Ranking Random Snacks and Sweets from Turkey Volume 2

Earlier this year, the Duck ranked delightful snacks from several different countries (links to these posts can be found at the bottom).  Seeing as Turkish Munchies ended up being my favorite of the bunch, I decided to buy another one of their purple boxes of random goodies.  Fortunately, most of the included treats turned out to be brand new ones that I had never tried before, though there were two that I excluded from this post.  One was the banana-flavored wafer cookies because I’m really not a fan of bananas.  And the other was the pop rocks.  Because I’ve already tried them multiple times in other ranking posts, and they’re disturbing, and I refuse to put myself through that again!  (Just a note: each title usually includes the brand name followed by the snack/flavor.)

Savory Snacks

My beloved taco sticks have returned to me!

6: Ulker, Simit Kraker – We start with a repeat from last time, a bag of ring-shaped crackers with sesame seeds.  They are very crunchy and almost like a pretzel.  I wasn’t the biggest fan of this one.

5: Peyman, Nutzz Party – This little pouch of crunchy things was also a repeat from last time.  It includes these little Cheeto-eque puffs, corn nuts, and regular nuts.  The flavor (which was supposed to be cheese and onion) was very strong and not really my thing.

4: Eti, Balik Kraker – These crunchy little crackers look like Goldfish crackers, but they have more detail, making them even cuter.  Unfortunately, unlike the cheesy Goldfish crackers that I’m used to, these don’t have much flavor.

3: Eti, Crax – These baked sticks were supposed to be cheese flavored.  While they certainly smelled cheesy, they didn’t taste like much of anything.  They were perfectly pleasant to eat, but a stronger cheese taste would have been appreciated.

2: Eti, Pizza Kraker – These triangular crackers were very light and fluffy and had a nice texture.  While they did not taste like pizza as advertised, there was a slight spice to them that was pleasant.

1: Ulker, Krispi Taco – I’m quite pleased that my favorite snack from last time made a triumphant comeback.  These taco-flavored crunchy sticks have a strong flavor that is indeed very reminiscent of taco seasoning.  They are both delicious and honest.

Tasty Treats

Overwhelming and delicious!

14: Ulker, Yupo Kola – These cola gummies might be cute to behold, but they’re not too tasty.  But I’m also just not a fan of soda-flavored items that aren’t actually soda.

13: Eti, Cin Portakal Soslu Biskuvi – This round biscuit is covered in sprinkles, but lurking just beneath the surface is this orange cream, which was a very unpleasant surprise indeed.

12: Arrivo, Choco Sauce Cake – I really expected this chocolate cake to rank higher on the list, but it was very dry and barely had any sauce in the middle at all.  Such betrayal!

11: Today, Caramel Waffle – This package contains thin wafers with caramel in the middle.  While it tasted pretty good, I wasn’t expecting the wafer to be so chewy and sticky, which made my opinion of this treat just a bit lower.

10: Ozmo, Burger – These are super cute, to be sure.  Two crunchy cookies with what might be chocolate and vanilla in the middle.  Just like any good burger.  While the flavor was all right, the appearance was probably the best part.

9: Ulker, Dankek Poti – Based on the package, I’m assuming this is carrot cake.  It basically tastes like dry cake with cinnamon flavoring.  It was actually not bad.

8: Ozmo, Cocoa Spread with Hazelnut – This is basically what you’d get if you combined Nutella with toothpaste.  No, I’m not saying it tastes like minty Nutella.  It’s more like Nutella that you can squirt from a tube.  It’s pretty tasty, but rather sweet if eaten alone.

7: Biscolata, Mood – These crunchy cookies contained chocolate in the middle, but it wasn’t nearly as creamy or abundant as the package would have you believe.  For some reason, these cookies had pictures on them.  I got a star, and Mother Duck got…a ladder, of all things!

6: Alpella, Harby – This treat is comprised of a biscuit covered in chocolate and caramel.  It’s pretty tasty, even if the caramel is just a bit hard to chew through.

5: Ulker, Kat Kat Tat – This flaky puff pastry contained hazelnut cream and was quite pleasant, even if it wasn’t very flavorful.  The texture alone was the best part of this pastry and enough to earn it a pretty high ranking in this list.

4: Ulker, Kremini Mini – This was a sweet and fruity watermelon taffy.  Not much else to say.

3: Double Up, Big Cake – This soft, but slightly dry, marble cake was pretty good as far as prepackaged cakes are concerned.  We couldn’t really taste the advertised chocolate sauce in the middle, but it was still a pretty decent treat, nonetheless.

2: Today, Chocolate Wafer – These crispy chocolate wafer cookies are quite tasty and exactly what you’d expect from cookies of this variety.

1: Superroll, Hazelnut – I’m always a big fan of those rolled up wafer cookies with chocolate in the middle, and these most certainly did not disappoint!

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