Ghirahim Cosplay Status: All Done

This post is actually long past due, but yeah, my costume is done.  The end.  Seeing as I took so darn long to get around to this post, I kind of forgot where I left off, so I’ll try to summarize how I made the rest of the costume.

            The Pants: Made Me Furious, Outraged, Sick With Anger!

Okay, so the pants.  Making pants is, surprisingly, an easy process.  Making pants with socks on the end, with diamond-shaped holes down the front, and that are form-fitting…is not as easy.  After sewing together the two pants legs, which were made using some patterns I used for Kefka’s costume, I found they were horrendously big, and it took me many attempts of tightening the pants to make them fit me.  The socks were not as hard to add as I expected.  I looked at sock patterns on the Internet, and based on what I found, I really only needed to ensure that the legs were extra long to accommodate the feet, and then I added ovals on the bottom for the bottoms of my feet.  These made the feet fit quite nicely, and it was a lot comfier than I expected.  The holes in the front were made by wearing the pants and putting pins where each corner of the diamond should go.  I went with only a few, as I thought making as many diamonds as would be accurate would be really annoying and would ruin the integrity of the pants, seeing as they’d need to be so darn close together.  Since my pants were so tight, I really worried about them splitting, but they ended up holding together quite well.  Nevertheless, I made sure I put them on carefully.

            The Gloves: One of the Most Depressing Projects of All Time

Around this time, my sewing machine started jamming something awful, and honestly, I barely finished all my sewing before it began jamming so regularly, it became nearly unusable.  I’ll need to figure that out before my next costume….  But anyway, before my brand new sewing machine became too aggravating to use, I got the wonderful opportunity to make my own pair of gloves.  I’m being sarcastic, of course, because this was a terrible experience I wouldn’t wish on anyone.  You see, gloves have three parts, which I may have touched upon in the past.  A thumb.  The main part (I don’t know the official terms, and I don’t care, either).  And a wavy bit.  The wavy bit goes between the fingers.  The thumb was easy.  The wavy bit was not.

So I spent many excruciating hours of intense focus sewing up one side of the wavy bit, and then down the other.  Again, wavy bit, as you might have guessed, is not what it’s called, but I find it a fitting and somewhat charming term to use.  Ahem, this wavy bit went up and down between the fingers about 6-7 times.  For each glove.  With constant jamming.  It was not fun.  After this was all done, the bottoms of the fingers were too tight, but they became more comfortable with frequent wearing.  Huzzah!  I did have to shorten the fingers, as I made some too long, but it looked much better when I did.  And sewing them to the cuffs was rather satisfying, because it meant my trials were over.

Or so I thought.

            The Extras Stuff: Harbinger of Tears AKA I’m in the Mood for Pretentiously Big Words Today

At this point, the main part of my costume was done, and all that was left were the extras.  I mixed my own grey paint for Ghirahim’s skin.  I actually poured my bottles of white paint into a container and used this syringe thingy from some surgery I once suffered through to add some dark grey paint.  (I had eight teeth pulled almost a decade ago.  And they gave me a syringe for some reason.  It’s good for mixing paint.  I don’t think that’s what they gave it to me for, though.)  I then swished the bowl around to mix the paint and used a funnel to get the paint back in their bottles.  I then realized I could have simply put the dark grey paint directly into the bottle and shook the bottle to mix it.  Hmm.  Oh, well.  I also painted my fake ears, too.

My paint mixing supplies!
My paint mixing supplies!
Real ears from real elves.  Eww.
Real ears from real elves. Eww.

I then got to work on trimming the wig.  I actually put the wig on my head and began careful trimming, as I couldn’t afford to mess up.  If I did, it would take a month or so for another to arrive in the mail (I got the wig from China), and I just didn’t have that kind of time, darn it!  This was serious!  Everything went well, however, though I did find that my wig was very hard to cut.  I tried my sewing scissors when the regular ones didn’t work, and when that wasn’t sufficient, I had to use meat scissors.  That was some tough hair.

I then super glued some stretchy, clear jewelry string to my earring and tied it to a clip-on earring.  Then I hot glued Velcro to my bracelet so that it could close when worn on my arm.  The Velcro didn’t stay, however, and it decided to take off the paint with it when it peeled off.  Very frustrated, I had to repaint my bracelet, and I got to pondering other methods of getting the ends to stay together.  I ended up having to stick metal grommets into my bracelet and stick gold string through the holes to tie it together.  I then super glued the daylights out of it.  And alas, I had my bracelet.

My next trial came in the form of my cape.  Sewing on the hooks to close it was fine and so was sewing on the chain.  But attaching the gold foam diamonds I had made to cover the ends of the chains, well, how in the heck?  They didn’t lie flat, and I certainly can’t super glue them to the cape!  This also took a great deal of thinking, and I finally ended up sewing the foam to the cape and painting over the thread with gold.  That’s right, those diamonds are sewed on!  With thread!

These had to go over the ends of the chains.  You can see my quandary.
These had to go over the ends of the chains. You can see my quandary.

This caused an unfortunate curve in my favorite sewing needle of all time, and the poor thing met its end with my final project, the sash.  After hot gluing gold foam around the edges of my red resin diamond for a nice border, I decided to Velcro the diamond to my sash, despite the fact that Velcro is my enemy.  First, I hot glued aluminum foil to the back of my resin diamond so people wouldn’t see the Velcro through it.  I was told chrome tag board can make your resin jewelry extra shiny, but it’s expensive, so I found that aluminum foil works just fine.  It really did look shinier after, too.  (Be careful, though.  Hot glue makes aluminum foil really hot.)  I then stuck the Velcro onto the back of the diamond and hoped it would stay.  Nevertheless, I didn’t trust Velcro after my experiences with the bracelet, so when I attached the other half to the sash, I sewed it on, even though it was sticky-backed Velcro.  My sewing needle is now sticky beyond use.  I guess I’ll need to buy a new one now.  And to my great relief, the Velcro actually held this time, and the resin diamond stayed on my sash just fine.

My red resin diamond before I stuck scalding aluminum foil on the back
My red resin diamond before I stuck scalding aluminum foil on the back

And there you have it, yet another lovely costume.  I’m doing something much easier next year.  But, I still am quite happy with how my costume turned out, and I learned so many new skills, from craft foam to resin to the art of wig wearing.  I’m excited to see what new skills my next costume will require.  Hopefully only easy skills, though….

The Duck Who Was Betrayed by Velcro and Who May Never Trust Again

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