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Day 5: Game Character I Feel I’m Most Like (Or Wish I Was)

It is now day 5 (or topic 5, as I am way beyond day 5) of my 30 day video game posts, which focuses on a game character I think I am most like (or wish I was), though this may or may not already be pretty clear from the title.  This is a rather hard one.  There are a lot of characters out there, and there are some I share similarities with and some I don’t.  But, I am really not sure who I am most like, and it’s a strangely embarrassing question, I think.  I’d sound like a weirdo if I said, I don’t know, I was like Samus.  What a conceited jerk I’d seem like to everyone.  I think I’m similar to the super awesome bounty hunter from the “Metroid” series?  Yeah, right.  No one compares to Samus because she is awesome.  Well, no, I wouldn’t choose her anyway, as I am nothing like Samus.  Perhaps that counts as a character I wish I was like, but still.  That’s not a good topic, either, as there are a lot of characters I wish I was like.  I wish I was cool and brave like Samus.  I wish I was as sweet and kind as Sora from “Kingdom Hearts”.  I mean, who doesn’t have a dozen characters they wish they were like?

            So that brings me back to which character I think I’m most like.  Well, none of the heroes, that’s for sure.  None of the villains, either, fortunately.  I’m neither heroic nor villainous.  So I guess I’d have to go with a minor character.  After thinking long and hard, for much longer and much harder than I really should have been, I decided on one particular character I may share the most similarities with.  This character would be the not-so-well-known Vin from “Jak II”.

            You may remember the post I wrote on this guy.  Vin is this nervous, nerdy character that manages the Power Station of Haven City.  While I certainly don’t do anything important like he does, I believe our personalities have some unfortunate similarities.  For one thing, I am super nervous like Vin is.  I’m sick to my stomach right now.  Why?  I don’t know.  Maybe because there are a million things out there to be sick to your stomach about.  Where to begin?  I may not fear Metal Heads as Vin does (if they existed, I’m sure I would), but I do fear all manner of illnesses, clowns, natural disasters, bears, crime, bear-clown hybrids, and that fateful day I just know is coming when a large spider is going to end up in my house or the smoke detector will go off due to low batteries, and I will not currently possess the necessary skills to stop it.  I also dread the day my computer finally dies.  Or gets so dang old, it simply isn’t compatible with anything anymore.  Heck, I was nervous enough when Youtube was acting up on my computer (I love Youtube).

            I am also paranoid.  While Vin thinks everyone, including Baron Praxis, is out to get him, I have suspected others were out to get me, too.  There were multiple occasions where I was alone with someone, and the thought suddenly went through my head that, if they decided to kill me, what would I do?  How would I fight back?  And if I failed, would anyone ever find my body?  (Well, I’m not going into the middle of nowhere with people, but a duck body may be pretty easy to hide due to our small and compact size, and my corpse may spend years in the ventilation ducts in the ceiling, which is surprisingly fitting, as the word ducts sounds like ducks.)  I started to panic inside, thinking this is a prime murder location.  If I was a murderer, surely I would murder myself here.  If they wanted to do it here, they would probably succeed.  Oh, if I just hadn’t made the decision to go here with them, I would have lived a long and happy life.  Or I worry that when we’re driving somewhere, someone is going to take a detour to drive me out into the middle of nowhere and butcher me rather than continue on to our planned destination (I’ll drive to the comicon alone next time, thank you very much!).  That’s the reason why I do the driving.  Plus, people drive like maniacs, with their lane-changing and their lack of turn signals.  You always know when I’m going to change lanes.  Always.  No surprises driving behind this duck.  You’ll just be stuck driving the speed limit.  Sorry.

            Also, it is not part of the game itself, but “Jak 3” has these goofy interviews with the characters, and while it is not canon, the characters are still, well, in-character.  Anyway, in this interview, Vin is also bothered by “people getting too close” and germs, which is why he doesn’t shake hands.  I don’t like people getting near me, either.  I don’t hug.  I also don’t see the appeal of kissing (get your face away from my face; I’m not food!) or holding hands (I don’t want to touch your clammy mitts, either!).  I also usually don’t like people sitting next to me.  I know I’m on a full-sized couch, but sit on the other couch.  My bubble of solitude needs a good ten-foot radius.  I also don’t like shaking hands.  It’s filthy.  We’re going to have an epidemic that will spread like wildfire because of this bizarre ritual to grasp the hands of everyone you meet.  You don’t know what disease they have.  If they have leprosy or some other affliction of the epidermis.  If they wiped their nose or coughed or sneezed on their hand.  You don’t know if they washed their hands or not after they went to the bathroom.  You can’t know these things, and it would be rude to ask, and yet you are expected to touch other people and get their germs on you.  Why?  I say we do away with the whole thing.

            So there you have it.  I share the unappealing characteristics of a guy described as “pathetic” and “a bit crazy” by other characters in the game.  Which are words possibly bouncing around the minds of my readers right now.  …Hey, you guys aren’t, perchance, considering to murder me, are you?  Oh, what’s wrong with me, now you know I’m on to you, which will only make my assailants all the more sneaky.  Must lock doors and keep Keyblade close by…  Not that I don’t always do that anyway…

The Duck is Keeping a Close Eye on You….

Day 2: My Favorite Character, Kind Of

Remember that 30-day thing I was doing, with 30 days of video game topics?  Well, I’m finally back to that, and today’s topic is my favorite video game character.  This is a hard one.  I like a lot of characters.  Basically, out of all the characters I love, the one I love most is whoever I saw the most recently.  I often like villains.  Sometimes, I like good characters.  Some characters I grow bored of, only to find I still like them when I see them in a game again, while others I can’t figure out why I ever liked them.  So right now, I can’t choose the character I feel the most affection for currently (right now, it is Dr. Nefarious from the “Ratchet and Clank” series).  That will change to someone else eventually.  The character I choose for this post will be someone I have liked the longest and who I have a special attachment to.  This character is Link, the hero of “The Legend of Zelda” series.

            Sure, there are much more interesting characters.  There are characters with much more personality.  And so on and so forth.  But, I have always liked Link.  “The Legend of Zelda” series is one of my favorite series of all time.  Link is also still my most played character in “Super Smash Bros.”  Link never gets old (ha ha, in more ways than one, well, he gets older, but…oh, you get it!).  And I think there are several reasons for this.

            Link never talks.  Link actually doesn’t even have much personality.  He seems like a nice guy.  He seems to like sleeping, as someone had to wake him up at the beginning of “Ocarina of Time” and “Skyward Sword”.  He’s brave.  But, mostly, he’s nothing (that’s not as mean as it sounds, really).  And so when I play as him, I make him who I want him to be.  So in a way, you don’t really play as Link.  You are Link.  Because he has so little personality of his own, you can transfer some of yourself to him, and so he may seem a bit different to everyone who plays.  And yet no matter who plays, he always has the same traits one would expect from a hero.  He has courage (as proof, he even often gets the Triforce of Courage) and a determination to save Zelda/Hyrule/whatever and stop Ganondorf or whoever else stands in his way at all costs.  He is also a good guy that people can depend on.  In short, he has the traits of a hero without the usual arrogance.  And as I play the games, Link becomes like me, and I become a hero like him.

            And another reason why I like him is because, in a way, I grew up with Link.  Link started out as a child in the earlier games, but as time went by, he’s actually been older in the more recent ones, usually around age 17 or so.  I also started out as a duckling playing the games or watching my parents play them.  Now that I am older, Link is, too.  It feels like we’ve grown up together, like friends would.  It’s corny, but it is true, and it has made me more attached to him in some ways than characters that I first met only a few years ago.

            So I don’t really have tons more to say, but those are the reasons why I like Link.  While there are characters I may actually like more than Link, Link still remains a character I’ve been attached to for a long time, perhaps longer than any other character.  I have a special bond with him because his lack of a personality makes him a blank slate for me to make him whoever I want him to be.  And because he’s a hero, I feel like I am, too.  I’ve always liked Link, and I think I always will.

Linking to a Duck

A Sequel to My Funniest Video Game Dances Post

Remember my What the Duck Awards post on the Funniest Dance Performed by a Video Game Character?  Well, I just recently saw a new video, and I take it back.  I take it all back.  While I am not choosing a new winner, I did find a hilarious video of dancing video game characters.

            So at the bottom of this post, I present you with a delightful video taken from “Ratchet and Clank Future: A Crack in Time”.  In some “Ratchet and Clank” games, including this one, you can use a device called a Groovitron which causes everyone, enemies and allies alike, to start dancing uncontrollably.  This video plays all the Groovitron’s songs while showing the dances of every single character and enemy (of the ones that dance).  It is too great not to share.

            My personal favorites are: the second Terachnoid around 0:48, Mr. Zurkon around 1:03 (because he’s adorable), Captain Qwark’s ridiculous dance right after Mr. Zurkon’s, the Smuggler around 2:06, the female Fongoid around 4:36, and Azimuth around 5:19.  Azimuth is probably the best of all of them.  His is just great.  If you only watch one, skip ahead and watch him.  Then, go back and watch all the others.  (I wish I could’ve seen Lawrence dance.  He’s always so composed.)

            Which ones do you guys like most?

The Duck Who Can’t Dance As Well As Most of Those Characters