Ranking Random Snacks and Sweets from Turkey

Our last international food ranking post for the time being is actually the best one yet!  This post will be covering a delightful assortment of edible goodness that I got from Turkey, all of which came in a cute purple box!  Most of the snacks were of the sweet variety, but this post will also include a small portion of savory snacks, as well.  Links to previous posts can be found at the bottom.  (Just a note: each title usually includes the brand name followed by the snack/flavor.)

Even the box is cute

Savory Snacks

3: Ulker, Simit Kraker – These crunchy rings tasted like pretzels and were adorned with sesame seeds.  Although there wasn’t a whole lot of flavor, they were pleasant enough.

2: Peyman, Nutzz Party – This little cheese and onion-flavored assortment consisted of cheesy Cheeto balls, corn nuts, and regular nuts with seasoning.  They were quite tasty, especially considering I don’t usually like corn nuts.

1: Ulker, Krispi Taco – Easily my favorite snack on this list, and one of my favorites out of all of these ranking posts, were these crunchy sticks with taco seasoning.  They were delicious, and I ended up eating the whole bag over the next few days.

Now this is one delightful assortment…

Tasty Treats

10: Popios, Tutti Frutti – These are just your average pop rocks.  They have a decent flavor, but I’ve never really been a fan of having a warzone in my mouth, thank you very much.

9: Eksi Yuz, Tutti Frutti and Cola – I’m pairing both of these candies together because their extreme sour flavor puts them very low on the list.  What places them above pop rocks, however, is the fact that, if you rinse them in water for a few seconds, you can more easily reach the actual good part.  The tutti frutti one was sweet and fruity, as expected, and the cola variation didn’t have much flavor.

8: Koska, Kagit Helva – This big wafer is rather flavorless, but it is not meant to be eaten plain.  According to the snack guide that came with this assortment, these wafers are usually used to make ice cream sandwiches.

7: Elvan, Snowball – Every box of Turkish Munchies has the potential to come with a bonus item.  Our surprise treat looked really promising, but it wasn’t really that good.  It was pretty much dry chocolate cake with some cream inside.

6: Eti, Bidolu – This was just a chocolate wafer bar.  It’s not bad, but it doesn’t have much flavor.

5: Ulker, Coco Star – This was basically like a milk chocolate Mounds.  It was pretty good, though I’ll always prefer dark chocolate myself.

4: Gofrik – This was some very good quality chocolate covering a crispy wafer.  The snack guide mentioned pistachios, though I didn’t taste them.

3: Eti, Pofti – You can’t usually go wrong with marshmallows.  This very sweet and fluffy marshmallow is resting atop a tasty biscuit.  While pretty, the sprinkles weren’t really necessary, however.

2: Eti, Ask Tadinda, Karamel Macchiato – This was a rather delicious candy bar, despite the fact that I’m not normally a big fan of coffee.  This delightful treat contains wafer and coffee flavoring adorned in some good quality chocolate.  Where can I buy more of these?

1: Eti, Petito Patim – Once again, we have been graced with some very good chocolate.  Plus this treat has the added advantage of being adorable, as well, since it looks like panda paws!  More, please!

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