2018 Art Summary

Well, 2019 is here, and I have officially surpassed one year on Deviant Art.  I think I had actually reached my first year back in November or December, but to make things easier, I decided to just round up to January….  And to celebrate my very first year of returning to art, I have created an art summary featuring one picture from each month of 2018.

Each picture is more or less my best picture of the month, with the one rule being I didn’t want to repeat characters any more than necessary.  In this time, I have already seen a bit of an improvement, both in the characters portrayed and the backgrounds.  Practice and tutorials helped me with the former.  Painting with Bob Ross helped me with the latter.  A few months in, I even started coloring the lines instead of leaving them black.

For 2019, you should start seeing changes in how I color eyes and hair based on the tutorials mentioned in this post.  Plus, I’m sure there are plenty of other things I’ll be working to improve, but I try to take that one step at a time.  If I get too caught up in tutorials, I’ll never finish any actual pictures, now will I?

To see more of my artwork, don’t forget to visit me at Deviant Art!

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