The Duck’s 2018 Christmas

Good day, everyone, and happy…late Christmas.  Though it would have made more sense for me to discuss Christmas last week, I really wanted to talk about my art summary first, so…  But it’s my blog, and I can do things how I please, and I choose to discuss Christmas now!

So…the highlights of this year’s Christmas meal was lots of beef and our new recipe for Disneyland mashed potatoes (the secret ingredient is cream cheese…shhh, don’t tell anyone our secret, ‘kay?).  We also watched The Muppet Christmas Carol, a truly delightful movie indeed.  The most exciting part of Christmas, however, are the presents, of course, and what I got seemed to come in pairs.  Two video games, Ni no Kuni II and the Spyro Reignited Trilogy, two dragons from my dad, and two Funko Pop figures, Coco from Crash Bandicoot and one in particular I never thought I’d get my feathered, little paws on…the Splash Mountain Funko with Brer Rabbit and Brer Bear, courtesy of Mother Duck!

Well, technically, I got three video games, but I couldn’t wait until Christmas to play Super Smash Bros Ultimate.  You see, I really wanted to reunite with a certain Kremling King….

Ahem, well, I was met with a special treat in the fact that GameStop gave me the collector’s version of Ni no Kuni II for the price of the regular game (even the guy at the store seemed surprised).  In addition to the game itself, it came with a music CD, DLC, and a little diorama.

Moments before the great Christmas Showdown of 2018!
It begins…

The diorama is a series of little cutouts made of some sort of thick paper, which are supposed to create kind of a 3D scene when pieced together.  Though the directions claimed glue was not necessary for the construction of said diorama, I discovered quickly enough that this was an untruthful claim indeed.  In fact, even with glue, it was exceedingly difficult trying to place about ten small pieces of paper into tiny slots in an even tinier piece of paper.  It was a frustrating ordeal indeed, but I stubbornly pushed on until, two hours later, the diorama was complete.  A bit crooked.  And super glue had run down the sky in the back.  And I almost bent the flag and the dragon out of place in my struggle.  But it was finally done.  Phew.  I sure am glad most gifts don’t have to be put together!

Why was I so determined to build this?!

In addition, Mother Duck is a big fan of the girl mice in Cinderella, so I drew her a picture of one of these lovely mouse ladies for Christmas this year, which I got printed at Walgreens.  Did you know Walgreens can print on wood?  It’s pretty cool!

More houses need drawings of mouses.

Well, I suppose we’ve reached the end of this post, which means it’s your turn to share, dear readers.  What was your favorite Christmas present/memory?  Please share your festive thoughts in the comments below!

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