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Ranking Random Japanese Sweets

Last week, I ranked some random Japanese snacks, courtesy of Mother Duck.  This time, we have a far more substantial list focusing on a plethora of sweets!  Seeing as the majority of the text on these packages was written in Japanese, I did my best to find out what these things were.  There are a few that I couldn’t figure out, but the provided photo should at least give you an idea of what they look like, even if the placement doesn’t match this list perfectly.

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The Duck’s Quest for Tea-Gear

As you might have noticed, I have had a strange obsession lately with afternoon teas.  After visiting the tea room an hour from my abode, I wanted very badly to get more dainty plates like they had, and so I went on a hunt.  I already had tea cups, but I still wanted to get delightful plates and one of those tiered trays.  The problem was, when I started looking online, the items I desired were so darn expensive.  Thirty dollars per plate!  I think not!  You offend me, sir! Continue reading The Duck’s Quest for Tea-Gear