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Spatchcocked Turkey and Cat Towers

Thanksgiving was last week, and though my post is a tad late, getting a post published the day after the holiday it’s about isn’t too easy.  So I didn’t.  Ahem, I just thought I’d write a little bit about how our Thanksgiving went, along with a little gift we got for our lovely Siamese cats, Rosalina and Carmelita.

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The Best Treats Are Hard to Pronounce

I hope everyone had a fun and delightful Thanksgiving!  Like usual, I stuffed my face with many tasty things, but the most special thing of all was this year’s dessert, a unique pastry that I have never made before.  The dessert I made is called a povitica, and it is a European bread/pastry similar to babka.  It is prepared by spreading dough out very thin, covering it in a chocolate and walnut filling, rolling it up, and folding it up into the pan.  If done correctly, you will end up with swirls when you cut it open.  And I did.  Mission accomplished. Continue reading The Best Treats Are Hard to Pronounce

I’m Thankful for Soup

Even though it’s not a meal.

Okay, so this post is late, but all my posts are late…um, lately, so whatever. I can do what I want. I’m a duck. So, Thanksgiving, a holiday where people partake in turkey, whether or not they actually enjoy consuming the flesh of the chubby and flightless bird. Well, as I just said, ducks don’t follow the rules, so I didn’t have any turkey this year. For Thanksgiving, I mean. I did have some yummy turkey sandwiches throughout the year, but I don’t think that counts. In fact, I didn’t have any meat for my Thanksgiving dinner, as I decided to do something different this year. Which is very different indeed for me, as I do so enjoy eating delicious pieces of animals.

But, alas, despite my great love of yummy critters, I just ate soups for this Thanksgiving. That’s right, soups. I had three different kinds, corn and potato chowder, my pumpkin soup from Halloween, and squash and pear curry soup, all while watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade, which was quite fun. I made the corn chowder in a crock pot, while the rest was made on the stove, along with some delicious stuffed eggs and some rolls on the side. To summarize my meal, the corn chowder was awesome because the potatoes were so absurdly soft. I mean, it was ridiculous how soft they were. The pumpkin soup was the same as I remembered (psst, I added nutmeg even when it wasn’t in the recipe; don’t tell the police I broke the rules a third time), and the squash soup tasted like a sweeter version of the pumpkin, and while it smelled like curry, it wasn’t spicy. Still good, just not spicy. Which made me a tiny bit disappointed, but everything was so tasty, that made up for it quite nicely.

Then, of course, there’s the dessert. I made a pumpkin bundt cake, complete with orange frosting and green frosting leaves and vines. It actually turned out a bit tasteless, but it was all right, and I prevented it from becoming oily like the reviews said by taking their advice and using applesauce instead of oil. Here it is below:

A plump pumpkin cake
A plump pumpkin cake

This is after it inexplicably doubled in size
This is after it inexplicably doubled in size

And I had fun with some hardcore “Ratchet and Clank: Up Your Arsenal”, which is still just as awesome as ever.

So, how was everyone’s Thanksgivings? What kind of nifty things did you eat?

A Soupy Duck

Things I’m Thankful For

It’s that time of year again.  When people get together with family and think that they are expected to eat turkey and stuffing and that weird cranberry stuff.  And that time of year when we think about what we are thankful for.  I am thankful for many things.  Aside from the usual, here are a few:

1. I am thankful for my thumbs.  They are very useful.

2. I am thankful that my pets don’t see me as a potential food source.

3. I am thankful that there has yet to be a zombie apocalypse.  Now that would just ruin my week.

4. I am thankful I’ve never gotten trapped in a bathroom stall.  At least, I’m thankful that when I did, I was able to crawl out the bottom.

5. I am thankful that I’ve never broken any bones.  My plan of drinking a lot of milk and avoiding any physical activity has worked thus far.

6. I am thankful that I’ve never been abducted by aliens.  I am afraid of probing.

7. I am thankful that I don’t live right near a forest.  After seeing “The Blair Witch Project” and “Monster Quest”, I learned that nothing good lives in forests.

8. I am thankful for Amazon.com.  You can buy anything there.  I think next I’ll save up money for a unicorn.  They sell those, right?

9. I am thankful I’ve never been bitten by a vampire.  I wouldn’t want to live forever.  That would be boring.

10. I am also thankful for not being bitten by a werewolf.  I wouldn’t like turning into a wereduck and going on a rampage every full moon.  I really don’t like being out late.

            And of course, I am thankful for the people that read my blog.  (I am not sucking up at all.)  Have a jolly thanksgiving!

A Thankful Duck