Top 5 Songs from Hollow Knight

I recently completed the oh, so beautiful indie title, Hollow Knight, created by Australian game developer, Team Cherry.  Everything about this game is amazing, the gameplay, the lore, the graphics, and of course, that lovely soundtrack by composer Christopher Larkin.  So without further ado, my top five favorite songs from Hollow Knight (including music found in the DLC).

5: Hornet This is the music that plays when you fight Hornet, a rather cool bug lady who proves to be your ally by the end of the game.  It’s super cool that she’s starring in the game’s sequel, Silksong….

4: Gods and Glory This music is heard during the Pantheon battles in the Godmaster DLC.  It is just so epic and amazing, and I’m not sure what else to say!

3: City of Tears The City of Tears was the once flourishing city at the heart of Hollownest, now only inhabited by the infected husks of the bugs that once lived there.  It is constantly raining here due to the water dripping from the ceiling.  The music is both sad and beautiful, allowing one to feel both awe at the city’s majesty and sorrow for its downfall.

2: Grimm Troupe Leader Grimm is an optional boss in the Grimm Troupe DLC.  Grimm is easily the coolest boss in the game.  Considering Grimm has some very obvious vampire influences, the organ music is the perfect backdrop to our showdown with him.  Just don’t forget to respect the bow!

1: Greenpath Easily my favorite music in the game, this song is so beautiful and serene.  Greenpath is an overgrown section of Hollownest that I can’t help but return to, if only for that peaceful music.  There’s just this magical air about it, intermingled with sadness.  Though Hollownest is a sad place, it can also be an amazingly beautiful one, as well.


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