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Ranking Random Snacks and Sweets from Turkey

Our last international food ranking post for the time being is actually the best one yet!  This post will be covering a delightful assortment of edible goodness that I got from Turkey, all of which came in a cute purple box!  Most of the snacks were of the sweet variety, but this post will also include a small portion of savory snacks, as well.  Links to previous posts can be found at the bottom.  (Just a note: each title usually includes the brand name followed by the snack/flavor.)

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Ranking Random Snacks from Malaysia

My newest edible ranking covers snacks that I received from Malaysia!  This particular one is going to be a two-parter because I got a nice assortment of both savory snacks and sweet treats!  (Just a note: each title usually includes the brand name followed by the snack.)

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Ranking Random Snacks and Sweets from Guatemala

A short while back, I ranked some random Japanese snacks and sweets that I received as an early Christmas present (links can be found below).  I was asked if I was going to do any more posts like this, and so I decided to order a couple more snack and treat assortments from various other countries off of Amazon.  Today, we’re going to start with the selection I received from Guatemala, which just so happened to come in a cool box and even included a nifty little bookmark!

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A Very Spicy Chip Review

In the recent past, Mother Duck and I bought a variety pack of snacks for reviewing and general munching purposes.  Recently, we decided it would be fun to do another similar review, this time focusing on spicy snacks.  Like last time, our lucky inanimate contestants will be rated in order from worst to best, regardless of how this will affect their self-esteem.  So get yourself a glass of milk, and let’s get started!

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A Very Picky Chip Review

One of our favorite Youtubers, Brutalmoose, recently did a video reviewing various chips, which inspired us to do a review of our own.  During our subsequent visit to the grocery store, we decided to purchase one of the various Frito-Lay “Flavor Mix” bags, which come with six varieties of snacks.  I don’t really enjoy flavored chips, so the only one with which I was familiar were the Cheetos.  But soon enough, we would discover whether or not the Duck had been missing out on a wild world of wonderful flavor or if I would merely confirm that my preference for only the most traditional of chips was very well justified.  Mother Duck and I originally gave these scores out of 5, but in the end, it worked best just to rank them from worst to best.

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Dunkaroos Are Back: The Duck’s Verdict

In recent times, an old treat from my ducklinghood has returned.  Perhaps you remember it…Dunkaroos was a snack from the 90’s that included small cookies that you dunked (hence the name) in frosting.  (In fact, they’re kind of like those snacks where you get several crackers and can spread cheese on them.  Which were also a childhood favorite of mine.)  I remember enjoying these quite a bit when I was young, and though they were apparently discontinued, I recently learned that they’re back!  Naturally, I just had to try them to see if they’re as good as I remember.

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