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Inktober 2019 Highlights Week 2

Time to share with you all the highlights from my next batch of Inktober drawings!  You may have noticed that I am slowly getting better.  My crosshatching has improved, plus I learned that large, bold areas of ink have a way of making a picture “pop”, so you’ll be seeing a bit more of that now.  As usual, you can see every one of my Inktober pictures over on Deviant Art. Continue reading Inktober 2019 Highlights Week 2

A Manga Book

Not to be confused with mango, and I’m pretty sure I’m saying it wrong either way (is it really mon-guh?), before the 100 Theme Challenge, I drew things from “The Monster Book of Manga”, edited by Estudio Joso.  Sometimes I just copied the pictures for practice, and sometimes I drew the poses, but the people I drew were characters from video games, mainly Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts.  And two from Zelda and one from Jak and Daxter.  Gah, I was so lazy back then!  Still a lack of original characters!  I also skipped some, like the devils and the pictures with more nakedness.  Not doing that.

          And I’m looking back at what I drew right now, and they are quite bad.  They range from the end of January 2008 to near the end of June of the same year, over two years ago.  But, I guess the good thing about the badness is that it shows me how much I’ve improved.  I can do much better now.  Much, much better!  Compared to that lugubrious state of incompetence two years ago, I now am pretty darn awesome.  Though, not really.

            Anyway, specifically, one thing I liked was for “Knight”, I drew Link (from Zelda) as the knight and Volvagio as the dragon, and the dragon doesn’t look that bad.  Aren’t I impressive?  No.  But anyway, I copied the “Worm”, “Witch”, and “Wanderer” and did a decent job (Do I just have good luck with things that start with “W”?).  And I copied the hands of many characters all right.  Other than that, largely meh.  Book-wise, I liked the “Ghost” a lot.  I didn’t copy it well, but I think the original looks cool.

            I thought it was funny in the book how they drew on underwear and such before adding the actual clothing.  It’s not gonna show, so I didn’t see the point in drawing it.  Just don’t put any detail…there.  To this day, I have never drawn undies.

            Very useful book, though.  And it has information on Photoshop and making comics at the end.  At the time, I had no intention on making comics, but now that I do, it’s even niftier.  And yes, I pronounce it main-ga.  Problem?

The Manga Duck