Top Songs from Chrono Trigger

Hello again, you blog-readers, you. Time to list my favorite songs from “Chrono Trigger”.  I’m not even going to bother with much of an intro because I’m bad at them anyway.  Just enjoy the musical joy.

5. “Ocean Palace” is a rather good song because it is a bit different from the other songs in the game. While it plays in a palace under the ocean, it has a bit of a sci-fi sound to it (at least, I think so), which I suppose does work, considering it is a rather advanced structure for its time.  As a side note, this song really makes me think of “Illusion of Gaia”….

4. “Manoria Cathedral” is a rather pretty song that plays in more sacred places, like the cathedral named in the title or the cave that is the home to the Masamune, and it almost sounds like a chorus of voices, which I assume was the intent. My only complaint is that it repeats a lot.

3. “Secret of the Forest” is a very pretty song, and it has a lonely, mysterious feel to it, fitting for any wooded location. It also makes me think of the music from “Muramasa”.

2. “Big Boss Battle” is an epicly epic boss theme that plays during extra tough battles, like against Masamune (what in the heck was he even supposed to be?). It’s just an awesome song.  Honestly, though, what kind of boss yells out “Yes, indeed” in the middle of a battle?  And did anyone think that the creatures Masa and Mune turned into looked a lot like Blind, the boss of the Thieves’ Hideout in “The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past”?  Very curious…  Yes, indeed…

1. “Frog’s Theme” is definitely the best character theme of the game and, based on its place in this here list, it’s also the best song in the game. It is epic and adventurous, but the higher pitched parts fit Frog quite well.  Because he’s a frog.  I can’t say Frog is a very creative name for such a character, though.  I should’ve renamed Chrono “Dude”.  And Lucca could’ve been “Nerd”.  Wa ha ha…  I’m mean.

Secret of the Duck

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