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100 Theme Blog Challenge No. 26: Tears

Today’s theme is tears, and I’ve been thinking a lot on this one, as I didn’t know how to write about tears without being depressing.  We’ve all had sad experiences in our lives, so who wants to rehash them?  But sometimes, ironically enough, being sad is sometimes a pleasant experience, a good way to release emotions and end up feeling happier as a result.  To quote Sally Sparrow from my favorite Dr. Who episode Blink, sad is “happy for deep people”.  So in today’s post, I thought I’d list a few of my favorite sad things. Continue reading 100 Theme Blog Challenge No. 26: Tears

Invader ZiM: Enter the Florpus is Better Than Chicken and Rice

The Duck doesn’t normally do movie reviews…or watch that many modern movies in general.  (I don’t even have cable anymore.  Why was I paying to watch TV with commercials anyway?)  But last Friday, something very special came to Netflix…Invader ZiM: Enter the Florpus.  Below, I’d like to indulge in a brief moment of nostalgia, followed by a little review summarizing my thoughts on this momentous occasion in human history. Continue reading Invader ZiM: Enter the Florpus is Better Than Chicken and Rice

I Finally Watched Gravity Falls!

The Duck is not big into television.  In fact, I recently cancelled cable and have had no regrets.  When I do plop my feathery backend in front of the TV, it is either for the purposes of gaming or watching silly people visit roadside attractions and the like on Youtube.  Occasionally, I also watch movies on VHS.  Yes, I still have a VCR.  You just have to know how to use it correctly, because if you don’t watch out, it has been known to eat unsuspecting tapes.  Good bye, Peter Pan.  And Snow White.  And Alien.  And Toy Story.

Pop quiz: which of these is not like the other?

The answer: Toy Story.  Because that one only got partially eaten.  Once I got the cassette free, I stuck the protruding tape back inside.  I have yet to confirm whether or not it still works.  But I’d like to believe that it does. Continue reading I Finally Watched Gravity Falls!

It’s Ingenious

Yes, it is.  “But, what ducky, what?  Tell me, what is so conspicuously ingenious.”  Well, I’m going to annoy you and take a while to say it.  Are you on the edge of your seat in suspense?  Does this compete with the most thrilling of mystery?  Or do you have an infinitesimal amount of patience left and will defenestrate yourself if I don’t just get on with it?  Very well.

            I’m talking about “Invader ZiM”, perhaps the best show ever, especially considering it is a kid show, created by Jhonen Vasquez, creator of some equally bizarre comics.  I remember what got me interested.  A commercial with a scene from the show with ZiM and Gir, talking about, was it juice?  I was immediately interested, but being quite unskilled in the art of finding-what-time-shows-are-on, and at the time, we only had those awful scrolling TV guides, I didn’t have a clue when it would be on.  And on one random visit back to that channel, something seemed very familiar.  And behold, it was the “Bestest Friend” episode of Invader ZiM, shortly after it started.  What luck!

            So I’ve been a big fan of the show ever since, and was quite overjoyed when I heard that the DVD’s were coming out.  I bought the three main sets right around when they came out (don’t know if they’ve come out with more things, though).

            So just thought I’d mention one of my favorite shows ever.  It’s very funny and very weird, and I used to be really bad at drawing the characters.  I would try everyday, but as I used to do, I gave up.  But, I’m now much better at drawing them.  I’m gonna put at least one of my Invader ZiM pictures on the blog soon, too.  Huzzah!

Invader Duck