A Very Picky Chip Review

One of our favorite Youtubers, Brutalmoose, recently did a video reviewing various chips, which inspired us to do a review of our own.  During our subsequent visit to the grocery store, we decided to purchase one of the various Frito-Lay “Flavor Mix” bags, which come with six varieties of snacks.  I don’t really enjoy flavored chips, so the only one with which I was familiar were the Cheetos.  But soon enough, we would discover whether or not the Duck had been missing out on a wild world of wonderful flavor or if I would merely confirm that my preference for only the most traditional of chips was very well justified.  Mother Duck and I originally gave these scores out of 5, but in the end, it worked best just to rank them from worst to best.

The chips as they await their final judgement

6: Cool Ranch Doritos – Did you know that “doritos” roughly translates to “little golden thing”?  Well, these would not earn a gold star in my book.  For one thing, the red and green powder adorning these chips is utterly unnatural.  (Really, I didn’t expect these to look so festive!)  Secondly, the flavor is really strong.  These seem to be quite popular online, but Mother Duck and I found them to be far too overpowering and weird.

5: Barbecue Lay’s – This might come down to personal preference, but I don’t enjoy the flavor of barbecue sauce, making it no surprise that I did not enjoy the Barbecue Lay’s, either.  There is definitely this smoky flavor, so perhaps you might enjoy it if barbecue is your thing.  But Mother Duck and I agreed once more that these were rather weird.

4: Fritos Chili Cheese – I had mixed feelings about these.  The seasoning was actually pretty good, but the chip itself (a corn chip rather than a traditional tater chip) left an unpleasant, bitter aftertaste.  I wouldn’t exactly seek these out, but they’re…tolerable, I suppose.

3: Lay’s Sour Cream and Onion – I’m not the biggest sour cream fan, but I do love me some onions.  These chips have a very light taste, but there’s enough flavor that they’re actually rather pleasant.  To be honest, I’m unsure which flavor is more prevalent, sour cream or onion, but these weren’t bad.

2: Nacho Cheese Doritos – I’ve got a confession to make.  Before this review, I had never eaten a Dorito before.  I know, weird.  But these were pretty good.  My notes just say “cheesy”, so…I guess that’s it.

1: Crunchy Cheetos – You simply can’t go wrong with the king of snacks, the cheesy and delicious Cheeto.  I would probably rate the puffy ones just a tiny bit higher, but either way, these are positively delicious!

Final Verdict: Just buy some Cheetos!

4 thoughts on “A Very Picky Chip Review

    1. I definitely like regular Pringles, though I haven’t had them in a while. I think I tried some pizza variety when I was a kid and thought it was kind of weird. Perhaps I should give the sour cream flavor a try, though, since I liked the sour cream Lays.

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