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Solving a Murder Mystery in Jenny LeClue: Detectivu

Jenny LeClue: Detectivu is one of those rare obscure gems that prove that taking a chance on games you’ve never heard of before can indeed pay off.  This puzzle and adventure game is great for anyone who’s a fan of mysteries, and it follows the story of child detective Jenny LeClue, who finds herself in the midst of her first murder mystery after a string of disappointing ones.  The story is frequently narrated by the author of the Jenny LeClue series, Arthur Finklestein, who is faced with making drastic changes to his beloved series’ formula for the sake of appeasing his publisher, who feels his stories have become too boring.

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Jenny LeClue Playthrough on Virtual Bastion

In the quiet town of Arthurton, nothing exciting ever really happens.  At least, not until our young detective, Jenny LeClue, is faced with solving the first murder in years and uncovering the seemingly sleepy town’s darkest secrets.

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Bonus Time: Why’s Woody in the Woods?

So, I have this Disneyland app.  I have almost never in my life downloaded an app before, save for some free antivirus for my phone, but for once, this particular app looked pretty darn useful.  It shows you wait times for rides, locations of restaurants and shops.  And it shows you where various characters can be found.

I was so excited for my upcoming trip to Disneyland that I was constantly checking this app just for the fun of it and getting a general idea of the wait times for different rides throughout the day.  I learned that certain rides close temporarily throughout the day (so if my favorite ride is closed, I mustn’t fret, as it will probably return shortly…as long as it’s not under…refurbishment!).  I even learned where all the characters can typically be found.  While I don’t exactly care about tracking down any particular Disney characters, I find the whole notion of seeing where they are on a map rather amusing. Continue reading Bonus Time: Why’s Woody in the Woods?

The Duck’s Fondest Memory

I’m surprised I’ve never written a post about this, but I was thinking of a memory that’s stuck with me all these years.  It happened when I was around 11 or 12, with a friend I haven’t seen in many years.  This particular memory remains one of my most favorite memories from my ducklinghood.  And I think I have an idea why.

            You see, I rarely went out alone as a duckling, what with all the kidnappers and ruffians and bandits out in the world, but one time, I did.  Kind of.  I was at my friend’s house (I can’t ask her if her name can be used in this post or not, so she’ll just remain nameless).  She lived in a small neighborhood by a forest.  I loved forests.  (This was clearly before I watched “The Blair Witch Project”….)  They were so mysterious.  I asked my mom often to explore them with me, but what with all the ragamuffins and thugs and punks on the planet, she wouldn’t.  So I vowed that when I grew up, I would journey through the forests myself.  (But, being wiser and even more aware of the Vikings and pirates and other such nefarious scoundrels that roam the globe now, I have decided against it.)  So you probably think this story is leading towards me exploring the nearby woods with my friend.  Well, sort of.

            It was a dark and stormy night.  Actually, it wasn’t dark or night.  It was, however, heading towards stormy, with grey clouds low in the sky, threatening to scoot their cloud socks on the carpet of the sky and zap us.  I don’t know where my friend’s parents were.  Their presence was never very obvious.  Even if it was, I don’t think they would’ve minded when my friend and I decided to check out the woods.  So we went outside and walked along the sidewalk a ways.  We got to the grassy area by the woods.  I remember a large storm drain pipe type thing, which could’ve been potentially perilous, but we stayed enough away from it.  I also remember these bushes with berries on them.  Maybe wild blueberries or blackberries that my friend said she liked to eat sometimes.

            And then there was the forest.  Oh, glorious forest.  We went in, but it wasn’t long before our progress was slowed by thorn bushes.  We managed to make our way around them and trek farther into the woods, but a combination of things ended up stopping us.  I believe there were even more thorn bushes blocking our path, a wall of them nearly, and there were voices out in the woods.  We couldn’t make out the words, but we stopped and listened nonetheless.  It was here that we decided we should head back, but not before I noticed a chain link fence.  I always thought it was a mysterious fence, but maybe there was nothing peculiar at all about it.  I just remember that it ran in the direction we were going, and it just kept going and going as far as I could see.  And I didn’t remember seeing it earlier, even though we should’ve been walking alongside it.  It always brought up many questions in my mind.  What was a fence doing in the middle of the woods?  What did it encompass?  Why did it go so far?  And why didn’t I see it before?  It probably seems much stranger than it really was, as I was young at the time, and years have gone by to only intensify the mystery I felt emanating from that fence.  Strangely enough, I have never forgotten it and can always call it up clearly in my mind whenever I want to.

            Anyway, back to the tale.  We turned around and started our walk back to her house.  There may’ve been thunder, but I can’t remember.  We were afraid in a joking kind of way that my friend’s watch would get struck by lightning or we’d be in danger if we stayed too long by the metal Stop signs.  We got back to her house, and that’s all I really remember.

            So this memory has always been special to me, though all of them are, and sometimes I miss those times.  I have since moved away, and I am now as separated from that place by land as the memory is separated from me by time.  While I remember it clearly, it feels like it happened so long ago that it didn’t happen at all.  Nevertheless, my one real trek out alone as a duckling remains my favorite memory.  Nothing that peculiar ever happened in my life, so the mysteriousness of the voices out in the woods and the strange fence has always been a nice memory to reminisce over.

Duck, Brave Explorer of Forested Locations

Proof I Overanalyze

I think too much.  But, I don’t know if it’s in a good way.  You see, I couldn’t solve a mystery if my life depended on it, but I do think of things few others would.  Mainly, this shows up in video games.  I come up with questions the creators never thought anyone would care about.  They may not have even thought of these things in the first place.  Why?  Because they’re not important, and yet I ponder them anyway.  So I made a list of some of the silly things I’ve thought of.  Let’s see if any of you guys can solve these mysteries.

1. First of all, and this is one of the most bothersome.  It is so mysterious that it competes with the question of why Yoda from Star Wars talks so weird.  Well, maybe not, but here it is.  Tell me now, who is the mother of Bowser’s kids?  You know, from the Mario games.  Who could it possibly be?  They just throw in some Bowser spawn with no explanation, way back in Super Mario World, I think.  What female turtle beast had those kids?  Where is she now?  Huh?  It is so simple, and yet we will probably never know!

2. F-Zero, a racing game, appears to have some racetracks over cities.  I’m pretty sure at least one does.  How unsafe!  If there is a crash, and there are, these vehicles that can go upwards of 400 km/h are going to come screaming towards the surface like tiny, but still horrifying meteors.  Every time you go over the side in that game, do you think of all the carnage caused, lives that were lost, buildings destroyed, etc. by your recklessness?  No.  No, you probably don’t.

3. Now this one’s a bit more obscure, so I’ll explain.  In Hunter: The Reckoning, there are certain people that can see the dead.  Apparently, things look normal until someone witnesses a death, and then they can suddenly see the world for what it really is.  Gasp, zombies walk among us, and we didn’t even know!  But, how does that work?  It makes sense from the hunters’ point of view, but what about those unable to see the horrors around them?  Do they see seemingly ordinary people shuffling about, awkwardly trying to attack others with their normal-appearing, but actually rotten, zombie limbs?  What about the gargoyles?  Do they look like regular humans to most people?  Do they not notice when these statues just go missing one day?  It’s bugged me.  It shouldn’t, but it does.

4. There’s also something in Final Fantasy XIII that I don’t understand.  You should probably skip this if you don’t want spoilers (well, not big spoilers, but still).  Anyway, for those of you who haven’t played, it’s probably very confusing, but I’ll keep it simple.  Some powerful creatures called the Fal’Cie can make humans into L’Cie, who are forced to complete a Focus within a certain amount of time, or they’ll turn into a monster called a Cieth.  I am made to believe that all humans died off on Pulse (a planet, I guess) quite a while back.  Maybe I’m wrong.  But, if not, I don’t understand something.  All those unlucky Cieth, after being Cieth for a while, turn into Cieth Stones and are forever tormented with the thought that they failed their Focus.  It seems they were charged with killing tough creatures throughout Pulse, which your characters can then go defeat.  But, that brings me to my question.  How are these creatures still alive and in the same location all this time?  After all these years, you’d think the creatures would be dead, or at least, would have walked somewhere else.  But, that’s just me.

5. Now, this one’s a spoiler for Jak II, so don’t read if you don’t want…spoilers.  Anyway, this is something also very confusing, and it has to do with time travel.  Yeah, that’s already confusing in itself, but there’s another issue I have.  When Jak, the main character, was a child, he was sent back to the past to be kept safe.  This is the time frame of the first game, during which the bad guys, Gol and Maia, set out to flood the world with Dark Eco (which is a very bad thing) and take over the world.  But, since it was Jak that stopped them, wouldn’t they have taken over the world before it ever got to the time period where Jak was born in the first place?  You would think that this would keep Jak from being born in the future, and thus prevent him from being sent to the past, where he defeats the two.  Without Jak to stop them originally, they would have taken over already and Jak may never have been born and sent back to the stop them!  How could this be?!

            I’m also bothered by the minor fact that they say Diddy of Donkey Kong is a chimp, even though he’s not because chimps don’t have tails.  At least, I don’t think so.  Anyway…

            I’m not crazy.

 An Over-Analytical Duck