The Duck’s Disneyland Dessert Tour 2018

It is now time we talked about the desserts at Disneyland, including some special limited edition stuff they had in celebration of Pixar Fest!  One nice thing about the snacks at Disneyland is that they often come in large servings, meaning you can save some money by sharing (Mother Duck and I shared the curros and grey stuff twist, sometimes with food to spare).  I will be ranking all of the treats we’ve had, including those from last year’s visit, which will be in italics.  Oh, and if you want to read last year’s dessert post, you can find it here.

8: Dory Cake Pop (Pooh Corner) – I got a cake pop of Dory from Finding Nemo at Pooh Corner in Critter Country, a special treat for Pixar Fest.  While I really enjoy cake pops, I wasn’t a fan of this one.  It was a chocolate cake pop covered in blue sprinkles, but something tasted just a bit…off for me.  Not sure what it was.  It was quite cute, however.

7: Whoopie Pie and Chocolate Mousse Brownie (Jolly Holiday Bakery Café) – You can get some tasty treats at the Jolly Holiday Bakery on Main Street, a place we visited during our last trip.  While their desserts are perfectly good, Mother Duck and I have started to realize that we’re not quite as into chocolate as we used to be, so this doesn’t rank quite as high.

6: Mexican Chocolate Pot de Crème (Rancho del Zocalo Restaurante) – Another Pixar Fest dessert, this is basically chocolate pudding and chocolate cake.  It’s pretty good, but not super interesting.

Can you see the bird nest? Another nest had been built inside a broken lantern nearby.

5: Tigger Tail (Pooh Corner) – The Tigger Tail is a pretty tasty treat consisting of marshmallow dipped in caramel, covered in orange sugar, with some chocolate stripes.  Just keep in mind that it’s incredibly sweet.  And no wonder.  It’s pure sugar!

4: Grey Stuff Twist (Maurice’s Treats) – I prefer treats that aren’t quite so sugary, so I rather enjoy the grey stuff twist at Maurice’s Treats near the front of Sleeping Beauty Castle (face the front of the castle and go left).  This treat is flaky and delicious, with just a hint of chocolate (I believe the chocolate is Oreo cookie).

Right by Maurice’s Treats, you can find this adorable kitty!

3: Cocoa Churro (Churro Cart in Frontierland) – I have never had a churro before, but thanks to Pixar Fest, there were a bunch of new variations, so I finally decided it was about time I gave this classic treat a try.  The cocoa churro isn’t very…cocoa-ish on its own, but it comes with this spiced chocolate dipping sauce, which makes the whole thing much tastier.

2: Strawberry Rose Gold Churro (Churro Cart in front of Sleeping Beauty Castle) – We tried one more churro, the strawberry rose gold churro, which was probably my favorite.  There was an interesting strawberry taste, and it was covered in a lot of sugary goodness.

1: Dole Whip (Tiki Juice Bar) – The classic dole whip remains ever at the top, a delicious pineapple soft serve that is great for a hot day.  Fruity and refreshing, this is one treat that won’t make you feel like a cavity is forming, which is always a plus.  The lines are long, though, so good luck if you want one….

Land of adventure…and more importantly, dole whip.

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