The Duck’s Quest for Tea-Gear

As you might have noticed, I have had a strange obsession lately with afternoon teas.  After visiting the tea room an hour from my abode, I wanted very badly to get more dainty plates like they had, and so I went on a hunt.  I already had tea cups, but I still wanted to get delightful plates and one of those tiered trays.  The problem was, when I started looking online, the items I desired were so darn expensive.  Thirty dollars per plate!  I think not!  You offend me, sir!

I was quite dismayed at first, but then I decided on a most cunning plan of action.  First, I revisited the store where I got my teacups, as they were only $2 each, so I knew their prices were more affordable than what I could find on the Internet.  They ended up having a very inexpensive two-tiered tray, plus a teapot that better fit the theme than my metal one.  And yet, I still needed plates, and this store had nothing delightful.

I then put the next phase of my plan into action, and so I paid a visit to my local Goodwill stores.  Believe it or not, this place is great for finding inexpensive fine china.  I ended up finding a couple beautiful china plates with scenes from Japan (it doesn’t really fit the theme of a British tea, but they were too nice to pass up, and I get easily distracted like that), a couple lovely plates with roses on them, and two plates that were the nicest of all, two plates from England that were made from a company that stopped making plates 50 years ago.  While they were very old plates, they were still in good condition, and they were all one to three dollars each.  Woo hoo!  That leaves me with more money for gaming!  (Tea and gaming…does that go together?)

My silly plates, arranged neatly
My silly plates, arranged neatly
And my plates from Japan, with some appropriate accompaniments
And my plates from Japan, with some appropriate accompaniments

With all my new tea gear, I decided to try and make a fancier, little afternoon tea at home, with pictures of the loveliness included above and below.  I made my usual sandwiches and stuffed eggs, plus I made regular and chocolate scones.  For the latter, I merely added chocolate syrup and extra sugar to half of the scone batter.  It turned out really watery and flat, so it became more like a scone-brownie (sconie?), but it still tasted good and was rather fluffy.  And I included some cupcakes I bought.  Heh heh.  Either way, as you can see, it all turned out quite pretty, and it proves that anyone can have a fun and affordable afternoon tea, even if you’re as un-posh as I am.

They look even better with sustenance on them
They look even better with sustenance on them.  Plus Elsa’s present.
And my tea, napkin, and jam. And half a scone.
And my tea, napkin, and jam. And half a scone.

Afternoon Duck

2 thoughts on “The Duck’s Quest for Tea-Gear

    1. Yes indeed. It’s so nice having some pretty things in the house. I just enjoy looking for anything bone china down at the Goodwill. They have some pretty cool stuff sometimes.


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