Diamonds Are Not a Duck’s Best Friend

I just realized that I haven’t written about my costume progress lately, and oh, boy, the progress I have made. Which is…not that much. My first task of all was buying various supplies off of Amazon, which I may or may not have written about (I’m too lazy to check). Well, in case I did, I’ll summarize my experience with that for you.

Most wigs suck.

Well, I was pretty lucky with Ghirahim’s wig, which is the more important one. That one fits pretty okay and looks great, even though it’s more on the silver side than pure white. I have yet to trim it to the correct length, however, as I’m, frankly, terrified of potentially ruining it, but I love it, nonetheless. As for Kefka’s wig, I have bought two, neither of which are as great as Ghirahim’s, but one is worse than the other. The first one I bought doesn’t stay on, and when you try to get it to stay put, it looks all pointy on top. It’s weird. So I bought another blonde wig, and it’s still not great, but it’ll do. It stays on better, has a more realistic color, has less bald patches, and requires no trimming, so it’s a winner. I had trouble getting it into a high ponytail without it coming up too much in the back, but I have found a way of making it into a low ponytail and then folding it upwards, which looks just as good, really. Plus, by doing this, the wig ends up at just about the right length. (Kefka actually has a very short ponytail, but I think a longer ponytail is safer. Plus, it’s prettier. Let’s not think about the fact that he’s a dude. Long hair is pretty, so leave me alone!)

I still need to buy lots more makeup, and I need to work on mixing colors to get the correct grey for Ghirahim’s skin. I thought the grey I bought was good enough, but when I compared it to him, I realized it was far too dark, and there is no other shade of grey I can find online. I’m waiting a little longer before buying the makeup, however, as I’d like the temperature to start to go down so my makeup doesn’t get all hot and sad in my mailbox if I don’t retrieve it promptly. That would not fill my heart with rainbows. No, not one bit.

Anyway, my main project right now is working on Ghirahim’s cape, which is looking pretty okay, even though it’s still in pieces. I cut out his collar using some of the stiffest interfacing available, and it doesn’t lay quite right on my shoulders, but I can trim it more if I must. As for the actual fabric, that’s all cut out, as well. The cape is a bizarre shape, as it has three long triangles in the back and one in the front, but when I put it around me, it looks quite good. The fabric for the collar was cut out separately, and I have a zillion diamonds cut out to be sewn onto the inner portion of the cape and collar. 37 to be exact. Which is pretty close to one zillion.

Kefka had the courtesy to have a rectangular cape....
Kefka had the courtesy to have a rectangular cape….

This absurd amount of sewing means I needed to learn how to use a sewing machine, which was pretty difficult at first. First, I threaded it all wrong, so when I tried to sew, the fabric bunched up and the thread snapped. I had to go to the local sewing store and have someone show me what to do. Turns out, I simply put the bobbin in backwards. The thread should make a P shape. A P. Not a 9.


Then, once I started practicing, the thing kept jamming up. It once got so bad, I couldn’t use it anymore. Somehow, there were 4 or more threads sticking up from below, you know, where that silly-sounding bobbin hides in its little bobbin-lair, and I have no idea how that happened. With some very careful maneuvering and the aid of those things you use to stab corn with, I managed to pull a loop of thread off of something, and everything started working again.

So I’ve currently been sewing on a diamond a day onto the collar, as that seems like a manageable number, plus I mess up if I get upset, and I really don’t want to do a zillion (a zillion!) and do a bad job because I get overwhelmed. Sometimes I don’t get as close to the edges as I want, but I think I’m doing pretty good, and I’m getting better at using the sewing machine each day that goes by. The diamonds don’t fit together quite right, but there’s only so much I do. It’s easy to draw a character or animate them on a computer with perfectly arranged diamonds on their clothing. It’s another thing entirely to cut out all these diamonds from fabric and piece them together just so. Hopefully no one will be able to notice in the end, and I also hope very much that I stand a chance at actually winning in next year’s masquerade. I better. I deserve to win just because of the sheer quantity of diamonds I’m forced to sew.


I told you it was a zillion!
I told you it was a zillion!

Duck of Diamonds

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