Dream Time: The Case of the Four Photos

During the nights of October 23 and 24 of 2018, I had a couple of dreams I wanted to recount for all of you.  The latter was less interesting, so I shall get to it first.  The former, however, was quite a mystery indeed…literally….

Okay, the latter dream was simply this…I went to Disneyland, and someone had recommended this certain burger.  It was apparently the best burger they ever had.  So I went to the restaurant in question and tried this supposedly amazing burger, and it was…okay.  What was amazing was this vanilla ice cream that had, inexplicably, come with my burger.  It was the most vanilla of vanilla ice cream, and after my meal, I wanted to get some chocolate ice cream, which I assumed would be just as grand.  They had different levels of chocolatey-ness, and I, of course, chose the maximum.

The former dream was a lot more detailed.  There was a large mansion filled with many different rooms, occupied by many different people.  A murder had taken place in one of these rooms, and the only clue people had as to where it had happened was the fact that people had heard something shatter.  The woman who owned the house had narrowed it down to one of four rooms and had photos of the rooms that were taken in the near past.  I believed that, if I could compare the photos to the rooms’ current state, I would find one room which was missing an object that would make a loud noise if dropped and broken.

So I began to inspect the rooms.  One room smelled like hot glue and had shelves filled with model trains, created by the old man who occupied it.  Finding nothing out of the ordinary, I checked out another room, in which lived a stressed single mother and her young child.  The room had one rather messy wall of shelves used for storage, but thus far, I had found nothing missing, just a few items moved around that were still otherwise present.

By now, despite only inspecting two rooms, people on my team were getting disheartened and wanted to give up.  I didn’t want to quit quite yet and went on to inspect a bathroom with various colors of soap that had changed positions since the time the photo was taken.  The final room has become rather forgotten by now, but I think it was the bedroom of two young children and had dark green walls.

Finding nothing strange, I was stumped and began to wander around the house as I thought this over, at one point going into a large room filled with various fabrics that made a loop around a short staircase that had led down into it.  It appeared the owner liked to sew.  As I pondered my conundrum, I began to wonder if, perhaps, the woman who owned the mansion had given me those photos, now shown to be meaningless, just to slow me down….

As to whether or not this was the case, however, I woke up before I could find out.  How mysterious…

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