavored? – This crunchy corn snack didn’t have much flavor.  Also, “unico” apparently translates to “unique”, so that doesn’t bring me any closer to understanding what flavor they were meant to be at all.

7: Aritos, Onion Flavored – These rings are supposed to be onion-flavored, but they didn’t really taste like anything.  Then again, at least they didn’t taste like meat.

6: Cebollitas – Where the previous entry on this list let me down, these actually taste strongly of onion, just as advertised.  That could be good or bad, depending on your opinion of such a flavor.  Fortunately, I find onions to be delicious.

5: Bolitas, Cheese Flavored – These are like Cheddar-flavored Cheeto balls, though the flavor was just a bit odd to me.

4: Quesifritos, Cheese Flavored – We’ve got another Cheeto snack, this one more like the crunchy kind.  They had very little flavor, but they weren’t unpleasant, either.

3: Mani Japones – These are apparently deep-fried peanuts.  I feel like they had a slight spice to them.  They were tasty enough, and I appreciated having a more unique snack to try.

2: Pikarones – Now these are more akin to what Cheetos should taste like.  These puffy Cheetos have a stronger flavor and some sort of spice added, which made them quite a tasty snack indeed!

1: Tortrix, Lime Flavored – Now these were delicious!  This crunchy corn chip is lime-flavored and has just the right amount of seasoning.  I ate the whole bag once my taste test was complete (I mean, I ate the entire contents of the bag, as literally eating the entire bag would have surely made me quite ill).  If there is just one snack on this list that you should try, it would definitely be this one!

The box in which they so patiently traveled

Bonus Sweets Ranking

3: Culebritas, Sour Snakes – Despite being the kind of person who hates sour things, these are actually quite good.  These gummies are soft and sweet and just a little sour.

2: Barrilete – This is a sweet and tasty taffy.  My only complaint is that it starts out a little bit hard at first.

1: Bon Bon Bum, Mystery Bubble Gum – This was a tasty little lollipop that came in three colors, red, blue, and purple, each of which seemed like a unique flavor.  Quite yummy indeed!

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