United We Game

Like the Duck of Indeed?  Sure you do.  Why else would you be here?  Well, I have some good news.  In addition to this blog, the Duck is also working on a great blog dedicated solely to my favorite pastime, video games.  This blog is called United We Game, and I am working on it with fellow gamers and bloggers of My Two Caps and Recollections of Play.  Each of us knows our games and has different styles of writing, along with a variety of topics and viewpoints we like to write about. 

            But, that’s not what distinguishes this blog from others.  With this blog, you have the opportunity to write posts here, too.  Yes, you!  So if you like video games and would like to contribute your own thoughts to United We Game, stop on by and leave us a comment.  You’ll get to have your work shown on our blog, plus it’ll get more views for your own blog, as well.  (You don’t even need a blog to submit posts.  We’d still like to showcase your work.)  So come and check out United We Game (and of course, the solo posts of my fellow gamers, as well, found in the Blogroll).  We’ll be happy to see you there.

7 thoughts on “United We Game

  1. Duck, what is it? I’m terrible at guessing games and I have the patience of someone that is much tinier than me. Tell me, please oh please oh please…. 🙂


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