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What Motivates You to Play?

What many gamers often point out as being a problem is not having enough time to play as much as they want, and it made me wonder, when we have limited time, what motivates us to spend that time playing games when we could be doing something else? We have various reasons why we might buy a game, but once you’ve spent your hard-earned money on it, what causes you to spend hours playing them when time is often even more limited than our money is? For me, my favorite kinds of games involve good stories and characters, and I can spend countless hours playing them because I want to experience the entire story and see what happens to the characters. But, that doesn’t cover all the genres out there. What about games that have no plot, or at the very least, where the plot is not the focus?

Well, in addition to games with good stories, I do enjoy platformers and other such genres, because I like the satisfaction it brings me to get 100%, story or not. And yet, I recently bought two games on the Wii U that largely don’t really fit either category and which I think act as a good illustration in what might motivate someone to play and what might not. Continue reading What Motivates You to Play?

It’s Like SSB for the PS3, and That Even Rhymes

One day, I was thinking to myself.  I was thinking how neat it would be if there was a “Super Smash Bros.”-like game for the PlayStation.  Then, I could have Ratchet beat up Jak.  I could have Jak beat up Ratchet.  And that’s really the only combinations I could think of, as I’m actually pretty limited on my knowledge of PlayStation characters.  But, it would still be pretty cool.  And then, a completely different day, I found out there was indeed such a game.  “PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale” for the PS3.

            So I ended up having to buy this game.  It’s not often something I’ve pondered about has turned out to be real.  When I got it, I found that this game is a lot like “SSB”.  As you’d expect, there are a good number of characters (20, I believe) from a variety of PlayStation games, such as “Ratchet and Clank”, “Jak and Daxter”, “Little Big Planet”, and “Infamous”.  And there are stages that take place in locations from those games, though some games get rather ignored, though I don’t care because the “Ratchet and Clank” and “Jak and Daxter” series got stages.  So I’m good with that.  The gameplay is pretty similar, as well.  Just like in “SSB”, attacks are done by pressing a combination of a button and tilting the control stick.  One thing I like is that this game has more attacks than “SSB”, as you can use Square, Triangle, and Circle to attack rather than just A and B.  You can also throw people and dodge attacks and such.  And double jump, despite being against all laws of physics.  I wish I could double jump.

            There is one main feature of the game that makes it a little different from “SSB”, which is how you defeat your opponent.  You don’t simply get their damage counter really high and then knock them off the stage.  You can actually attack the other character for an hour if you want and never defeat them.  Don’t know why you’d want to, but it’s your life.  Anyway, in this game, you attack your opponent until your meter gets high enough, and then you unleash a super move on them that, if it hits them, always kills them.  (It’s a lot like those Final Smash attacks in “Super Smash Bros. Brawl”.)  You can even wait for the meter to get extra high for a level 2 or level 3 super move.  Some of these are pretty cool, as you sometimes get multiple attempts to attack people when you use them.

            Another thing I find fun is that characters also go up in rank the more you use them.  This doesn’t affect the character at all, but it does unlock different icons (these little pictures that show up under your character on the loading screen that shows who’s fighting, which is kind of pointless, but okay), costumes for the character, “minions’ (these are little stubby versions of characters from the various games that sometimes cheer you on), and other such things.  I am disappointed that there are no characters or stages to unlock, though.  They’re all there from the start.  It was fun unlocking them in “SSB”.  But, I hear you can download two characters and a stage.  I probably won’t.  But, you can.

            Some of the stages can be pretty interesting, as well.  One thing I like about this game is that all stages have two parts to them.  They start off with a location from one game, and then they change and incorporate things from another game.  This makes them a bit more interesting.  For example, in Hades, there is this creepy monster in the background that sometimes tries to attack the players.  Then, halfway through the stage, these cute, little dudes with spears show up in the background behind the monster, while adorable music plays, which is very out of place.

            I ended up having fun with this game.  I just really enjoy getting the opportunity to play as a wide variety of characters and maul (or get mauled by) said characters.  That’s why I love the “SSB” series.  Though, while this game is a lot like “SSB”, it is lacking in one area, a variety of things to do.  There just isn’t a lot to do in this game.  Not really.  Like, this game has a story mode for every character, but it’s all really the same.  And calling it story mode may be pushing things a bit.  I think to call something story mode, an actual story should show up in there somewhere.

            These little “no-story” modes really just involve a little cut scene (well, more like a picture of the character(s), with dialogue) with the character(s) on some small, little quest.  (“Hey, Dax, let’s find a new kind of Eco.”  “Okay.”  Or “Hey, Clank, let’s find some gold bolts.”  “Okay.”)  Then, they fight a lot of battles that seem unrelated to anything.  There is then a real cut scene thrown in later, where they get into a fight with some other character, usually for some absurd reason (are video game characters really that sensitive that they’ll attack someone for the slightest perceived insult?).  Then, at the end, you fight this floating head guy called Polygon Man (which I think of as kind of this game’s version of Master Hand from “SSB”).

            In addition to “no-story” mode, there are also combat trials where you are supposed to do certain things, like defeat people a certain number of times with your level 1 super move or only attack with the square button and such.  There are some general ones, and there are a bunch for each specific character, too.  These started out fun, but then they get a bit boring, and I gave up.  Like I said, I found parts of this game disappointing.  While it will take a long time to do everything in it, a lot of it is really the same, so it will get boring if you try to do it all.  I think “SSB” games have a lot to do, but there is enough variety that it stays interesting.

            Despite a few things that disappointed me in the game, I did have fun playing it, and I’d like to talk just a little more on my favorite parts of this kind of game, the characters and stages.  My favorite characters were Jak and Ratchet from “Jak and Daxter” and “Ratchet and Clank” respectively.  Not only were they some of the only characters I actually knew, but they both came from games I loved and were a lot of fun to play as.  Playing as Jak feels a lot like controlling him in the actual “Jak and Daxter” games, plus his level 3 super move allows you to control Light Jak for a limited time.  Ratchet was fun, too.  You could have Mr. Zurkon (my all time favorite weapon from the “R&C” series) help you fight for short periods of time, complete with his usual insults and taunts (“Yoohoo!  Mr. Zurkon’s looking to kill you!”)  I also like that with his level 2 super move, you can use Clank to attack people.  I like watching people run in terror from cute, little Clank.

            Other characters I liked were Big Daddy and Sir Daniel.  I have never played their games, but I thought they were fun characters to play as.  Big Daddy is just awesome.  He wears a diving suit and has a big drill.  What is not great about that?  And Sir Daniel is a goofy, mumbling skeleton that is almost impossible to understand.  I have gotten attached to him.  Least favorite characters include Sweet Tooth the clown and that rapper dude.

            When it comes to stages I liked, my absolute favorite was San Francisco, for the simple fact that Dr. Nefarious (my favorite character from the “R&C” series) shows up in the second half, along with his silly space station from “A Crack in Time” that resembles a giant version of his head.  There’s also an “Uncharted 3” stage I think is pretty cool.  It’s the part of the game where Drake’s on the plane (hey, that sounds like a movie title, “Drake’s on a Plane”…), and the back opens up and the cargo starts to fly out.  It was awesome in “Uncharted 3”, and it’s awesome now.

            I also both like and get overly upset by Sandover Village from “Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy”.  This stage brings back lots of “Jak and Daxter” nostalgia and makes me wish all the more they’d make another game, that’s actually good.  It made me happy and depressed all at the same time.  Then, halfway through the battle, this stage’s transformation saw Sandover Village get turned into a golf course, which peeved me quite a bit.  Don’t desecrate a location from one of the greatest games ever made, you sons of…!  Swear words to you all!  Swear words!

            So this game, like the Sandover Village stage, managed to make me glad and sad at the same time.  The game could be fun.  I loved playing as my favorite PlayStation characters, along with new ones.  It has more variety in terms of the number of moves characters have.  I also liked how the stages change.  But, I thought that, after the initial excitement wears off and I’m done checking out all the new characters and stages, the game gets a bit boring.  All the extra things you can do are too similar.  I don’t feel there was as much variety as the “SSB” series.  I enjoyed it, but in no way can it compete with “SSB”.  At least, not for me.  And seriously, I just like sending people flying off the screen.

PlayStation All-Ducks Battle Royale, the Fighting Game Where You Only Play as Ducks

What the Duck Wants in the Next SSB

Quit a while back, I heard rumors from various Youtube videos about the next “Super Smash Bros.”.  There was apparently a “leaked” title for the game and new playable characters.  While some of this, if not all, is false, it is indeed true that Nintendo is working on another “SSB” for the Wii U, so I thought I’d write about what I think should be in the next game.  (Some of my suggestions are more serious than others.)

            First of all, the most important part.  The list of characters that should be in the next game.  Plus characters I’m suggesting just because.  The top character I want in the game would be Ghirahim, one of the main villains from “The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword”.  Because he’s awesome.  He’s a master swordsman.  He’s skilled in magic.  And even when he’s unarmed, he kicks my butt (not literally, that would’ve been strange).  And he’s a fun character (not to mention, I just know he would have great taunts).  He’s crazy and flamboyant and just plain weird, and I think he would make a really fun playable character for the next game.  (And he would add that his “stunning features” are another reason he should be in the next game.  Not sure if that’s what Nintendo’s looking for, though.)

            I also want King K. Rool from “Donkey Kong”, a fat, banana-loving crocodile that can apparently throw his crown like a boomerang and make ridiculously huge cannonballs fall from the sky (which should’ve destroyed his ship, but anyway).  And in “DKC2”, he had a blunderbuss.  Woo.  I’ve wanted this guy in “SSB” forever.  He almost made it into “Brawl”, I heard, but they chose King Dedede instead.  Okay, so now that Dedede’s already in “SSB”, let K. Rool in now.  Then, I’ll use him to beat the snot out of Dedede.  Not that I dislike Dedede, but I like K. Rool better.  And we have “Mario” and “Zelda” villains, why not a “Donkey Kong” villain?  Why not, Nintendo?  And the reptile population is grossly underrepresented in this game.  Seriously.  (And Solid Snake doesn’t count.  He’s a human.)

            And now for some less serious suggestions.  Also from “Donkey Kong”, I would like to see Dixie Kong.  She was always my favorite good character in the series.  She’s adorable, can use her long ponytail to fly like a helicopter, and chews bubble gum.  All great qualities.  Plus, she hasn’t been awesome since 1995 or 1996.  Make Dixie awesome again!  She deserves it.

            I also kind of want Shadow from the “Sonic the Hedgehog” series.  I don’t think they ever should’ve included non-Nintendo characters, but since they did, and they included Sonic, they should include Shadow.  (And seriously, give Sonic some actual attacks.  Ooh, look at me, I’m fast and can jump with that spring thing.  Yeah, we’re all impressed.)  Shadow is awesome (I really need to stop using that word), and I think he’s much cooler than Sonic, even though the two are pretty similar.  Heck, just replace Sonic with Shadow.

            And maybe Knuckles, also from “Sonic the Hedgehog”, would be good, too.  Because Knuckles is cool.  He can punch and stuff.  And glide.  I don’t know why an echidna (not to be confused with an enchilada; have I used that joke before?) can glide, but it makes him nifty.  Sonic can’t glide.  He can just run fast and jump with that spring thing.

            And when it comes to characters I don’t want, please.  Please.  Please make Jigglypuff go away.  Please.  I’m happy Dr. Mario is gone, but make Jigglypuff go away forever.  She is the worst character in the world and no one likes her and she’s weak and pointless and I just don’t want to have to look at her anymore.  What have I ever done to you, Nintendo!  I’m sorry!  I’m sorry!

            And I also hate Mr. Game.  He’s just a simple, 2D, cartoony person silhouette.  I know I like to use him to attack people with a pan of hot sausages (don’t we all?), but that’s not enough to make me like him.  I never will.  I refuse to like him.  I cross my arms and just plain refuse.

            And now for some random suggestions.  They need to do something to make Fox, Falco, and Wolf not identical.  Or just get rid of two.  They’re the same darn thing!  And stop making it possible to see Captain Falcon’s nipples through his clothes!  The trauma!  Also, make Midna (from “The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess”) an assist trophy.  Don’t know what she’d do.  But, she’s cute.  Isn’t that reason enough?  And since I see lots of people on Youtube seem to like Groose (from “The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword”), they should make him an assist trophy, as well.  He has the Groosenator, after all.  And most of all, they must have something that was like Subspace Emissary from “Brawl”.  That made me a very happy piece of poultry.

            Well, those are all my suggestions.  Hopefully no one is cross at me, especially any Sonic fans out there.  (But, all he can do is run fast and jump with that spring thing!)  I’m sure Nintendo will ignore most, if not all, of my pretty wonderful suggestions, but whatever.  As long as Ghirahim is a playable character, I will be satisfied.  If not, Nintendo better watch out.  I’ll mail my gassy cat to them, and she’ll stink up everything (she is truly vile sometimes).  You’ve been warned.  Nintendo.

            On a side note, Carl was kind enough to have me do a guest post on his blog.  Thanks very much!  How exciting.  If you want to see it, it is here, and while you’re at it, check out the rest of his fine blog.

Super Duck Brothers…and Sisters

The Duck Gets in a Melee

I decided to check out “Super Smash Bros. Melee” again not that long ago, and it was a bit of a strange experience.  I found out the hard way that characters can’t swim in this game like they can in “Brawl” when Young Link sank to the bottom of Great Bay like a stone.  I also now see that the graphics I thought were so beautiful in the past pale in comparison to the graphics of “Brawl”.  They were great for their time, but now they’re just okay.  Also, it took me some effort to figure out the controls again.  I am so used to playing “Brawl” with the Wii remote that I just couldn’t figure out the GameCube controller again.  Got A and B attacks.  Easy.  Took some time to learn how to grab people and use the shield again.  But, how in Hyrule do you throw items?  Link grabbed this fan, and I couldn’t get him to let it go.  Put it down, Link!  Put it down!  Bad boy!  Put!  It!  Down!  I felt around the controller, making the poor thing likely feel rather uncomfortable, pressing everything, until I noticed the hidden Z button I had completely forgotten about.  That did the trick.  Good boy, Link.  Now replace those tights with some pants.

            Once all that was settled, I had almost somewhat of a fun time.  Kind of.  I remember when this game first came out, I was so excited, despite not being a fan of the original “Super Smash Bros.”  The graphics looked so much better.  There were so many new characters and new levels.  There were trophies now, event matches.  It was fantastic.  But, now that I’ve done almost everything in it, it’s a bit sad and boring.  “Brawl”, too, has lost much of its original thrill.  While the games are extremely fun when I first get them, I have no desire whatsoever to do any of those things over again.  I am not suffering through those horridly difficult event matches again or playing however many hours it took to get Mewtwo.  For me, the replay-ability (is that a word?) is just not there for this series.

           Luckily, there are a few things I still haven’t been able to do, which made playing the game a bit fun again.  I found that two event matches were left, 36, I think, and 49.  I beat 36, where you play asNess, and he has to beat several characters like Samus and Kirby, but 49 is impossible.  This is where you can play as anyone, and you must beat some of the new characters.  Dr. Mario beats the snot out of me every time.  He’s a terrible doctor.  And I actually got a new trophy.  I did Adventure Mode, and for the first time ever, Giga Bowser showed up.  I have no idea why.  But, I beat him and got the trophy.  It’s weird that after a decade of having the game, I can still get new things.

           In short, this game saddens me a bit to remember how fun it used to be, and now I can’t play that long without getting bored.  Games are almost always the best the first time through, but many of them still stay fun for years to come.  But, with “Super Smash Bros.”, it isn’t fun to do things over again.  Not for me, at least.  It kind of takes the fun out of the next “SSB”.  I look forward to it, but once I play it, it’ll likely suffer the same fate as the other games unless they do another story mode and do it even better than “Brawl” did.  Let’s have a moment of silence for the awesomeness “Melee” used to have.  …  …  There, that was nice.

Giga Duck

Top Songs from SSBB

“Super Smash Bros Brawl” has a bunch of great songs from a variety of games, so I had to do my top 10 songs from this game.  It was hard to narrow it down when there were so many good songs to choose from.  I had to cut some really good ones, but here are the ones I think are the best.

            10. “King Dedede’s Theme” is the theme for King Dedede, the fat penguin from the “Kirby” series.  I always thought this was a fun song.

            9. “Molgera Battle” seems to be the original version of the song from “The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker”, which plays when you fight Molgera, of course.  It doesn’t fit a boss battle or a fighting game at all, but it’s still fun.

            8. “Bramble Blast” is the new version of “Stickerbush Symphony” from “Donkey Kong Country 2”.  This version is actually a lot different in parts (even to the point of being unrecognizable), but I still like it.

            7. “Ashley’s Song (English)” is a song that is apparently about a weird girl named Ashley that lives in a haunted mansion and can do spells.  The song is from “WarioWare: Touched!”, which I’ve never played.  Some people don’t like that the English version sounds too Broadway-ish, but I still like it anyway.

            6. “Underground Theme (Super Mario Land)” is from a game I’ve never played, but it is awesome, especially when it really gets going at 0:24.

            5. “Gerudo Valley” is originally from “The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time” and has always been one of the best songs from that game.  I like the guitar.

            4. “Vs. Marx” is a revised version of the music that plays when you fight Marx in “Kirby Superstar”.  I like the beginning the most.

            3. “Main Theme (Super Smash Brothers Brawl)” is the awesome version of this game’s theme that plays in the opening video.  It is epic.  It includes a chorus and is sung in Latin.

            2. “Calling to the Night” is another song with words and is from “Metal Gear Solid Portable Ops”, which I have not played.  Fortunately for me, they included this beautiful song for us all to hear.

            1. “Metroid Prime Opening/Menu” is one of the best songs ever and from “Metroid Prime”.  It has a really interesting sound to it and sounds very sci-fi-ish.  I love that siren type sound in the background at parts.  I hate the narration at the beginning, though, but it ends around 0:13 or so.

Calling to the Duck

The Duck Gets in a Brawl

I was playing “Super Smash Brothers Brawl” again recently.  There wasn’t tons to do, though, because I already got almost everything.  Darn me and my amazingness.  The game was still fun, though.

            Every “Super Smash Brothers” game is better than the last.  The graphics continue to get better.  And this one has a whopping 35 playable characters, I believe.  The characters are from a bunch of different Nintendo games, and now they’ve added two from other video game developers, as well, Sonic the hedgehog and Solid Snake.  (No idea who Snake is, but he’s apparently from “Metal Gear”.  Still tells me nothing.)  One huge thing I love about the series is that you get to play as characters you don’t normally get to play as.  I’ve never gotten to play as Ganondorf or Zelda or Falco, but now I can.  It’s awesome.  Plus, playing as characters that are playable in other games is still fun, too.  Link’s my favorite.  Always has been.  Always will be.  (Unless Ghirahim from “Skyward Sword” ends up in the next “SSB”…  Then, forget you, Link.  Sorry.)

            Some of the character changes in this game made me sad, and some made me gleeful.  They replaced Young Link with Toon Link, which made me sad.  Young Link was adorable, especially when he drank his bottle of milk.  Aww.  And Pichu was cute, too, but I see why they got rid of it.  It was a weakling.  An adorable weakling.  But, they added good characters like Meta Knight and King Dedede from the “Kirby” series, so that made me gleeful.  They also added Wolf from the “Star Fox” series.  I don’t know who he is, and I don’t know why they added him when he’s the same as Fox and Falco.  His addition leaves me indifferent.  Wario’s addition makes me disturbed.  (Don’t use down B!  NOOOO!!!)

            This game also has new trophies.  New stages.  You can also collect music and stickers.  I think the stickers are a bit odd, but okay.  You can use them for upgrading characters, I think, though I don’t usually bother.  I have over 600 of them, and no way am I going through all that.  I believe I’ve gotten all the songs or all but one.  The songs then play on stages, which would be fun if they’d actually play my favorite songs.  They almost never do.  Wah.

            You can also create your own stages, but I only did it because you get something if you do.  All the stages I made are total crap.  Just awful.  And in some, characters got stuck places or couldn’t even reach each other.  I fixed it, but still.  (I think I shouldn’t go for a career in video games.)  I’ve never ever been good when games let you build or design stuff.  My gummy ships in “Kingdom Hearts” were complete crap.  My vehicles in “Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts and Bolts” were complete crap.  When I painted the moogle in “Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles”, it looked like multi-colored crap.  Everything I do is crap.  Thanks for rubbing my face in it, Nintendo.  Now I feel like crap.

            Anyway, the best part about “Brawl” is that they’ve also added a story mode called Subspace Emissary, which has a decent story.  (I like that there is no dialogue at all.  The whole story is told through the characters’ actions.)  It is made up of a bunch of side scrolling levels with a nice variety of locations and a lot of different enemies to beat up or get beaten by.  Some locations are beautiful.  I spent quite a bit of time admiring the background in the forest.  So pretty.  So very pretty.

            There are also secret rooms and such throughout the levels where you can collect stickers and trophies.  My first time through I got 85%, so I guess I missed a decent amount.  I decided to play again and thought I could do better, so even once I finished, I went back to get what I missed and ended up with 100% in 14 hours and 56 minutes.  Woo!  I now found that the three characters missing from the story mode can be unlocked.  You have to find and defeat them first, though.  Jigglypuff is a beast.  It doesn’t make sense because she’s crap to play as, but as a computer controlled character, she is evil.  I hate you, you pink puff of death.  I finally beat her with Kirby, a pink puff of goodness.

            “Brawl” also includes lots of demos or whatever of old games, but you can only play for a few minutes or something.  I need to play those sometime.  I’ve mainly ignored them.  Possibly due to some subconscious fear of old games because of how utterly and completely they’ve kicked my feathery butt in the past.  (I hate the old “Donkey Kong” arcade with every atom in my body.  Old games mean pain.  And dreadful sound effects.)

            Anyway, I very much look forward to what they’ll come out with when the next game arrives.  At this rate, the next game may be almost too awesome for me to handle.  I think I’ll manage, though.

Super Smash Brothers Duck (that should be the name of the sequel)

The Duck’s Thoughts on Video Games

Sana requested a post in which I tell you guys about what I like in video games and what’s not my cup of tea.  Sounds fun.  Thanks for the idea!  Here I go!


            The things I like are pretty obvious.  Of course, a game must be fun, but what makes some games stand out from others is when they have a good story and good characters.  These are pretty important.  That’s why I love games from the Kingdom Hearts and Jak and Daxter series so much.  Good stories, awesome characters.  And lots of fun.  The cut scenes are often as much fun as the game.  They get a very special place in my heart.  Like a nice apartment.  With a view.  Because I can’t fit houses in my heart.  I still, of course, like games that don’t have good plots, or plots at all, such as those from the Mario or Donkey Kong series because they are still fun and creative.  They are just not quite as special to me.  But, still special.  They get a slightly less nice apartment in my heart.

            Good graphics and music are always nice, but not super important.  Good, or at least, not bad dialogue helps, too.  Other things that make me happy are when you have a lot of places to explore, items to collect, new moves to learn, which is why I like Metroid games better than Halo, even though both are awesome.  In Metroid, you get upgraded weapons and moves as you play and can collect things to upgrade your health and missile capacity.  Plus, there are many places to explore.  Unique ideas are fun, too.  In “Okami”, for example, you drew things with a brush, which was neat.

            I also like when you can save often enough, don’t have to redo a lot when you die, and can skip cut scenes.  “Kingdom Hearts”, for example, made you rewatch cut scenes, and it was annoying.  Square Enix must have realized how annoying it was because you get to skip them now.  I also like when games are a challenge, but not ridiculous.  I hate absurdly hard games.

            Specifically, my favorite games are platformers, RPG’s, and other such things with action or exploring or whatever.


            Now for the things I hate.  These are the things that will cause me to sell or not even buy a game.  One is dirtiness.  Some games think that because they’re rated M, they need to have as many bad things as they’re allowed.  When I was looking at new games for the XBox 360, the only games that looked good were rated M, so I checked the back, and they had things I didn’t want.  So I’m not even going to try them.  What’s nice about the Halo series is all they have is violence and a little bit of swearing.  Being rated M, they could have more, but there is no dirty things and minimal swearing.  In fact, “Halo: Reach” doesn’t even have swearing.  I’m proud of you, Bungie.  On the other end of the spectrum, I don’t like super corny games.  I can only handle a small amount of corn.

            I was also kept from getting a game because I heard it had a limited number of saves.  That would be so annoying.  I also hate it in games when you can’t save at all.

            I also hate bad controls, like when the camera won’t obey you or you can’t control it at all, and you often die just because you can’t see where you’re going.  I also hate that “Sonic and the Secret Rings” is only hard because the controls are so bad.  They tried something new, where Sonic is always moving, and you tilt the Wii remote left or right to go left or right, forward to speed up, and back to slow down.  I think you can make Sonic stop, but it’s hard.  I feel like I have very little control over him.  It’s very aggravating.

            This next thing is tolerable or horrible, depending on what game it is.  I don’t like when games have battles start randomly.  Most games, you can see the enemies and choose if you want to fight.  In games like “Final Fantasy X” and “Quest 64”, you never know when a battle may start because you can’t see any enemies.  You’re just walking, and then suddenly you have to fight things and can’t easily get away.  In the former game, though, it’s a good game so it doesn’t bother me as much, but the latter is already not a great game, and this is pretty much the worst part of it.

            Also, like I said, I hate super hard games.  I really hate them.  It’s bad enough that the final bosses of “Vexx” and “Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep” are insane, but when a whole game is a chore…  No way.  I also hate having to do stupid things or you can’t move on, such as beating the super annoying “Donkey Kong Arcade” in “Donkey Kong 64” not once, but twice, in order to get a necessary item.  I also hate when you must fight zillions of enemies or when they take super long to kill.  All this fuels the duck’s feathery rage.

            The types of games I dislike are sports, really simple games like pinball or Pacman, and fighting games that aren’t “Super Smash Brothers” and racing games other than “Jak X” or “F-Zero”.


            And now, the things that simply disappoint me.  For one thing, when things don’t feel complete.  In the 2006 version of “Sonic the Hedgehog”, it was a good game, but they left some things unfinished.  For example, things would fall in the water without a splash.  Such a simple thing to fix.  I felt like they sold the game before they were completely done with it.

            I am also disappointed by bad graphics and bad music, but that’s not a big deal.  I am saddened when games are too short, especially good ones.

            I also don’t like bad dialogue and skimpy outfits.  Too skimpy, and this nears the Bad.  I also don’t like when you get to the end of the game and aren’t allowed to return to previous areas, like in “Okami” and “Jak and Daxter: The Lost Frontier”.  I don’t mind when it’s a kind of game where there’s nothing to collect, but in these, there is, and I couldn’t go back for what I missed.

            I also don’t like when they think they’re too cool.  I’m talking to you, Sonic.  And the characters in “Jak X”.  I don’t think they were as obnoxious in the previous games….

            Well, there you go.

An Opinionated Duck