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Vanille Cosplay: The Shirt

This was a particularly busy year for cosplay, but I have finally done it.  Two costumes in one year.  And I never plan to do that ever, ever again.  Rosalina is done, and now Vanille has been completed, as well.  The last thing to cover is her shirt, and cover it we shall! Continue reading Vanille Cosplay: The Shirt

Vanille Cosplay: The Fur

The title of this post may, at first, appear misleading.  Vanille has fur in two parts of her costume, so which, pray tell, am I talking about?  To which I respond, the back stuff, silly.  The shoes have already been covered.  I was pretty excited to work with fur, as I never had before, and it was quite a treat when I received a bag of fluffy, fake brown fur in the mail one day.  It was less of a treat, however, when I cut it.

The problem with long fur is the mess.  Once I cut the fur to the correct size, a lot of fur came loose.  The fur was attached quite securely to the backing, but cutting the fabric means lots of fur will be liberated from their bond, free to fly about the floor at any hint of a breeze.  To avoid dealing with stray pieces of fur every time I moved my fabric, I just put it on the kitchen floor and started pulling fur off the edges.  Eventually, I had a big, ol’ pile of the stuff.  Shaking the fabric quite vigorously, more fur came flying off, and I collected that, too.  After a little while, no more fur came free.  I delivered this fur to the nearest trash receptacle and got ready for phase…whichever came next. Continue reading Vanille Cosplay: The Fur

Vanille Cosplay: The Boots

Vanille’s boots were pretty easy to find.  After searching through several stores, I actually found some perfect brown boots at Target that looked exactly like Vanille’s shoes, minus the delightful white fur.  As you might have guessed, considering there was so little to do, this part of the costume was actually pretty easy, if not a little confusing.

You see, these are pretty nice shoes, and I didn’t want to permanently attach anything to them so that they could be worn on other occasions.  But how, I asked myself, would I attach the fur without any sewing or gluing?  It seemed impossible!  Or was it?  The answer, I believed, was Velcro.  First, I cut strips of fake, white fur, and I folded and sewed down about two inches on top to fold over the top edge of the shoes.  I then folded the bottom up and sewed that edge, as well, so no one would see the odd mesh underneath the fur. Continue reading Vanille Cosplay: The Boots

Vanille Cosplay: The Belt

One part of Vanille’s costume I was always baffled by was her belt.  I had no idea what kind of material it was made of or what would look right.  Some people used foam, but it didn’t seem like it would give the right effect I was looking for.  I thought long and hard and finally came to a conclusion.  Rope.  I looked online, and lo and behold, they did sell tan colored rope of multiple thicknesses, and they looked surprisingly similar in material to Vanille’s belt.  Perhaps I had found the correct material, after all.  I bought myself a roll of it and got to work (after it arrived in the mail, of course). Continue reading Vanille Cosplay: The Belt

Vanille Cosplay: The Bag

Welcome, everyone, time for another exciting cosplay update!  One convenient thing about Vanille was the fact that her costume had built-in storage.  Most fictional characters have no need for wallets and driver’s licenses, apparently, as none of them have any pockets or bags with which to carry them.  At least, none of the ones I’ve cosplayed as so far.  And, seeing as I don’t want to ruin my costume with an inaccurate bag, it seemed very handy indeed that she already had this covered. Continue reading Vanille Cosplay: The Bag

Vanille Cosplay: The Beads

I recently finished a part of Vanille’s costume that I originally had a lot of concerns about: her beads.  Vanille’s costume actually has a lot of these little buggers, but the beads I mean for the sake of this post are the ones she wears around her torso, which I must admit is a bit…weird.  Being such an unconventional article of clothing, I found myself putting this task off, but it had to get done, and, well, now it is.

First off, I learned when shopping for beads initially that the main type you typically see is called a pony bead.  I bought a bunch of white ones and a bag of assorted colors, as some of the colors I wanted were not sold in bags of their own.  This worked for many of my beads, and for any beads where I didn’t have enough colors, I had to paint white beads (as I had plenty to spare) the correct color.  Let me tell you, painting beads is a very time consuming task.  I would recommend avoiding such a fate whenever possible. Continue reading Vanille Cosplay: The Beads

Vanille Cosplay: The Skirt

Okay, I don’t think I’ve written a post about completing any part of Vanille’s costume since her necklaces.  And based on that, you’d kind of think I’ve been making very little progress, no?  Well, strangely enough, I am actually getting close to finishing this costume.  Nearly everything has been started…just very few things have been completed.  But, at long last, pieces of this cosplay are finally starting to come together, and I now have my first garment of hers, her skirt.  Huzzah!

Vanille’s skirt was a pain.  Everything about cosplay is, really.  It makes you wonder why I bother….  After inspecting my references, I found that Vanille seems to have three pieces to her skirt, a longer skirt underneath, a short skirt over that, and this front piece.  It also has an orange to yellow gradient on it, which I was not able to buy in stores, so I settled for white fabric and three bottles of dye, yellow for the…yellow, and orange and red to get the right shade of reddish orange.  I also bought some elastic, which I’ve never used before, but it seemed like it would be needed. Continue reading Vanille Cosplay: The Skirt

Cosplay Update: Vanille’s Necklaces

To be honest, I’ve gone a bit overboard this year in terms of costumes.  For some reason, I have decided to make two costumes rather than just one.  In addition to Super Mario Galaxy’s Rosalina, I am also making a costume for Vanille, my favorite character from Final Fantasy XIII.  I’m also practicing an Aussie accent, which I am still dreadful at.  But, I am pretty good at saying a few words so far, like paper and Charlie.  Pie-puh.  Chah-lie.  Chah-lie had some pie-puh.

And so, today it is time to share with you all my first completed items of Vanille’s clothing, her necklaces.  I had to get some help online to figure out how to make these because they almost look like they’re made of wood, and I don’t carve wood.  Ducks don’t do that kind of stuff.  So, after a quick perusal online, I saw that the Internet said to cover memory wire with model magic and use ribbon for the lines on her necklaces.  Long story short, I did just that.  For the longer story, read on. Continue reading Cosplay Update: Vanille’s Necklaces

Because I’m That Good

I struggled hard to reach my goal.  Hours and hours it took.  And finally, finally I have done it.  No, I didn’t finish my comic script.  Or publish my first work.  No, I didn’t draw the most masterful of masterpieces.  Or even invent a new kind of cheese!  Stop guessing already; you’re expectations are too high!

            No, what I did wasn’t all that monumental, but it doesn’t matter.  I am proud.  I beat Final Fantasy XIII, and it was an awesome game.  It took me 104 hours and 20 minutes, from July 30 to December 17, but I beat it.  Take that, final boss!  Since it was such an awesome game, I had to write about it.  Don’t worry, though, I’ll try to avoid typing any spoilers.  Behold my vagueness!

            Final Fantasy games are so dang long, so I wasn’t sure if I’d buy anymore.  But, when I was buying an Xbox 360, the Final Fantasy XIII edition had such an awesome looking box.  Plus, the console came with a way bigger hard drive than I can ever use, an extra controller, and it, of course, came with FFXIII, which I still was considering getting.  (Also, on the side of the 360, if it’s horizontal, it says Final Fantasy XIII.  Oooooh!)  So I went for it, and I’m glad I did.  It was awesome!  The game is three disks long, and yet the first two go by fairly fast.  (By the way, this is my first game that is more than one disk long.)

          Anyway, I was proud of myself that I actually understood the plot this time.  In FFX and FFXII, I got quite lost.  I knew who was good, who was bad, and that was about it.  It’s a good plot, and I just feel like I got more attached to the characters in this game than in the others.  I don’t know exactly why.  I love Vanille the most.  She’s a delight!  I thought she’d be a little annoying at first, but no.  I love her to bits!  She’s just adorable!  Sazh is my second favorite.  I’m not as sure of the exact reason why, but anyway.  (And it amuses me to no end how that cactuar in disk 3 bugs him so much.  He seems to be the only one just so bothered by that darn cactuar.  Calm down, Sazh, it’ just a creepy, walking cactus.  That kicks people.)  The other characters are good, too, though.  (And I really like Lightning’s coat or whatever.  I want it.)

          Speaking of favorite characters, why don’t I tell you a little bit about favorite enemies.  My favorite enemy name…Corrosive Custard.  That’s right.  Many (if not every) FF game has blobby enemies called flan, and one type in this game is Corrosive Custard.  Imagine that as a dessert.

“No, don’t eat that, it’s corrosive!”

“Hey, did you check the date on this, ‘cuz I think this custard’s a bit corrosive.”

“How did he die?”

“Well, I think that custard he ate…was corrosive.”

          After that, Rust Pudding.  Mmm-mmm.  Now that sounds appetizing.  Now what, though, is Ferruginous Pudding?  My dictionary says it contains or is similar to iron.  Another delicious choice.  I learned a new word!  You see how educational video games are?  There’s also Flandragora and Flanitor.  Tee hee!

            My favorite enemy, though, are those bird monster things that hop around on one leg and dance, mainly Yahsha and Yahshini.  I feel bad killing them.  Look at them dance!  Dance, birdies!

            And, there is another thing that is super cute.  Like, exceeding Vanille’s cuteness.  The tiny sheep.  Oh.  My.  Gosh.  How I love them!  They’re little, and they baa!  All the things I’m looking for in cute mini sheep.

            You know, the items you get from enemies are also kind of silly.  Oh, lucky me, I got a moist scale.  Torn leather, whoopee.  A tear of woe?  What the crap is that?!  Murky ooze?  Eww!  Oh, look, I have obtained both sturdy and shattered bones.

            Anyway, though, it’s a great game.  There’s funny stuff, some very sad things.  Some awesome places and music and enemies.  It’s just plain great.  I know this post really gave you guys no information, but I don’t want to spoil anything, so I can’t say much more.  All I can tell you is the game was well worth the effort.  I remember early on, I had so much trouble beating the second Eidolon.  (Eidolon is a real word, by the way.  It means phantom.  Video games really are educational!)  I thought I could progress no further, but I upgraded a bunch, and I won, and I then knew that nothing would stop me.  No, not even you, final boss!  I tried so many times to win!  It was certainly a challenge, but I won!  I won!  This gamer won’t be taken down so easily!

Duck of Indeed: A Minor Fal’Cie