2022 Art Summary

Yet another year has passed, and yet another art summary has formed.  This year was a weird one for art for two reasons.  For one thing, I’ve had this unusually long obsession with Psychonauts ever since I first played the original game around the end of 2021, which would explain the copious amounts of fan art for it (mainly for my two favorites, Crispin and Dr. Loboto, with a few others thrown in because of reasons soon to be explained).  The other reason is that this year has felt inexplicably busy, and I’ve had very little time or energy to work on anything outside of Youtube.  Hence why the second half of the year devolves into traditional sketches that may or may not be colored using my new markers that tend to bleed if I don’t practice utmost care.

2022 was a Crispin and Loboto invasion!

That doesn’t mean the whole year was a waste when it comes to growing in my artwork, though.  I spent the first half of the year attempting to learn how to draw better facial expressions, hence the goofy faces in March and April.  Next, I tried this fun challenge where you have to draw with various disadvantages, such as with one’s non-dominant hand or eyes closed.  May and June represent the images I was finally allowed to create using a reference.

On Thorney Towers’ Muddy Shores

After that, I worked on this template where I filled in my favorite Psychonauts characters from different categories, but these were merely done using traditional art, and I used two of them for July and August.  My favorite sketch was of Milla, so I created a digital version of her for September.  Oh, and in October, I gave Inktober another try, but I ended up running out of motivation to continue after #25.  So close…  But October’s picture is #10: Crabby.

In the latter portion of the year, I’ve been trying to draw a lot more and create more polished sketches, even if they never make their way onto Photoshop.  While I haven’t been as consistent with practicing as I meant to be, I think I’ve still seen an improvement in my facial expressions, at least.  I think it’s helped my characters to look just a bit more lively.

Starring Crispin, Loboto, and Fred

Now as for moving forward in 2023, I’d really like to start practicing my sketches even more, and I’d like to create more finished work in Photoshop.  Will that actually happen, though?  Who knows because 2022 didn’t exactly go a planned, either.  But as long as I improve, even if just a little bit, I guess that’s all that matters…

Past Art Summaries


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