Top Songs from Ni no Kuni

I recently had the immense pleasure of playing through a truly spectacular RPG, Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch.  This game excelled in storytelling and characters you could really feel attached to.  The graphics were beautiful.  And the music, well, it all fit perfectly in this amazing world and served to enhance something that was already truly special.  Behold, my top five songs from Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch.

5. The Boss theme is pretty epic and really works well for some pretty awesome boss fights. You can just hear the danger.

4. The Executor’s Knight plays during part of the epic battle against the Dark Djinn, Shadar. It is way epic-er (that’s a word) than any other battle theme in the game, I think, and rightly so.

3. Golden Grove is a lovely forest seemingly in perpetual autumn. Ah, the loveliest time of year, no?  This song perfectly captures a relaxing stroll through a cool forest, fraught with just a bit of mystery and, might I say, danger.  This song is both soothing and magical.

2. Revelations is a variation of a song that plays in many locations throughout the game. It sounds like a music box, and I always love songs that sound like music boxes.  I think it plays during certain important scenes, but I forget.  It is an alternate version of another awesome song, Mr. Drippy’s theme.

1. The Field theme plays when you’re walking about the world map, and it’s rather epic, not to mention quite lovely, as well. I am also providing a link to the version that plays during the end credits, Pieces to a Broken Heart.  This version has vocals and is very beautiful.

A Drippy Duck

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