The Duck Brings Dole Whip Home

I don’t travel very much, so whenever I learn of special treats that are not easily obtained, I usually must resort to making them myself.  One such thing was the butter beer from the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, which was quite a fun treat indeed.  I actually wrote about it in a post some time back.  Good stuff.  Just high in calories, no doubt, based on the amount of butter involved in the recipe.  The most recent treat that caught my interest was Disneyland’s (and World’s) Dole Whip, a pineapple-flavored soft serve-resembling concoction which I heard about from Adam the Woo’s Youtube channel.

From what I’ve heard, Dole Whip is apparently a really popular treat at the Disney theme parks that I had honestly never heard of before, though the line for it is said to rival those of the rides themselves.  With my next visit to the “happiest place on Earth” surely a long way off, I had no choice but to make some Dole Whip myself.  I’m not exactly a fan of pineapples, but any popular treat from Disney is certainly something I’d like to get my hands on.

You can apparently make the real Dole Whip by purchasing this Dole Whip mix and using a soft serve machine, but I took a simpler route by finding a similar recipe online that involves crushed pineapple, lime and lemon juice, sugar, of course, and heavy whipping cream.  It’s pretty simple to make, but is it really as tasty as everyone says?

Some homemade dole whip, already portioned for a dieting duck
Some homemade dole whip, already portioned for a dieting duck

The short answer: yes.  The long answer: Dole Whip turned out to be a really fun treat.  While images of it show swirly soft serve goodness, you may not be able to match the dessert’s physical appearance through this recipe, but you still get a rather creamy ice cream-like treat that is both tangy and sweet.  Again, I’ve personally never really enjoyed the flavor of pineapples that much, but that didn’t stop it from being delicious.  Since I was dieting, however, I only ate it in servings of one quarter of a cup, which, by my calculations, is a fraction under 100 calories.  It was actually plenty, though.  Plenty of fun, that is…hardy-har-har.

Duck Whip; Ironically, It Tastes Like Chicken

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