Replicating Disneyland’s Tigger Tail

With our newfound skills at caramel-making, Mother Duck and I have been seeking out new and exciting ways to use caramel.  After our experiments with caramel-covered popcorn balls, the next thing we decided to try was our own homemade Tigger tails.  You may remember this particular treat being mentioned in my post discussing the various desserts we had at Disneyland during Spring Dapper Day of 2017.  Tigger tails are marshmallow, covered in caramel, covered in sugar, with stripes of chocolate.  They are very tasty and very sweet.  And they seemed easy enough to replicate.

We began by making another batch of caramel, which only took one single try this time.  We were getting quite good at this.  Next, we needed to gather the remaining supplies at the local store.  We already had chocolate, but we still needed large marshmallows (not jumbo), wooden sticks, and orange sugar.  They didn’t have any orange sugar, so we ended up going with coral-colored sugar.  As for the sticks, we found that you can use something called bamboo skewers.  These are sold in long, thin bags (at our store, they came in quantities of 100), and we found them around the part of the grocery store that sells kitchen gadgets and the like.

Even Elsa seems excited by the impending treat-making

After this, we got to work on our treats.  Start by sticking marshmallows onto the bamboo skewers (we used five marshmallows per stick, though I think Disneyland may use four).  Be sure to vary where you impale them, either on the left, right, or middle, to give the impression of a curving tail.  Make sure you stick the final marshmallow fairly far down on the stick, but not to the point that it sticks out the end.  Then we rolled them in a large, shallow bowl of caramel, followed by sugar.  Then we drizzled on stripes of melted chocolate.  We simply melted our chocolate on the stove, but we wonder if it would have been easier to drizzle if we had added a bit of milk or cream to make it thinner.

These look tasty enough already
Caramel-adorned marshmallows! You know you love it!
This isn’t over…
Several completed Tigger tails…they look just like the real thing

We wanted to give a couple of these to my grandparents, so we wrapped them up in cling film after leaving them in the freezer for a short time to ensure they were set.  At this point, they really looked like official, store bought treats.  As for the most important part, they taste pretty similar to the Tigger tails from Disneyland.  And they were quite fun to make, as well.  Next up, we think we might try replicating Disneyland’s gumbo.  Yum!

They’re all ready for transportation

Now We Need Marshmallow Duck Tails

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