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Soap Making with the Ducks

Mother Duck and I recently tried soap making.  And by “making” soap, I really mean the kit we picked up at the local craft store tasked us with melting down pre-existing soap squares and adding scents and colors.  The scents included were vanilla, citrus, and herb, in order of most pleasant to least, and the only option available for coloring was this rose powder, meaning the soaps could range between white and varying shades of pink.

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2021 Art Summary

It’s that time again.  Another year is over and another art summary has been filled in an effort to discern whether or not I’ve improved at all over the course of the last 12 months.

I had no digital art for May, so here’s some Pooh…
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A Decade of Blogging Well Spent

It suddenly occurred to me that my blog’s anniversary was coming up.  As I do every year, I sat down to write up my usual post on the topic.  And this is when I realized that this is a mighty big occasion indeed.  Ten years ago, on this very day, I started this blog here on WordPress!  Yes, the one you’re reading right now!  And today, on this most special of days, I’d like you to join me as we reminisce on what has taken place in all that time. Continue reading A Decade of Blogging Well Spent

2019 Art Summary

I’ve now been on Deviant Art for two full years, which means it’s time for another art summary!  Looking over last year’s summary, I’m happy to say that I’ve certainly improved.  Since last year, I’ve gotten much better at coloring eyes, and I’ve also been experimenting on better ways to color hair.  This upcoming year, I’d like to start drawing more dynamic poses and more complex images in general, with more action and possibly more character interaction, as well.  Here’s to another year of doodling! Continue reading 2019 Art Summary

100 Theme Blog Challenge No. 24: No Time

To fuel the Duck’s inspiration, I have turned once more to the 100 theme challenge, which…um, challenges me to write about the topic “no time”.  This is a phrase that probably describes all of us, at one time or another.  There’s not enough time for this work assignment or this hobby that I so badly want to return to.  Not enough time to finish reading that novel or binge-watching that great new show on Netflix.  While it’s never a pleasant feeling to be running out of time, I’ll admit that my busy self sometimes prefers to have less empty time in my schedule rather than more. Continue reading 100 Theme Blog Challenge No. 24: No Time

A Puzzling Situation

For a while, I liked to put together puzzles.  Lots of ocean stuff or Thomas Kinkade or fantasy.  I loved being able to slowly put a picture together.  I’d start with the edges, then, I put it together chunk by chunk.  I end up with an entire fish or a house or a cat, maybe a chunk of coral or the beach or a big dragon head.  I put all these chunks where they should go, then, I fill in the blanks.  You can see it coming together.  It’s just a mess of scattered colors at first, and then you have an entire picture.  And I love that as you put it together, you see every detail in the picture.  A waterfall in the distance, a cat crossing a stone bridge, a person on the beach, the gate to a garden that’s been left open.  It’s like each piece is a magnifying glass showing you something you wouldn’t notice otherwise.

            I like big puzzles the most.  I’ve done 500 piece ones, but I really like the 1,000 piece puzzles.  The more pieces, the greater the challenge, which makes it more fun.  The last one I did was 1,500 pieces, and it was too big for the table, so I put it on the floor, where my cats decided it would be fun to massacre it.  After putting the puzzle’s scattered pieces back together, I left a heavy rug on it.  Stupid cats.  The puzzle’s done now.  They couldn’t thwart my puzzling forever.

            I learned a few things the hard way with puzzles.  Number one, don’t buy those rolly things.  You know, you put the puzzle on this cloth, and then you roll it up when you’re done, and then you can return to it later.  No.  Tried this.  Puzzle.  Destroyed.  Maybe I did it wrong.  Maybe not.  Number two, don’t put together puzzles with that special glue made specifically for putting puzzles together.  You end up with some chunks that stick together, while the rest falls apart.  The best thing to do is use that big, huge clear tape they use to tape boxes closed.  It works awesome.  Then, I can pick up the puzzle, shake it about like a rug, and it stays in one piece.  In summary, don’t use products intended for puzzles.  On puzzles.

            My favorite puzzle ever was this big, gold dragon.  The greatest puzzle in existence, it was.  It was shaped like the dragon rather than a rectangle, and it had designs hidden on it.  Knights and castles and stuff.  And it had pieces with fun shapes.  Somehow a few pieces got loose and escaped, though.  That was a disappointment.  I also love this puzzle I had of a sunken ship, and the puzzle was a circle.  One of the worst puzzles was this cat one.  It was cats and flowers with a white background and was nearly impossible.  I took a long break, and I finally finished it when I came back to it.  But, it was terrible.  Also, as a duckling, I had this awesome dinosaur puzzle.  It had velociraptors because they’re pretty much the best dinosaur ever, and they were in a forest, and I thought the forest looked really neat the way parts were really dark and light shone in others.  It sounds really lame now, though.  I wonder where that puzzle is.

            I have gotten into a lazy streak and no longer puzzle.  I don’t feel like it anymore.  It was fun at the time, but I’m all puzzled out for now.  Maybe someday I’ll put them together again.  Gosh, if only I was there to fix Humpty Dumpty.  Though, I don’t know if I would.  Egg people are creepy.  Sorry to any out there who are or are related to or who know egg people, but that’s just how I feel.  Okay.  I’m getting off topic.  Bye now.

A Puzzled Duck

A New Blog is Born

I have a blog!  Wow!  Hello and welcome!  I felt like writing about my attempts to pursue my numerous, little hobbies.  What I have been working on is writing and art, and I would love to earn money with these things someday.

            So anyway, I like to draw pictures on Photoshop, for one thing.  Fan art and original stuff.  Perhaps, I’ll show you some time.  And a few poems that I need to try and get published, and I’m writing a novel (Aren’t we all?).  No, seriously, I actually am.  And many parts of it disturb me, but they say most people never finish a novel, so I will, if for nothing more than to rub it in people’s faces.  (I’m at about 48,000 words so far.  I heard 50,000 is novel length.)  Also, because I love them, because I want people to think I’m awesome and want to see me at conventions, and because it is likely what I need to further improve my art skills (if that’s the word to describe what I have), I’m working on a comic.  Not sure how many issues yet, but I got most of the plot planned out and I’m guessing 19 pages of the script.  I’m a busy, busy manatee.  Yet, surprisingly not.

            So, this is dedicated to my “creative” endeavors.  Any beginners who’d like help, I’d be happy to (and I mean beginning beginners).  Any professionals or really anyone above the amateur level, I’d gladly heed your advice.  So please join me as I log my efforts to obtain success and all-around awesomeness.

 The Duck of Indeed