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Life Update: Empty Grocery Stores and Cuddly Kitties

Hope everyone’s doing well.  Now that we’re several weeks into this COVID-19 thing, I can’t get over how quickly and unexpectedly life can change.  One moment, our top goal in life is to find a new home so we can move out of our rental.  The next, we’re discouraged from even leaving the house, let alone the whole state, and our top struggle is finding toilet paper rather than a new home. Continue reading Life Update: Empty Grocery Stores and Cuddly Kitties

The Duck Dreams of Dastardly Tap Water?!

That’s right, another post about the Duck’s weird dreams.  This first one was a few weeks ago.  In this dream, normally peaceful animals were turning violent, both wild ones and pets alike.  I remember being outside seeing a squirrel running around in a very agitated fashion indeed.  It was actually kind of creepy.  (You see that squirrel in the banner image?  Don’t trust it!) Continue reading The Duck Dreams of Dastardly Tap Water?!

The Duck’s Recurring Dreams of Food and Darkness

The Duck dreams quite frequently, as you may have noticed from all the random dream posts I have written over the years.  For whatever reason, however, there are certain dreams I get far more often than others that began in ducklinghood and still continue to this day.  They can largely be broken down into two categories: food and darkness. Continue reading The Duck’s Recurring Dreams of Food and Darkness

The Duck Visits a Haunted Mall

I had a super weird dream the night of 12/16/14. I remember myself and a friend (not a friend I actually knew, but one just from the dream) at this hotel. It seemed more like an apartment building, really, but I think it was a hotel because we were on vacation in this weird city. His room was several floors above mine, and I remember we had to travel back and forth between the two rooms a lot, and it took a while, and I was able to kind of make it speed up in the dream because it was boring.

We then decided to go to this mall. We thought it would be a lot of fun to walk around it, and so we headed down to the lobby of the hotel. I kind of sped up that part, too, and I also needed to return something to my room that I was holding, so I kind of had it teleport to my room through sheer willpower so I didn’t have to go all the way back up. On the way through the lobby, we had to walk down this hallway, and lining one wall were those weird machines where you try to pick up the stuffed animals with the claw that never grabs on, and the toys were pretty creepy in there. We then walked outside where it was kind of an empty field of dirt and a street, and we started walking to the mall. Continue reading The Duck Visits a Haunted Mall

Impractical Races, Cats, and Robots: This Post Has It All

Around the night of 11/11, and some other nights that I lost track of, I’ve been getting a lot of weird dreams. I remember one where one of my cats was back, and it looked like Alex, my chubby kitty, but acted like Arwen, my friendly Manx. I have a lot of dreams, in fact, where my pets return to me, including a rat I lost about a decade ago (I’ve looked everywhere, but I just can’t find him…), and I either realize we had the pet all along and forgot, or the pet just appeared back in our house one day. In this particular dream, I woke up early in the morning in my current house to find this cat, and I went to put out food and water for it (even though I no longer own any cat food; it really doesn’t taste that good), but my mom had already done so. She actually put out two bowls of water and two of food even though it was just one cat, in the very same manner as the days when we used to have two. Continue reading Impractical Races, Cats, and Robots: This Post Has It All

The Duck Doesn’t Step Into the Light

I had this really weird dream the night of 10/12/14 (I’ve been having a lot of weird dreams lately, come to think of it). I remember there was something to do with this woman in this bedroom, and there was this weird light up by the ceiling, near the corner of the room.  She was previously bedridden, but then, she could never be in that light, so she had to live under the bed.  It was a small and depressing space, but she couldn’t leave it, though one person did go in and visit her under the bed, so it wasn’t as dull.  The weird light was bad, but I think other people could go in the room as long as they didn’t stay in the light for too long and tried to not look at it.  She was just the only person that could never go into the light. Continue reading The Duck Doesn’t Step Into the Light

Wouldn’t It Be Weird If

Wouldn’t it be weird if our pets were really just elaborate sock puppets?  I think so.  What we think is a delightful creature that enjoys our companionship is really just a puppet controlled by who knows what.  Perhaps some magical being that likes to mess with us.  An alien or magic gnome or even a malevolent unicorn with thumbs.  It may take a bit of explaining to understand the eating and the drinking and the presents our pets leave us, though, but perhaps it’s all a part of the puppet master’s bizarre scheme for world domination.  We may never know.

            On a similar note, would it not be strange if whenever we fell asleep, someone marched us about like a marionette?  Perhaps the same people who control our sock puppet pets.  Making us waltz about like fools for their own amusement, only to be returned to our cozy little beds none the wiser.  You may laugh, but how can you prove it hasn’t happened to you?  How can you, indeed?

The Duck Who May Be an Unwilling Puppet