The Duck’s Disneyland Dessert Tour 2017

While the best part of Disneyland is undeniably the rides, to be sure (and the scenery and the shows!), a trip to this fair kingdom of happiness would not be complete without some delicious morsels (the calories of which have the added benefit of being burned away thanks to the great distances we walked over the course of those two delightful days).  I’ve already discussed the meals we had during our time at Disneyland, but let’s not forget the most important part, the desserts, which shall be listed below for your reading enjoyment, from least best to most best!

Honorable Mention: Kayla’s Cakes in Downtown Disney – Macaroons

Before we had even arrived in Disneyland for the first time the morning of Saturday, April 22, my naughty self stopped at a little street cart (looking online, I found that the place was called Kayla’s Cakes) towards the end of Downtown Disney that sold quite a variety of macaroons.  Being one of my favorite treats due to their ability to be delicious and snooty all at once, I couldn’t pass them up.  I tried strawberry shortcake and Belgian chocolate, and they were absolutely delicious!  The former even had some actual strawberry jam in the center.  If you are ever passing through Downtown Disney, I seriously recommend trying some of these.  They are handed to you nice and cold and even come in little plastic pockets, so I could easily hold one in either hand like the glutton that I am as we closed the last bit of distance between us and Disneyland.  (While these are, hands down, some of the best treats I’ve ever had, they merely get an honorable mention because they are not technically a part of Disneyland itself, and thus, break the rules of this post.)

4: Jolly Holiday Bakery Café – Whoopie Pie and Chocolate Mousse Brownie

We visited the Jolly Holiday Café on Main Street Sunday afternoon after the consumption of our corn dogs at the Little Red Wagon across the street.  I can’t attest to the quality of the other treats here (though I hear the raspberry Mickey Mouse-shaped macaroon is good), but I can speak on the tastiness-level of the whoopie pie (mom’s treat of choice, which I did get a bite of because I am a greedy monster) and some kind of brownie mousse thingy that doesn’t appear to be listed on the menu (the Duck’s chosen treat, which is tasty with milk).

While the whoopie pie was perfectly good, it wasn’t much different from what we make at home.  My mousse brownie was good, as well, but it’s way more brownie than mousse.  Mousse really shouldn’t have been stated in the dessert’s name to begin with.  It confuses people.  I did find it delightful, however, that it came with a little bit of edible gold leaf on top.  I have never eaten gold before, but I see it on cooking shows quite often.  It tastes like nothing.  As we ate, we also got a visit from a mother duck and her two ducklings, who were wandering about in the nearby bushes.  The ducklings, naïve little things that they are, actually came quite close to us on occasion.

3: Maurice’s Treats: Grey Stuff Twist

Aw, what a cute kitty!

This place can be found to the left of the castle.  I mean, if you’re facing the front of it.  Then you go left.  It actually took us a while to find this place because I was determined to believe that it was behind the castle.  But it wasn’t.  So we didn’t find it there.  I really wanted to try this place, as I typically prefer pastries for dessert over simple candy.  These twisty bread stick-like…things come in several varieties, strawberry rose, cheddar garlic, and…grey stuff (though it’s more like a “dark brown stuff twist”).  I was informed online that the “grey stuff” is chocolate, and it may very well be, but it didn’t taste like chocolate to me.

Even so, this thing was pretty tasty, though I wish the chocolate flavor (if it is indeed chocolate) had been more obvious.  They’re also huge, as in a foot long (or possibly more), so you may not want to tackle this alone.  Mom and I chose to share one.  As we ate our snack, we got to enjoy the sight of Figaro (the cat from Pinocchio), who was situated on a balcony next to a bluebird in a cage, which was pretty adorable.

2: Pooh’s Corner: Tigger Tail

Pooh’s Corner did not appear to be on the map, but you can find it right near the Winnie the Pooh ride in Critter Country (wait a minute, isn’t that a level in Donkey Kong Country?).  There are several varieties, like a Cheshire cat tail or a caterpillar, but I don’t know how they differ.  As far as the Tigger tail goes, it is marshmallow on a stick, covered in caramel, covered in orange sugar, with chocolate stripes.  It is delicious, but quite sweet, so I still had some left when we got home from the airport on Monday.  And it was still perfectly fresh.  We both tried a Tigger Tail, so I can safely say that this particular confection is Duck and Mother Duck approved.

1: Tiki Juice Bar: Dole Whip

Once you see this sign, you know dole whip is imminent.

Ah, yes, the famous dole whip, located right at the entrance to Adventureland.  We had made our own homemade dole whip several months back before I knew a trip to Disneyland was imminent, and boy, was I thrilled to finally try the real thing.  Dole whip comes in two varieties, the typical soft serve or the dole whip float, which I think is pretty similar, but it floats on a cup of pineapple juice.  I got the former, and it was pretty good.  Fruity and refreshing, dole whip is a pretty tasty treat for a hot day.  And you get a whole bunch of it, too.

Dole whip is pretty darn popular at Disneyland, so you can expect the line to be long.  Apparently one of the lines is a bit quicker than the other, presumably the one behind the dole whip stand.  Forgetting this little tidbit, we took the longer line, but it still moved pretty fast.  When we next return, I think I’d like another, thank you very much.

Now it’s your turn, dear readers. Why not share your experiences with Disney confections?  What are your favorites?  And have you ever tried a dole whip?  Let me know in the comments below.

Dole Duck, That Doesn’t Mean I’m Boring…

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