Challenge-Challenge Template by KittyCouch

I found this fun art template online, which was created by KittyCouch on Deviant Art. As you can see, it was a rather challenging (but also amusing) little endeavor where I was tasked with drawing my chosen character with various…disadvantages.  I decided to do two of these, one for Dr. Loboto and one for Crispin, both characters from Psychonauts.

This was actually pretty fun, and the results were often quite laughable.  I clearly have a very shaky left hand.  As for drawing them with my eyes closed, I tried this multiple times before settling with the sorry attempts you see before you.  There’s not much to those drawings because I always gave up pretty quickly.  Oh, and the “mouse” one was actually drawn with a touchpad.  My mouse is a special kind, a wireless, battery-free mouse that must be placed on my drawing tablet to work, but it won’t work with Photoshop’s brush tool for some reason.  So I just settled with drawing using the touchpad instead.

Reference or no, poor Crispin will always be a rather unpleasant person…
Don’t let this guy near your teeth…the last panel will explain why…

The pictures drawn using a reference actually turned out pretty decent, and I’ve even gone ahead and finished them, as seen below.

Dr. Loboto: A Totally Competent Dentist
Crispin looks about ready to verbally destroy someone

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